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Oh Yes! Time to Shop!

Okay, so yesterday the cutie and I had a completely disasterous shopping experience, but today [Sunday January 31] All Romance and OmniLit are making sure no one has a bad time shopping for books!

The details, which are very intereting, can be found on here on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

So, go read their article, then go shopping!  You have through midnight tonite to get this great deal!  What's the deal?

50% off ALL ebooks through All Romance and OmniLit!  The code is:  SBTBARe1

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Tilly Greene's excerpt #4

AN INVITATION TO THE WORLD:  INDIA [Contemporary Erotic Romance]

Bollywood starlet, Sati Chaudhari, has had most her life controlled by her uncle, except for one thing. He can’t manage who she loves. While away from his authority, she meets and eventually marries Bodhi Burke, a hotel mogul. Unfortunately, their need for secrecy continues, and their busy lives keep them apart. Not satisfied, he buys a private island, a place for them alone.

Excerpt (G-rated)

Chapter One

"What a beautiful day. I can't believe it's deserted out here on the Theosophical Society's grounds. It's a national holiday and the city is bursting at the seams with people, but not out here. I'm happy we have it all to ourselves. It's so peaceful sitting here beneath this big old banyan tree."

The young couple had eyes only for each other as they prepared to take a major step in their lives together.

"Are you sure with what we're about to do, Sati?"

"Oh yes, Bodhi, most definitely. I love you, belong with you and will have you as my husband."

"My heart, you know your remaining family, your uncle and his clan, will no longer claim you as a Chaudhari."

"I understand. Yes, I'm grateful they took me in when I was young, but there has never been any love or respect for me as a person. Up to this point my uncle has dictated my life. It's time for me to take control and make my own decisions. I'm responsible for choosing where I go for the rest of my years and it's with you." She reached over and stroked her fingertips across the masculine stubble decorating his cheek.

He was a strikingly handsome man, which made her a very lucky woman to possess his heart.

As she defied convention by touching him in public, she thought about her life. She had worked very hard and the result had been her reputation as a beloved Bollywood starlet. It was only business, she understood that. Still, she'd been pleasantly surprised when her agent, Vasin told her how the name Sati Chaudhari on a marquee was sought after. It meant millions upon millions of rupees earned for those with their fingers in the pot.

There was often a downside to success and hers was being overworked. A while back she'd been on a set, filming and the press had started to speculate about the cause of her apparent exhaustion. Not wanting to have anything negative associated with her or the film, Vasin had pushed for a break.

Thankfully, an opening for a spa weekend at the exclusive Raj Lake Palace floating on Lake Pichola in Udaipur had been found. She'd headed straight there, looking forward to the peace they offered in the beautiful setting. Unfortunately, once she stepped into the lobby a guest had recognized her and the restful weekend looked impossible. After having gained her autograph, he'd begun to make a nuisance of himself. Then her future husband had stepped around the corner and into her life.

"Do you remember when we first met?" Her query was barely heard over the rustling leaves.

"How could I forget? You appeared so fragile in the lobby as that fan was trying to push in on you."

"You stepped out from around the corner and took my breath away. So very handsome and, like a knight in shining armor, you escorted me away from the chaos and handled everything personally. You made me feel so special."

She smiled with fond memories over that first weekend. It had been full of confidential meetings where they'd talked about their likes and dislikes, dreams of the future and the horrors of reality. By the end her break, they'd made plans to meet up gain, and then again. Eventually their secret rendezvous led to even more interludes.

It would be fair for people to believe he was obnoxious, arrogant and snobbish, being born into a family of privilege, yet she'd never found him to be any of those things. In fact he was the direct opposite.

Bodhi Burke was a confident and open-minded man who worked hard in the family hotel business and was determined to take the company around the world. With an Englishman and half-Indian woman for parents, he mainly took after his Anglo father. Very tall, physically fit and handsome, yet his mother's genes were definitely in the mix with his silky soft, rich brown hair and light hazel eyes.

Fixing her eyes to his, she thought how the surrounding thick, long black lashes would be the envy of many women. Suddenly, she felt nervous and Sati looked for assurances.

"Do you have doubts?"

"None." There was no change in his direct gaze, nothing in his body language that showed any hesitation. He was as sure as she that their decision was the best one for them both. "Sati, my love, have I told you today what a beautiful bride you make?"

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sexy Saturday Sex Scene - #3!

It's Saturday again and here is another round of Stella Price inspired game: Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes.

In case you missed the past two weeks, Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes is a contest, and the details are:

Read the sex scene, and pick a song that you think could be playing in the background during said scene. Post the song in the Hot Thoughts Blog comments section. On Sunday, a winner will be picked from the comments. So you have untill 5pm (est) on Sunday.

