Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the Radio - Update!

That's right, I'll be joining Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow on Raven Radio tonight [Wednesday, June 18th 11:30 PM EST). I'll be talking about Hot Couture, In Heat and much more. You can call in with any questions you might have and I'll answer.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Email them to Mandy Roth at mandy AT mandyroth DOT com and she'll read them on air.

2. Use the new click to talk option with blogtalkradio. If you have a microphone you can use that and simple press the click to talk button during the live show to call in and talk. You can also use your phone to call in.

3. Finally, there's the LIVE chat during the shows. Follow the link below and look for CHAT LIVE buttons! You can type your questions or comments in there during the chat and we’ll ask/answer them on air!

Listener dial-in number during LIVE show is (646) 595-3998 [this is a New York number, long distance charges apply] or go to Raven Radio [].

I'm really looking forward to this evening, hope to see you there.


What a blast and the listeners are great! Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow are so sweet, hilarious...when I meet them, I think I should wear leather and carry a big box of chocolates, what a hoot that would be :-)

To listen to the show, click here...Angela James is there for the first half hour and then I'm there for the second.


1. Way Back Wednesday on FAR Blog - anything from Tilly Greene's backlist.

2. The Raven Blog - Hot Couture.

Both of these require you to comment to be entered.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ooo, look what I received today!

The cover for In Heat is here!

On the surface Hamish Buchanan appears to have it all. He's handsome, successful, and because of the horror that surrounded his birth, possesses the love and respect of an entire nation. But underneath, where few are allowed, lurks a secret. Although well hidden, the furtiveness needed to keep others from discovering those things he’s held private, also kept him from committing himself to another as fully as he would’ve wanted.

Then, one evening while attending a formal charity event, everything changes. Hamish senses something big is happening inside him and doesn't know what it could be. Not liking how he was starting to feel out of control, he starts to list mentally what he does identify. Physically, he's unusually hot and his heart is racing as if he was running all out. Emotionally, he has no patience for others, not even his closest friend and, the oddest part of all, if he didn’t know better he’d think he was hunting something.

Hamish doesn't recognize what any of it means until he sees Grace Strachan. Now he understands everything. The first thing he has to do is find a way into her life.

If he can find a way into her life, can he trust her with a secret held for a lifetime?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Book Talk!

I picked up a book the other day that I've been eyeing up for some time because there were Djinn, Demons and Assassins. Interesting and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

Wishbound by Stella and Audra Price [available from Phaze in eBook and Paperback] has two stories between its covers. Wishes and Glamour are the first two offerings in the Duvall, Inc series and boy does it start out with a bang!

Wishes is where you are introduced to a few of the characters that you'll see again, but the main two are Janey and Nicodemus. There's lightening and thunder rolling around the surface when these two meet and it never lets up. Glamour has the two of them taking off for China and the heat is still on high, even while in the midst of a difficult job. With all the happenings going on, you suddenly hit the end and relaize how real these two characters feel. Personally, I'm eager to meet Nicodemus's parents...they're older than Jesus you know :-)

Stella and Audra Price are quite a duet that shouldn't be missed. They write about a collection of unusual characters that are dark, deep and adorable. The reader cares for them all, whether they are a lover or assassin. They are right there with them as they’re making their way through the easy and trying times. The road they travel is both rough and delightful, with a good dose of the unexpected mixed in throughout. Simply put, the Price sisters deliver satisfaction with a side of dynamite!

I love finding fresh reads! If, like me, you fall for into the Duvall, Inc series and are eager anticipating the next installment, then I'll tell you it's out now! Gifts, now available in eBook here, will be coming out in paperback this June!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

I found this some time ago and it still gives me a wicked need to laugh!


I'm Back!

I've made my first visit ever to Arizona, Tucson in specific. After that we headed further west to do the family thing and am embarrassed to say I didn't remember the sunscreen thing and was burnt.

The next day we were home there was a booksigning at the Garden State Plaza and, as always, it was great fun with the East Coast Authors.

Now the cutie is off on his next trip and I decided to treat myself to a couple of DVD's. Unfortunately, I think my selections show exactly how scattered I am right now.

Why do I say this? Because I chose Ocean's Thirteen [fun with Clooney] and Saawariya [Bollywood].

Enough said.