Saturday, January 26, 2008

A bit of random ridiculousness...

Eight different hotels in ten days, what did I learn on this trip? Well, you decide. Here's what happened.

A couple of days in to the trip the cutie mentioned my carrying a Victoria Secret bag was causing interesting looks. No way, I said. That was ridiculous. The bag was full of pens and manuscripts printed out so I could work while in the car [deadlines were and still are looming]. There was also a box of nuts, girlscout cookies [thin mints] and later a license plate holder was added [visited one of my publishers - but more on that later]. Niether of us brought this up again and I kept using the bag to hold things I wanted to get to while we were driving.

Seven days later we unload the car for the latest hotel and it's freezing outside. A few guys called out and offered to hold open the side door for us so we could get inside as quick as possible. Thank you, the cutie said, as he stepped through the door. As I made it to the door, the man holding it open said I see a Victoria Secret bag and say, get those two inside.

I kid you not! It's a bag without a hint of lingerie showing, just the opposite. So what do you take away from this little happening? Me, I'm starting to think guys actually can see sex in just about anything.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chatting at Joyfully Reviewed is about to heat up!

Today, January 24th, authors in "Coming Together: Under Fire" will be sharing excerpts,talking about their story in the erotic anthology as well as other stories and much more, will be in the Chatting at Joyfully Reviewed loop!

"Coming Together: Under Fire" has 19 stories and 18 poems, now available in both ebook and paperback, and has all proceeds going to benefit relief efforts for the victims of the 2007 Southern California wildfires.

Grab a fire extinguisher or water hose, from 12-6:00pm est the chatroom is going to be scorching hot.  Alessia Brio [co-editor], Sapphire Phelan, Jamie Hill, Nicole Gestalt, Jude Mason, Victoria Blisse, Aurora Black, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Brenna Lyons, Tilly Greene and others will all be there, keeping the blaze roaring.

See you there!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have the lovely Mel - Melissa Schroeder - for this tag, thank you darlin' :-) So, here are 7 random facts about me...

1. It's freezing cold and I've had my second cup of hot chocolate in over a week. This is the downside of traveling.

2. The cup before this last one was at a great place where I also had french toast, yummy!

3. My heart hopes Brett Farve wins this next match and goes on to win the Super Bowl.

4. Then again, I won't be fussed if the Giants pull it out and come through to win either.

5. I love traveling with the cutie - we see such great things, meet interesting people and can share it together.

6. Had lunch in a cafe today and it was one of the best burgers!

7. Right now I would kill for some red vines to nibble and time to WRITE!

I'm not going to tag anyone this time around because I won't be around to read what they wrote - and that's the best part. But if you fancy taking up the challenge, go for it and leave a comment with your link!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guest Blogging Today!

Today I'm a guest blogger over on the fabulous Kerensa's Crave More Romance blog. Head over and read about who I've been spending so much time's your hint: uniforms :-)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ride 'em is OUT!


Cowboys, bondage and more, oh my! Grab your hat, boots and head out to the ranch, because here’s your chance to answer the question:

Is the dream of a white picket fence life possible for people who play kinky sex games?

Rehabilitated Hollywood bad boy Courtland Dickerson returns to the town of his childhood, the last place he was happy and felt like home. He had plans to make a go of his horse breeding business and a normal life away from the bright lights, fame and destructive influences of his past. Oh yes, and finding a woman who prefers being sexually dominated.

When the atmosphere changed, Sunflower Forever Free ran away from the commune where she was raised. A gentle soul who never chose the life in which she was born into, decides on living in a small town. She dreams of a life with white picket fences, family and a lover who isn’t intimidated by her sexual preferences.

Life on the ranch is hard work, surviving in the competitive industry is no easy task, however, there is more than farming and herding going on out there. Kinky games are being played out in barns across the nation, enter and discover exactly how interesting times are getting out in the Big Sky country.

Two-step over to Ellora’s Cave and pick your copy up today!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Book Talk!

This is the first Book Talk! of 2008 where I'm at a computer with internet so I figured why not tell you the 4 books I received for Christmas and more.