What do you win? An ecopy of the book where the sex scene is featured.  So, are you ready?  Here is my third Sexy Saturday Sex Scene.

Extreme Speed, Total Control

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (there is a menage a trois scene)

Length: 35k


“Are your nipples large? I can feel the tips are tight, but a big areola surrounding a beautifully pointed peak is such a turn-on. When we were doing the sittings for the painting, I would sit there and just look at you, specifically, your breasts. I would try and see if I could discern any of their finer details. There were times when your tips would poke straight out through your t-shirt and drive me nuts. My mouth would be watering by the end of our sessions, eager to latch on and suck, nibble and gnaw to my heart’s content. Eager?”


“Better and better, a woman not afraid of her lustful nature.”

“Nope, not afraid and now horny as hell.”

“Raunchy raw sex is what I prefer, can you handle that?”

“Perfect, I like nothing more than an excellent fuck.”

Releasing her breasts with a few last twists, Kirk turned her to face him. His hands rested on her hips as hers reached up to wrap around his neck. Through the maneuver, Lia skillfully maintained a steady grip on her champagne glass. Leaning down, he kissed her soft, full lips.

A cool wicked tongue eased back and forth along the seam between the plump folds until they fell open to his ravishment. The organ made a thorough search of her mouth, ending far too quickly with a tangling, thrusting kiss as one of his hands stroked a bare ass cheek.


While her head was lost in their kiss, his hand slid around her thigh and up to cup one half of the split peach ass, his hand and wrist hidden by the draped fabric of her skirt. It was a wonderful feeling, having this strong man playing to her body’s desires.

Four bold fingertips eased down her crack, ending with a mere brush against her pussy before starting on their return journey up. His thumb found the fine gold chain she wore low, around her hips.

It must have been curiosity that sent his hand out, searching for more hidden discoveries, which he did. What he found was a dozen fine gold strands hanging down from the waist chain. They each ended with various sized crystals and gently slapped against her inner thighs and mound when she moved.

“Ummm, you are a real Pandora’s box. I am eager to open you up and start discovering what gets you ardently scaling the wall to climax and more importantly, what will send you tumbling over the edge, again and again.”

“Let’s go now.”

“Oh no, my little ripe woman. We have a party to attend and celebrations to laud before we go fuck like rabid bunnies.”

With a last squeeze of her ass, Kirk started to step back from her clasp. Not willing to let him walk away from this lurid encounter unscathed, Lia waited until he turned and motioned for her to precede him out the door and back down to the party. Only then did she lay a smart slap on his ass and with a last look over her shoulder, she gave as good as she could with her mind wallowing in the need to come.

“Then I suggest you conserve your energy and not drink too much. You might like it raunchy but I like it hard, loud and often.”

After her parting shot, an easy laugh burst forth at his look of surprise. A look of hard lust rushed across his beautiful features. Head held high, Lia sauntered out of the room with confidence this was going to be a fantastic evening after all.

“Nothing better than a saucy woman.” With a lecherous grin, he followed her swishing form, catching up with her just in time to take her arm and rest it upon his, formally escorting her to rejoin the festivities.

Your turn, what song do you hear playing as Kirk makes a play for Lia at a New Years Eve party in a museum?

Friday, January 29, 2010

A bit of random ridiculousness...

A good laugh to kick off your weekend!

Did you know that Eagles mate for life?

Well one day Harry the Eagle waited at the nest for Mary, his darling of 10 glorious years.

After a while when she didn't return he went looking and found her. She had been shot dead!

Harry was devastated, but after about six minutes of mourning he decided that he must get himself another mate, but since there weren't any lady eagles available he'd have to cross the feather barrier.

So he flew off to find a new mate. He found a lovely dove and brought her back to the nest.

The sex was good but all the dove would say is ....

'I am a DOVE, I want to love! I am a DOVE, I want to love!'

Well this got on Harry's nerves so he kicked the dove out of the nest and flew off once more to find a mate.

He soon found a very sexy loon and brought her back to the nest. Again the sex was good but all the loon would say is.......

'I am a LOON, I want to spoon! I am a LOON, I want to spoon!'

So out with the loon.

Once more he flew off to find a mate.

This time he found a gorgeous duck and he brought the duck back to the nest. This time the sex was great, but all the duck would say was.....

(scroll down)

NO, The duck didn't say THAT

... Don't be SO disgusting!

The duck said....

'I am a DRAKE, You made a MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely terrified of birds, but this gem [from Stephanie - thank you!], made me laugh :-)

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Tilly Greene's excerpt #3

AN INVITATION TO THE WORLD:  CHINA [Contemporary Erotic Romance]

On her lunch break, Jia Li is kidnapped off a busy street in San Francisco's Chinatown, and wakes up on an airplane. Terrified and blindfolded, she doesn’t understand what is happening, until her captor reveals himself as her ex-boyfriend Yi Burton. He is determined to save her life and bring her back into his arms, and this can only happen on his private island. 

