Monday, December 31, 2012

First Footing is NOT a lost tradition!

originally posted 12.31.10

As midnight looms Auld Lang Syne, credited to Scottish poet Robert Burns, is sung by all. The song, with its universal appeal, has been adopted by people around the world as a way to bid a fond farewell to the old and welcome the new with open arms. Kiss your friends, hug strangers, and shake the hand of your enemy, all while sharing toasts with whisky.

And now the real party begins with first-footing!

First-footing takes place in Scotland and by some in northern England - we do it where my cutie comes from. It's a custom that has been around for a long time. Roots to this tradition go asfar back as the Viking invasions and have changed little. How it works is that the first person to enter a home after midnight has passed, should be male with dark hair and carrying tokens cementing good luck for the residents. A lump of coal, whisky and an oat cake are the most common gifts to offer and in return, uisge beatha, water of life (whisky), and food are shared, and then leave by the back door.

Sound fun? It is because throughout the night, as long as the chilled limbs can move, and one more dram can be shared, first-footing continues, house to house, party to party.

Have a good and safe holiday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Still have that warm sharing feeling? I hope so!

Christmas is a time for giving to others, mainly family and friends, but maybe you have something left to share with someone ... a lovely woman who I've met and worked with ... who needs a little help with a brick wall to climb over.

I know what you're thinking: Tilly never posts a specific need when asking for help.  No, I don't, which goes to show exactly how personally this touched me and how much your help is needed in this case.

Visit the link and share what you can, every dollar will help!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There is so very much fabness going on with the NEW @ellorascave website!

The fabness [yes, I made up a new word] is happening with Ellora's Cave NEW website and I thought I'd fill you in on them, so here it goes:

Gift Cards!  Yes, there are gift cards for you to get for yourself to help make shopping easier, and to give to a friend ... all good stuff!

Search!  You can now just type in an authors name, book title, whatever, and search the website for an answer ... cool!
Domain!  JasmineJade was fine, but I am so happy to have it all as in all the imprints and boutique  are under one name ... ELLORA'S CAVE!

I told you it was all fabness :-)

Now that you know, head over and check it out for yourself ... start with my page and books!

Enjoy the new discovery!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Safe, Sane and Consensually Wild fashion show in LEATHER BRIDE by Tilly Greene is here!

LEATHER BRIDE by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Erotic Romance + Bondage, Fetish and Exhibitionism

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There are two things on Mimi’s mind—her lover Rick, and how he’s finally given in and bound her. Everything is wonderful until a mysterious trip calls him away.

Mimi tries to back out of walking the runway at the Safe, Sane and Consensually Wild fashion show, where she and her lover were set to model leather goods. She’s the muse behind the collection and the designer, her friend, won’t hear of her not modeling.

A misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart, but a fashion show could bring Mimi and Rick closer together.

WARNING! Leather Bride has lots of sex and some of it involves leather and toys. Here’s more of a WARNING: as the heroine has a thing for leather, some of the toys are made of leather!


Nerves and adrenaline ran wild through Mimi. A trickle of sweat slid down her spine and eventually settled in the small of her back. The day was exciting, terrifying and dreadfully sad. There was no doubt she’d survive the upheaval to her private life, but first she had to make a shocking and very sexual walk down the runway all by herself.

As quietly as she could while wearing extremely high heels, Mimi took a deep breath as she carefully stepped out onto the dark stage. In the inky blackness, she prepared to strike her opening pose. Trying to find calm, she kept repeating her goals for the event.

While acting as Armand’s muse and model, she was there to entice and surprise people who knew what to expect from his shows. She needed to encourage buyers to buy and impress magazine editors to put the ensemble both on their covers and between them. Then there were the fashionistas and BDSM lifestyle aficionados in the audience to wow and persuade to wear something similar to a special event, even if it was a private party. If she could accomplish what the designer hoped for, then her nervousness would be worthwhile.

In a moment of weakness, she thought about how Rick had planned to be there, participating in the never to be repeated experience with her as a couple. However, she was the person requested to show off her friend’s designs and she was alone. Unlike her usual self, Mimi was unsure, restless and maybe a little scared. She wanted it all to start soon, because she was sure once the first steps were made, everything would be fine, especially because of what she wore.


She loved leather and Armand had surrounded her in the material that helped her sensuality flourish and expand into new areas. It gave her great pleasure to wear and smell it.  The way it held her tightly, highlighting her curves, boosted her feelings of desirability. Add in a chance to anonymously act the naughty model slash muse and Mimi knew she wouldn’t find it difficult to have fun strutting her friend’s clothes in front of an audience.

Traditionally in a fashion show, the final model sent down the runway represented the designer’s piece de resistance in the form of a bridal gown. Times had changed, but her friend wanted to make the connection to the past once again, albeit to an unconventional bride. When Armand first asked if she’d be willing to make the walk as he’d described it, she’d been hesitant. Not because she was ashamed of showing her body, she was pleased with her real woman’s figure and its curves.

However, she knew the fashion world could be a cruel arena for anyone who colored outside the box and his show was further away from normal than he’d ever gone before. He’d instantly pooh-poohed her concerns and confided the audience was hand-picked because of their openness to the different and raunchy. After that, he continued down the path exactly as he’d envisioned it and added an element to ensure she wasn’t recognized.

Mimi focused on taking slow, calming breathes through her nose as the time for her grand reveal raced closer. She concentrated on how he’d designed each piece specifically for her and savored the moment. Her pussy clenched with pleasure as she inhaled the delicious aromatic quality wafting up, surrounding and encasing her body. The alluring fragrance from the leather, along with the type of garments she wore, had moisture building in her slit. Unfortunately, all it managed to do was remind her there would be no fulfillment from her lover later.

Each item she wore for the show left her feeling as special and beautiful as any woman about to walk down the matrimonial aisle, only with an added dash of erotic spice. The bride she portrayed and felt akin to freely chose to dress entirely in white leather. She was sexually vulnerable and ready to submit body and soul to her mate.

Time seemed to have stopped as she stood there in the dark, perched on five-inch stiletto-heeled leather boots. They smoothed up her legs until they stopped mid-thigh. The fit was perfect and looked painted over her flesh.

One of the more symbolic pieces of the outfit was found on her arms and depicted the real submission Armand’s bride and she both willingly accepted. From her wrists stretching up to her elbows were stiff leather arm binders, items worn often by people who enjoyed restrictive movement in their love play. Using five sturdy ties the two bands were locked together, ensuring her arms remained secured behind her back and unable to bend or move.

The position of her arms helped stretch her posture to perfection, which was further enhanced by the classic Victorian style corset of leather she wore. She loved wearing corsets, as they pinched in a delicious manner and presented her large breasts for delightful treatment.

The shape of the cups allowed her taut red nipples to rest over the hard rolled edge where they remained perched and eager for attention. Laced tightly up the back, she knew how the precise line of ribbons looked seductive and promised as much in the wearing as in taking it off. The end of the laces had been tucked beneath the bottom of the piece to keep them from disturbing the smooth seductive curves the leather took above her hips, over her small belly and straight across the small of her back.

With her arms secured behind her, Mimi was left in an exposed position. The audience would be able to plainly see what was missing from Armand’s design: panties. There was nothing to hide her tidy blonde curls, her barely visible lower lips or the dark crease splitting her ass. The lovers of all things fashion forward and outrageous were in for a real treat.
Copyright © 2012 Tilly Greene

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