For God, Country & Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It by Mark Pendergrast. Forget your cola allegiences, promotional overload and all that muck, the company itself is an interesting institution and I'm looking to reading about it's history.

The Smithsonian Book of Books by Michael Olmert. I love books and this one details books from scrolls, through the craft of making a bound book, illustrations, the business of, and much more. I like the last line: "You are what you read. EXPLICIT."

I Never Knew That About England by Christoper Winn. "The term Thankful Village was first used by Arthur Mee in the 1930s and refers to those villages whose men and women all came home safely from the First World War. They were distinctive in having no war memorials, although some had monuments, usually in the curch, in gratitude for their good fortune. Among the thousands of vilalges in England, Arthur Mee reckoned there were, at most, 31 Thankful Villages, although he could only positively identify 24." The book is broken down into counties and is full of little gems like this one.

Olivia Helps With Christmas by Ian Falconer [the cutie snuck this one in thinking I'd been so busy I'd missed it's release - only I hadn't missed it - is he not the sweetest thing around!?!]

I'm sill working through Entombed by Linda Fairstein - will most like leave it on the next flight for someone else to enjoy. As for ebooks, I've started A Slave's Way Out by C.A. Salo from over at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and am really enjoying it. This weekend I'm going to get to take with me on the next couple of trips, they are The Angelini: Mystic's Run by Jory Strong at Ellora's Cave and Dark Elves IV: Dissent by Jet Mykles at Loose Id. Both are the latest installments in series I've enjoyed reading.

Yup, I have varied tastes for my reading material - how about you? What books did you get for Christmas, are reading right now, or are going to get?

Friday, January 04, 2008

OohRah! is OUT!

There's nothing easy or comfortable about warfare. In fact, it's difficult for all involved, be it for the one on the frontlines or those keeping the home fires burning. That said, there are a few things that are pretty damn good - like the homecoming!

The Marines are some of the toughest, best trained, fearless warriors around and they, like everyone else, deserve a chance at love. But, what happens when communication breaks down between the home front and the battlefield? Read on and see how one Marine finds his happy ever after and keeps it.

Tasha Ruskya has a fulfilling life, except the man she loves has gone off to war and then, suddenly, stopped talking to her. Distraught, she finally figures out he's gone back to his old ways and must come to terms with her broken heart before finding the strength to move on. She's far too young to settle back into a spinster's life.

While in Afghanistan, Warrant Officer Dale Smythe and his team were sent out on a mission. It wasn't supposed to last this long but they were on a hot trail so stayed on. Once success was theirs he needs to reconnect with his lover for a dose of humanity but finds more drastic measures are needed than a phone call.

What have a couple of reviewers said:

“Ooh Rah! by Tilly Green is a wonderful short, yet intense story…”
Stephanie B., 5 angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

“...story full of passion, scorching hot sex and memorable characters…”
Chrissy B., 5 blue ribbons, Romance Junkies

Now get over to Phaze and pick up your copy today!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday 13 - #26!

I'm Back! Okay, we returned sometime on New Years Eve and am slowly getting back into the swing of things - very slowly and with a few really stupid mistakes along the way. With very short notice as in the day after we had all their pressies shipped to the right of us, we decided to spend the holidays to the right of us - I know, but we wouldn't have carried them over with us anyway. We shopped and posted pressies to the left, wrote this sides cards and posted, packed, left SideShow Bob [prelit palm "christmas" tree], and flew away. So how did it go:

1. Hassle free getting to the airport, checking in, and made it to the lounge where we sat down with a glass of champagne and wrote the cards out for the right of us with plans to post from the airport when we landed. See we were thinking ahead! The flight was slightly delayed, but by the time we pulled away from the gate there were 50 planes ahead of us - GASP! Yes, I counted the planes waiting behind us as we rushed down the runway and hit 38 by the time we pulled up. Most of the flight was full of turbulence so sleeping was tricky - and I missed the hot fudge sundae I'd been looking forward to.