Excerpt (G-rated)

Chapter One

She was on a flight from hell!

Time had no relevance for her. Days, hours, minutes no longer mattered. She was scared for her life.

Having her wrists cuffed to the armrests and her ankles to the legs of the seat didn't help either. Gooseflesh flashed along her skin, the terror of her situation causing her to feel colder than she was.

Her breath shuddered from her chest in great gulps of air. She couldn't stop hyperventilating, and it didn't seem to matter that she was well on her way to passing out. Every pore in her body was reacting to her fear. She was shaking uncontrollably. The hood they'd covered her head with shut out all sense of sight, leaving her fear to feed upon itself. Her lips quivered pitifully, as her tears gathered strength for another deluge.

Jia Li was absolutely terrified. Reality slowly settled in, relentlessly squeezing her chest like a vise. One thing was for sure, this was really happening to her.

Trying to catch her breath, she forced herself to think back to how she'd ended up in this nightmare. Anything to take her mind off what was coming next.

The day had been a typical Monday afternoon in San Francisco. It was a beautiful warm summer's day with the usual breeze chilling things down just enough for a light sweater to be necessary. She'd been running errands, the last one putting her in the heart of Chinatown during the busy lunch break. After having fought her way through throngs of tourists, she'd finished and had started to make her way back to her apartment when she was grabbed. In a flash she'd been pulled back into a narrow alley.

A strong arm had wrapped around her waist and a hand pressed against her mouth, instantly silencing her. Jia faced the street and watched people passing by without so much as a glance to witness her mounting trouble. She dropped her bags and clawed at the hand covering her mouth. She tried to kick back at the man holding her but only managed to trip herself as he dragged her backwards.

Without anyone seeing them, they slipped through a door, and she was gone.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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SAG Award Fashion Thoughts

The SAG 2010 awards was on Sunday and I saw some of the red carpet and some of the award show - Betty White was the bestest best recipient.  As for the fashion, is was all right.  Again, no out there's, and no wow's.  Shame, but I did have a few I liked.

Kate Hudson's white dress by Emilio Pucci was great, on her, however, it isn't so good when it looked great from behind - not many women could carry that one off.  Designer Alexander McQueen had two dresses that caught my attention, Anna Paquin's and Sandra Bullock's - I liked those two.  As for color, who looked really good in the bold choices?  Christina Hendricks [red] and Mariska Hargitay [pink/fuscia] - they looked great!

However, my favorite gown had to be Diane Kruger's by Jason Wu.  While I didn't care for the color, it suited her, and it worked on the red.  Yup, I liked this one - it was a bit daring [as in it may or may not have worked, but she took the challenge and won].  And, because the SAG's go that way, the ladies can also choose to wear short dresses, I liked Katrina Bowden in Tadashi Shoji - I could so wear this one!

There was one that I thought, no, no way!  No, I won't name who wore it, but this from Coco Perez is what it reminded me of - not good.

Looked at E! Online, MyStyle and Coquette for reminders of who wore what and the latter two for the pics above.

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #4

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Susan M Sailors and below is an excerpt for her fourth and final Torrid Teasers!

ALIA’S DEBT (Science Fiction - #4 in Kazphyrian series)

When Princess Alia Faddei is bought from slavers as a ‘gift’ for GarinRig Ossur, she is determined to serve the debt of honor due for her rescue. From the moment Alia encounters Garin, she wants him. Alia’s fulfillment of her debt could mean her death. Can Garin and Alia be together without forsaking their honor or their lives?


As soon as Garin opened his chamber door and began disrobing the last of his uniform, his eyes were drawn directly to the steam rising from the bath. Something was wrong. Even as the thought struck him and he stood completely naked, a head popped up from his bath.

Jardem hell!

Dark flame-colored hair covered the face of his intruder. Obviously, she didn’t know she had company yet, because she took her time to push the unruly mass out of her face. When she did realize, her eyes widened then narrowed, but if he thought to hear her scream or cry out, he would have been wrong.

It seemed she’d been struck speechless.

His father had not been lying when he’d boasted of her beauty, either. Her skin color was darker than what normally accompanied someone with her color hair. Her features were suited more to someone of noble birth, rather than a simple servant. He noted no obvious bruises, so the harsh punishment his father intimated may have been psychological or emotional in nature. Garin doubted her captors would have wanted to mar their prize, decreasing her value on the slave market. And those eyes, dark green and shimmering like jewels with the light of intelligence. The length of her hair covered most of her naked body, giving only brief glimpses of satiny skin as she moved.

Warily, she eyed his naked body as she moved back to the farthest end of his inset bathing pool.

“Greetings, female,” Garin said as he moved closer to his pool. “I see there is no need for me to invite you to join me at my bath.”

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #3

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Susan M Sailors and this her third excerpt from her Torrid Teasers!

THE COMMANDER’S MATE (Science Fiction - #3 in Kazphyrian series)

Aimee Syncire wakes to find herself a prisoner of the Velornian Legion commander, JarrRon Ry Vere. Aimee’s determination and will to survive draws Jarr from the first. When circumstances force JarrRon to release Aimee, he must find a way to bring her back and convince her to accept him as his true, barbarian mate.


After she'd cried herself to exhaustion, Aimee lay like a limp cloth, staring up at the ceiling of the massive room. Would she be in trouble for coming into Velorn without permission? Rumors had it that if you snuck into the country, you would be imprisoned.

Surely they could make an exception, couldn't they? Upon hearing a door open, Aimee's burning gaze flew to the other side of the room. The first female who'd spoken to her was coming toward the bed, stopping to light the chandels on her way.

"How nice to see you awake again. Feeling better?" the female asked as she reached Aimee's bed.

Aimee nodded mutely, watching the female with guarded eyes. "How did I get here?" Aimee attempted, the sounds coming out in a gravelly croak.

"Here drink this," she insisted, holding the container she retrieved from the bedside table for Aimee to drink.

Without protesting, Aimee did as the female bid. And after feeling the soothing liquid warm her throat, was grateful she had.

"By the way, my name is Sareen and this is my brother's household. My mate, Drandol, and I are visiting."

Silently, Aimee took in the female's clothing. A vest, similar to the droten vest worn by Kantrerian females, graced the upper part of her body, with a small exception; her vest was made of hand made fabric, which was light and fluttered freely as she moved, giving peeking glimpses of her breasts. Her ankle-length skirt made from a fabric resembling the Kantrerian kathtans also fluttered freely around her legs, leaving her midriff bare, making her appear extremely feminine.

The female's words finally filtered into her still muddled mind. "Your brother?"

Sareen nodded. "Yes, my brother, JarrRon Ry Vere. He is Velorn's legion commander, second only to Velorn's governor, TarnRig Ossur. My mate is his second-in-command."

Aimee's heart fluttered in her chest as she realized she was in the household of a military commander. It could only mean one thing.

"Count yourself lucky someone found you. Hashmin said you were almost dead. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Kantrer. My mate, Sam and I, and our friends were staying at an excursion lodge in Sanforthe. We were on a picnic overlooking Velorn, when a large creature jumped into our midst and began kil. . ." Aimee's choked voice trailed off.

"Oh stars, I'm sorry," Sareen exclaimed and sat next to Aimee, grabbing her hand, as if trying to comfort her. "I don't understand. Hashmin said he found you in Velorn. I'll have to talk to my brother about this."

"Am I a prisoner?" Aimee whispered.

Sareen frowned. "I'm afraid so. We have strict rules governing the admittance of visitors. It is the only way we can keep outside influences from corrupting our life here. I know other countries think of us as barbarians, but our people are determined to keep our old ways and our land as it is."

"Isn't there anything I can say that would obtain my release?"

"I'm afraid it will be your word against a Velornian citizen's word. My brother will be hard to convince. My mate might be able to get you heard. There is one more thing I must warn you. . ."

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #2

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Susan M Sailors and here is another excerpt from her Torrid Teasers!

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SEDUCTION (Science Fiction - #2 in Kazphyrian series)

The Kazphyrian government is forcing all able-bodied citizens to find a mate. Bradeon Gosh-Ere and Hankren Tereamin want a special female mate who will accept them both and the relationship they share as lovers. When Drendar Kyntrel accepts the temporary position to help, can the males convince the suitable Dren to accept them as her mates for life?


Brad gazed at his sister on the transmission unit in frustration. "Why did you do that, Aimee?" He looked upward as if searching for divine intervention to give him strength, before looking back at her image on the trans unit.
He watched in vexation as she shrugged her delicate shoulders. "Well, it's your fault. Since I couldn't tell her you two are looking for a mate, I had to give her some reason you two needed her personal services. Look, I've met the girl. She seems lovely. She's even agreed to take a couple of weeks off from her job, since she's owed vacation, to devote to the two of you. I have to tell you, I had to do some fast-talking, when I mentioned two of you. If you like her, you both need to do some heavy charming to get her to accept both. But initially, you need to let her think you guys are both so busy that you don't have the time to visit pleasure centers?"

"Stop, right there, we don't need to visit the pleasure centers. Exactly what did you tell her?" Brad wanted to wring his little sister's neck.

"I may have hinted that you're a medical nerd with no time to spare for females and Hank's a hard up fly-boy who's always gone with no time to spare for females." At the end of her dissertation, she was flushed, as if expecting Brad to blow a vent valve.