2. Despite the delay, we were only about an hour late. Luggage was there so we went up to the cafe, put stamps on our cards and posted them, then the in-laws arrived and the rush rush began. After flying 6+ hours, we drove 4 [okay I slept most of the way] to the brother-in-laws and were thrilled we had the attic room with our own bathroom and a tv. It was deliciously quiet up there - and with 3 kids under 10, that was really nice. One problem, it was flippin' frigid!

3. The next day, we went into town and did a little shopping and narked everyone off by stopping by the pub on the walk home :-) Yup, roped the sister-in-law onto the dark side. Christmas Eve we hung out at home and played with the kids - eating and drinking, you know, the usual. Later, we wrapped up pressies that had arrived before us unwrapped and then the cutie put together a medieval castle, my part was the battering ram.

4. We actually woke up early - or early for us considering our bodies thought it was about 3am. The house was quiet so I took a shower, pushed the cutie in to take one and went downstairs only to find the kiddos had dashed through their pressies from Santa. Niece #4 had been happily snoozing and the other two waiting patiently for her to wake up. BIL and SIL finally took pity on the boys and woke up sleeping beauty. It was a blast watching them play with their pressies - until the cutie showed the youngest, wildest, nephew #3 how to fling the army out of the castle via slapping the drawbridge down to the ground. Yes, someone is not in the brothers good graces but what can I say, the cutie is a genius :-)

5. Did I just call him a genius? My mistake, because the man found in town a hot pink cowboy hat with a tiara that lit up for me me. Of course I wore it, anything is better than those found in the crackers. Oh, yes, we did the christmas cracker thing, ate turkey, the cutie bbq'd a slab of beef, and enjoyed my favorite bad for you sausage wrapped in bacon. There were roasted potatoes, parsnips and more, as well as mashed potatoes that made it on to my plate - all lovely!

6. Boxing day was more of the same, only I od'd on fabulous cheese :-) What can I say, I'm easy for a nice creamy brie on crackers. The BIL was kind enough to buy in a couple of different dark beers - I know, who'd of thunk it, a girl from the left of us who never liked beer, moves to the land of ale and falls in love with it. So, yes, I had some Black Sheep - the Emmerdale special edition was all right - and a few others.

7. Because it was raining on Christmas day, we took the kids out on their toys this day and it didn't turn out so good for everyone. Niece #4 [who is 7] on her roller blades was wonderful, only going downhill gave her a few nerves. Nephew #3 [who is 3] pushed his scooter and was happy doing that - I think he'll be a demon once on the driveway and flat road. Newphew #2 [who is 9] wiped out on the skateboard and wouldn't carry it back home, in fact he put some serious distance between him and it, so the cutie and I took turns. I forgot how much balance it takes to ride one of those things.

8. The next day we made the drive north. I have always disliked this drive and it wasn't any better this time, in fact it was really bad! The FIL had to drive [and he sucks big time, the cuties hand was my saving grace] and there was traffic so a usually 4 hour drive took over 7. I admit to falling asleep at one time and woke up on screaming - no one said anything, but later I asked the cutie and he admitted his father had been speeding then slamming on his brakes. Yeah, I figured it was something like that because I can sleep like the dead if I'm tired. Somewhere along the way we stopped at an "american diner". Yup, I'm always dubious of these things, especially since a beefburger is not a hamburger. But they sold "burgers" and it was actually ok, as were the fries

9. Once we made it up to the north, we went to the chippie [fish & chip shop] and I had a sausage and chips with scraps. No, this is not a healthy meal, it is all fried, the scraps are bits of fried batter that fall off, but so good with vinegar, salt and a bun with butter, mmmm. Later we walked down to the local pub to see if the cutie had any friends in and there was the best man from our wedding, propping up the bar doing the quiz. We joined him and lost, dang, but I love the quizzes. Once that was finished we sat in a booth and were joined by another friend who was up from London for the hols.

10. This day should have been relaxing, but the FIL got us in the car again. He likes to go around roudabout on two reals and floor it to the next one. What does this do to someone who has a dubious stomach - that's right, I was ready to throw-up. We made it to the seaside in less than a half hour and I never thought the north sea looked so welcoming and that's saying alot. We stopped at a pub, I had water instead of what I would've liked to have. We walked along the front and out onto the pier before heading back to town for dinner.