"Jardem, female!" Brad muttered.

"Well, what else could I say!" Aimee cried. "I couldn't tell her the truth! She would have probably bolted!"

Brad just glared at her over the trans unit. Now he would have to pretend he was a nerd physician, at least until he let the female believe she was 'helping' him come out of his shell. And Hank! This wouldn't make him very happy. Just one look at Hank's handsome face and form and the female would be hard-pressed to imagine him as hard up.

"You're right, this is my fault. I should have taken care of this myself. Maybe you should call her to cancel."

"No!" Aimee surprised him with her vehemence.

"Why?" Brad wanted to know.

"I've already signed an agreement for the two weeks. She wouldn't just take off work on the off chance that she was getting this very lucrative job. So you guys have to do the two weeks. If she doesn't work out, you can give her her walking papers at the end."

"Urrrrrr," Brad almost growled in frustration. "Fine, I'll talk to Hank. More than likely he'll be called away soon and that will just leave me to contend with her."

Aimee snickered at him. "I think you better reserve judgment until you meet her."

"What do you?"

"You'll see. Her two weeks starts when darkness falls tomorrow. Have fun, big brother." And before Brad could say another word, Aimee clicked off.

Jardem save him from his meddling little sister.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Burns Night and that means it's time to address the haggis!

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy of a grace
As lang's my arm.

The groaning trencher there ye fill,
Your hudies like a distant hill,
Your pin wad help to mend a mill
In time o' need,
While thro' your pores the dews distil
Like amber bead.

His knife see rustic Labour dight,
An' cut ye up wi' ready slight,
Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
Like onie ditch;
And then, O what a glorious sight,
Warm-reeking, rich!

Then horn for horn, they stretch an' strive:
Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
Till a' their weel-swall'd kytes belyve
Are bent like drums;
Then auld Guidman, maist like to rive,
'Bethankit!' hums.

Is there that owre his French ragout,
Or olio that wad staw a sow,
Or fricassee wad mak her spew
Wi perfect scunner,
Looks down wi' sneering, scornfu' view
On sic a dinner?

Poor devil! see him owre his trash,
As fecl;ess as a wither'd rash,
His spindle shank a guid whip-lash,
His nieve a nit;
Tho' bluidy flood or field to dash,
O how unfit.

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He'll make it whistle;
An' legs, an' arms, an' heads will sned
Like taps o' thrissle.

Ye pow'rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill o' fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware,
That jaups in luggies;
But if ye wish her gratfu' prayer,
Gie her a Haggis!
What?  Oh, you need the English translation?  Not a problem, That and more can be found at the Robert Burns World Federation.

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #1

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and  Susan M Sailors.  Where last week I posted excerpts from Susan's four Torrid Teasers, this week I thought I'd post each of Cheri's!

SEX MACHINE (Science Fiction - #1 in Kazphyrian series)

After repairing a Zand pleasure ’droid, android technician, Teena Andrenas is offered a chance to meet Zand and the first pleasure ’droid ever created. The owner of Zand Robotics, Zand Gorsend, soon realizes Teena is the female for him. Can he convince her he’s real and meant to be her one, true mate?


"Congratulations, Mistress."

Teena Andrenas started when the deep sexy voice came out of the gorgeous android before her. Although she should have expected it. He was one of the extremely rare Zand pleasure 'droids she'd only ever heard rumors concerning. She never thought she'd get her hands on one?literally.

"Thank you, uh. . .What are you called?" she asked after she realized the work order had not given a specific name for the 'droid.

"I am called Zand Ten, Mistress."

Since he'd risen from his place on her worktable, Teena was feeling small and fragile next to the muscular 6'4 pleasure 'droid dream. She even found herself feeling flustered in his company, now that she'd repaired his circuits and he looked, for all accounts, like a living, breathing person. Even knowing he was an android built specifically to bring only sexual pleasure to another person, she couldn't suppress her instinctive response to him. His midnight black hair and smoky gray eyes would cause any sexual being's circuits to sizzle.

Stop it, Teena; you're above all this nonsense!

But as the 'droid observed her attentively, Teena felt her heart kick into double time. How clever of Zand Robotics to build such an appealing pleasure 'droid. If she had the funds, she wouldn't mind owning one herself.

Who was she kidding? She'd never brought up enough nerve to be intimate with a real person, much less this mechanical hunk that was rumored to be geared to fulfill any being's fantasy.

"Can I assist you, Mistress?"

The 'droid's voice jerked her out of her reverie. "What? Oh, sorry!" Damn, now she was apologizing to the thing. "No, Zand Ten. You must be the last model. I heard they only made 10."

"You are correct, Mistress, I am the last Zand my master made." Zand Ten kept his steady gaze on her.

"Your master?" Teena turned away from the 'droid's unsettling eyes, but couldn't resist muttering, "What I wouldn't give to meet that master."

"You may do so, Mistress."

"What!" Teena swung back around to face Zand Ten again and found him grinning at her with a smugness she never expected from a machine.

"Indeed, Mistress, since you were clever enough to repair me, my master has programmed an invitation for you to be brought to Zand headquarters and make his acquaintance. If that is your desire?" Having a gorgeous man, albeit even only an android, ask her if something was her desire, brought thoughts of the risqu? kind quickly to mind. Especially a naked android, which was probably why she was becoming so agitated in his presence.

Although she still hadn't answered his question, something in her eyes must have triggered his pleasure 'droid senses, because he moved closer to her and slid his arms around her.

"Zand Ten, what are you doing!" she demanded, and although she was tempted to melt into his arms, the thought that he was a 'droid couldn't be dispersed.

"What is your desire, Mistress? I've been built to fulfill any fantasy you might wish."

Teena pressed her hands against his steel hard chest; she was tempted to knead the synthetic material that would deceive anyone into believing he was a flesh and blood person.

"Sorry, stud, not enough privacy," she used as an excuse, as if she might offend his nonexistent feelings.

Zand Ten looked around at the other inactivated androids all waiting for her attention. "Is there another place we might go for an interlude, Mistress?"

"Steady, buddy, I've got a lot of work to do and you have an owner waiting impatiently for your return."

The 'droid gave her a sexy smile as if he knew his own worth. Had this machine been programmed to have human emotions somehow? It would be a first. For years the foremost experts in the field had been attempting to do just that. Could Zand Robotics have succeeded, where everyone else had failed? She would be interested to find out. Maybe she would take up the proffered offer and hopefully meet the person responsible for the creation of, in Teena's mind, the perfect male.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Tilly Greene's excerpt #2


Kiri Kanawa had been gifted with finding and possessing love, unfortunately it came in a non-traditional way. The intensity of her feelings, along with her parents’ disapproval was too much to handle, and scared her away from true happiness. Now Timu Tuhaere and Luke McClure have her back, on their islands, and will do what it takes to keep her there.

Excerpt (G-rated)

Chapter One

“Kiri, I do not want to hear anymore about it! The LuTi Shipping account is your responsibility, anything the company insures is for you to personally inspect, add to their existing account and promptly write up a new policy. There is no way we are going to loose them as a client merely because you are being missish about something so juvenile as you used to date the owners at some point in the past. Neither man has ever mentioned having a problem with you as their account manager so move on, pack up and get your tush over to this island paradise of theirs, do your job or resign.”

“Sometimes you are a real asshole Tane you know that?”

“Yes, so I am told on a daily basis. Now are you heading out to the Dubai or not?”

“I am going, but I think you should know that I am angry at you right now.”

“That is obvious, you cursed and that never happens. What I hope is that you will get over it sooner rather than later. We have been friends before workmates so remember that.”


“Be careful little girl and call me.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.”

The big ex-rugby player waited until the adorable blonde steamed out of his office before picking up the phone. Sitting in his chair he turned away from the door and looked out over the boats sailing across Waitemata Harbour here in Auckland. But he saw none of the beauty before him.

“Hello?” A relaxed voice echoed over the line.

“Timu Tuhaere, you are a shithead! That little girl is angry as hell and I do not like being the one to upset her.”

“That is because you are a softy man.”

“This is not funny Timu, I swear if Kiri gets hurt in this little plan of yours and Luke’s then I am going to beat both your asses around the world from that little island of yours and back again.”

“If by the end of this month that beautiful woman is not happy then I will not put up a fight, and neither will Luke.” “Tell me again why you need her to go down there?”

“Look, you know that we both have been in love with Kiri since she was a teen and we were home from university for the summer but her mother did not approve of me – too much of an older bad boy I guess. Kiri started bringing Luke to cover the fact we were still dating and then it becomes complicated and too personal. Just know that for the past five years we have both tried to leave her alone but in buying this place we did a lot of talking and have decided this is what would be best for all three of us. Neither one of us wants her upset, at the same time we are both now too set on this path to have it any other way.”

“Okay but I meant what I said, do not hurt her in any way. Clear?”

“Clear. Shit Tane, you still doing the haka each morning?”

 “Bet your ass I do.”

The other man laughed loud, Tane could not help but soften a little. These three people were all his friends, Kiri from childhood and they guys from university, he just hoped everything worked out for them, but that did not mean he would not still worry about their survival.