11. That night we met up with best man and friend at the pub for a crawl, but because it was raining we stayed there, ready to take a taxi to the next where we'd set up to meet up with another friend later on. But we pleasantly surprised when another friend and his wife showed up. The last time I saw the wife, she wasn't doing so well. They'd done an around the world trip and caught up with us after having come up through south america [yes, she had the water]. She looks great and I was thrilled to catch up with her. All six of us grabbed a taxi to the next pub and met up with the other friend. The pub had late hours so we closed it down and they kicked us out at about 1 and walked home.

12. This day we took the in-laws out for lunch and shopping. It was an easy day mainly because I think the cutie and I were feeling a little worse for wear. Who wouldn't when one round had been a pint with shots dropped inside it. Later we went to the bowling club to watch the cuties team play away. Now, get your head around this, we were watching the game taking place a few hours drive through Al Jazerra with a turkish commentator. Yup, my head is spinning as well. They won so all was good and we headed home to pack, have an early dinner before heading off to another set of friends. They couldn't make it out the night before - no one to leave the kiddies with - so we went to them. It was great to catch up with them, they bought in bottles of coke for me and yes, I partook. In fact, everywhere I went they kindly had cokes for me - so thoughtful!

13. It was another late night - not bad for us because we thought we were still on the time here - silly us. Next morning we went drove to the airport and stayed at a hotel for the early morning flight. We watched another footie game in the bar before heading up to take a relaxing bath and sleep. Everything went well on this leg of the journey, and I enjoyed the hot fudge sundae :-) The only bad part was they screwed up the customs video thing and I missed the end of the movie I was watching, so if anyone knows how Goya's Ghost ends please let me know.

Get this, an hour and 10 minutes after landing, we'd made it through immigration, luggage collection, customs [without any questions about the duffel bag full of smokey bacon, worcester sauce, and prawn cocktail bags of crisps, oh and some chocolate as well], driving what would normally be about a 45 minute drive, and we were home! No snow to shovel, no more ice skating rink, it was all good. We dashed next door to wish the neighbors a happy new year and then we were home. It was a lovely trip, lots of time with family and friends, just what we needed to end the year on a good note and we needed that.

So, happy new year everyone, may this one be a great one for us all.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Drive-In is OUT!

Life as a firefighter is hard work, long hours, dangerous, and Mark Taylor accepts it all. Thankfully, he has a lover who brings balance and makes everyday a great day. Hana, a busty beauty, is smart, beautiful, and sexually adventurous, his perfect match.

There is, however, one thing keeping him on edge, and it's time to fix it. Tonight, while they're at the Drive-In, he'll play with her mind and body until she tells him what he needs to hear. That she loves him, as he does her, heart, body, and soul.

So, the question is: do firefighters get kinky with as much passion, dedication, and single-minded focus, as they do when running toward a fire?

Drive-In has the answer and you'll have to pick up a copy of Coming Together: Under Fire to find out. Released in both ebook and paperback formats, this anthology is packed full of fantastic stories and poetry, with all the proceeds going to benefit relief efforts for the victims of the 2007 Southern California wildfires.

The authors taking part are: Will Belegon, Alessia Brio, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Shanna Germain, Brenna Lyons, Lefty McGee, Stephanie Vaughan, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Sommer Marsden, Michelle Houston, Jeremy Edwards, Mari Freeman, Laurence Doyen, Lisabet Sarai, Vana Lafayette, Jamie Hill, Rachelle Le-Monnier, Vincent Diamond, Justanne Farrow, Jude Mason, Dr. Mabeuse, Nicole Gestalt, Selena Kitt, Sapphire Phelan, Victoria Blisse, Aurora Black, Skylar Sinclair, Rebecca Leah, Samantha Sommersby, Gabrielle Miel, James Buchanan, Lefty McGee, Gwen Masters, and Tilly Greene.

And, if you buy your copy today [January 2nd 2008], you'll get 25% off if you use the OHOHOH coupon code - in fact, all paperbacks are being offered at this discount!

Now get shopping over on Phaze!