“Kiri cursed.” He let that drop quietly and that was when he realized Luke MacAlister was on another line listening to the call.
“Oh man, she is angry.” Luke was slightly less gruff than the other two men, but not by much.
“Hey Luke.”
“Hello Tane.”
“Yup, I think you two have an uphill battle coming your way in the form of a little blonde angel, she will not make anything easy for you.”
“That is fine, anything worth having is worth a fight, isn’t that right Timu?”
“Right you are Luke. Our fight is about to begin Tane, wish us luck.”
“Luck.” He hung up because there was nothing left to say, but there was plenty rushing through his mind about the triangle that has existed for what seemed like forever.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sexy Saturday Sex Scene - #2!

It's Saturday and that means another round of Stella Price inspired game: Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes or S4.

In case you missed last week, Sexy Saturday Sex Scenes is a contest, and the details are:

Read the sex scene, and pick a song that you think could be playing in the background during said scene. Post the song in the Hot Thoughts Blog comments section. On Sunday, a winner will be picked from the comments. So you have untill 5pm (est) on Sunday.

What do you win? An ecopy of the book where the sex scene is featured.  So, are you ready?  Here is my second Sexy Saturday Sex Scene.

Come, Sweet Creature

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/Bondage and D/s

Length: 18k


With an elegant move, he snaked an arm behind her upper back and twisted her body so she reclined over his lap.  He received a wicked thrill with her gasp and moved his other hand to her hip, holding her firmly in place.

Leaning down until an infinitesimal amount of space separated their mouths, he said, “Shhh.”

Neither blinked. He closed the gap and laid his lips firmly against hers and, while holding that eye contact, licked the seam separating her plump folds. Feeling them tremble, he
pressed an advantage and eased his tongue into her sweet mouth. It took but a moment until recognition flared in her eyes, he felt her stiffen but maintained his hold and fell further into their kiss.

Wallowing in the pleasure of holding her close, it was a few minutes before he tuned into the small sounds she emoted.

They were a delightful, joyous music to his ears—soft moans of lust from his little lady.

Opening his eyes, he gazed down into her face and stroked his tongue across the roof of her mouth before he slowly withdrew it. She wrung a groan from him when she pursed her lips and clasped his tongue as it slowly slid out, instantly reminding him of her kneeling before him and sucking lasciviously on his cock.

Dropping a last firm buss on her mouth, he pulled back and refocused onto his plan.

“It was so difficult to be silent that night and every moment since. You have a pussy that I need to meet on a much more personal level.”

“You say the sweetest things, best watch out before you turn my head.”

“I plan on turning more than your head, sweet creature.  But first, we must get through this evening and to help us both, I have a little gift.”

Patiently, he waited for her to move her arms from around his neck before handing her the simple small red lacquer box with a white bow dug from his pocket. The slightly awkward position she was in was just about where he wanted her to be, although riding his prick would definitely be better. Watching her unwrap his present was a precious moment for him to enjoy.

The blush that spread across her face was priceless. What a unique mix she was composed of. Could the nipple pierced, leather wearing, wild woman from Bliss, who had begged to be taken up the ass and pussy at the same time, be blushing over a butt plug?

Quite simply, yes, and that was his Jena.

Lifting the crystal bejeweled stainless steel plug from its nest, he grasped it firmly in his hand and started warming it with his heat. His thumb toyed with a ring that circled the plug’s rim. Leaning down, he started kissing her softly, sucking, tugging, and nibbling on the moist delectable lips.

“Raunchy is how I like my sex, sweet creature, and you are my perfect match. Your mere presence makes my cock hard but the memories of you begging to be fucked have it weeping for attention. It has been a tortuous few weeks and I am going to have a little payback. This small but weighty jewel will adorn this ass until I take it out. And see this ring?”

After her acknowledging nod, he pulled from his pocket a multi-strand necklace which had a clip on only one end, the others were loose and varied in length, some appeared quite long.

“This hooks here to the loop in the center of the ring and drops down to move independently of the plug. First, it adds a little more weight, reminding you it is there, and secondly, the silver strands have crystal beads dotting them to whip against you as you walk. If I can’t touch you, then this plug will do it for me.”

Eyes all soft and doelike looked up at him adoringly as he informed her of the extra adornment she was to wear this evening. Spider knew she was in sensual overload, which was fine with him. He also appreciated the fact that she had not run screaming from his lap or the room. She would be his, no doubt about it.

Your turn, what song do you hear playing as Spider seduces Jena before their big night out?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Tilly Greene's excerpt #1


Russian businessman, Vasiliy Beketov, bought an island to be his home away from home. Everything was going his way and suddenly, he was hunted down for no reason other than being a success. Finally back in control of his life, Zura Girard comes to his private sanctuary as a designer, and ends up becoming much more.

Excerpt (G-rated)

Chapter One

Vasiliy Beketov, Russian billionaire businessman detained for more than three years has been released. Leading French lawyer Etienne Girard has been pleading his client’s case of ill treatment at the hands of the Russian government to many influential groups looking for their support. After finagling EU lawyers at The Hague to look into the case the rabid civil rights’ advocate, quickly secured their backing before moving over to the United Nations to gain their support as well. Pressure against the Russians has exponentially built over the past 14 months leading to a plea agreement agreeable to both parties. Vasiliy Beketov is to divest all current holdings within the motherlands borders, be them majority or less than a one millionth of a percent, his name is to be struck out and the billionaire must leave the country for good – exile. In return the accused will admit to a lesser charge and time served for fraud and the harsher claim of treason will be dropped. When contacted for comment of future plans for Beketov, Girard would only state that he would be leaving Moscow’s notorious Matrosskaya Tishina prison for home.  Five Months Later on a Flight

Zura Girard sat in a sumptuous first class seat on her way to Dubai in order to meet a man whom she has never met in person but still feels like she knows him on a deep level. Up to this point the relationship with her client has been derived from their email communications and a rare phone call.

Reputed to be a ruthless businessman would be an expected moniker for a successful man in a country new to capitalism. However, the very unflattering terms applied to him in the media did not match the gentleman she has been working with regarding the decoration of a newly built second residence on his private island.

To own a private island is a dream for everyone, but only a small percentage of society has the means to make such a purchase. One of three hundred manmade islands set in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. Before problems with his government gained momentum the purchase for one of The World’s island at over 15 acres had been made and an opulent estate home built. In one of their earlier discussions, her client had let it be known that he was no longer comfortable in the massive structure. A desire was expressed for something with a more personal feeling to it, less confining, and as a person with the means can do, the building of another residence to fulfill these needs was now complete. Lifting the fine crystal glass Zura took a sip of the chilled fizzy water before shifting her seat to further recline. Instantly an airline staff member was at her side.

“Would Mademoiselle like help with her foot rest?” The quiet accented voice of the air host was close but not as to be an invasion of her personal space. With a nod the young man knelt down and helped set it all up so she was comfortable beneath a light blanket. The light was turned off and her glass moved onto the tray further away so as not to be knocked. “Would Mademoiselle like anything else to make her comfortable?” Shaking her head, Zura thanked the host for his assistance then she closed her eyes to try and relax. If she was lucky doze some before landing in the hot dry country she was to be visiting for an undetermined period of time.

She hoped she could sleep but was so excited that at this time it did not seem possible. It was not just the thrill of a traveling or the new job, although the challenges presented by a new commission were always a large part of her eager anticipation. In this case, however, the blame for her heart racing, quick shallow breathing, and an occasionally wicked thought could all be laid quite honestly before her new client, Vasiliy Beketov.

A handsome, strong featured man in a typical dark business suit with his brown hair cut short and sharp, almost piercing, lighter than light blue eyes that rested against a face tan enough to prove he spent time out of doors was the image most depicted in the media. Dark serious suits highlighted shoulders, making them appear broad and strong, capable of taking on the world and winning. One picture she had seen showed him standing next to her father and the other man towered over his lawyer so she guessed he must be comfortably over six foot.

In her dreams she had added more details. He would be tan all over, hard and ripped, as her American friends would say, and in possession of a magnificent cock always hard for her. The bigger problem for her lay with his mind and soul, both drew her as much, if not more, than his body tempted her libido.

The first email had arrived about a month after he had been released from prison and whisked off to parts unknown. It had been short and to the point. Etienne Girard, her papa, had recommended that the recently freed man contact her regarding the decorating of a new residence.

The fact that her father had recommended her was interesting. Normally he took no interest in the career she practiced and excelled in other than the usual parental pride. It did not take long for her to determine it was because of her alternative lifestyle choice that had this interesting man asking for her professional services.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #4

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont. This is last day to share her excerpts and it's for:

Deacon books a cruise on a pleasure ship only to make his business partner, Lukas, happy, but then he meets Romana, a member of the ship's crew. As Deacon gets to know Romana, he begins to believe that, despite his partner's pleasure-only attitude about women and sex, love is still a possibility and great sex doesn't have to be optional in a real relationship. As his two weeks draw to a close, he only hopes that Romana comes to believe that as well.

Excerpt [G-rated]

Deacon opened a couple drawers and separated his clothes before heading into the bathroom. He had to admit that he could see where all the money really went on this ship. The bed was big enough for five people, and the walls were covered in tapestries and other “inspirational” art. A mirror hung over the bed, the rim decorated by golden nudes. The bathroom boasted a tub as big as the bed and a mosaic of, naturally, Aphrodite. He thought it was a copy of a painting by a famous Earth artist, as that was the planet this goddess of love hailed from, but it had definitely been enhanced. The breasts dominated her figure, and no draping robes or long, flowing hair covered any part of her anatomy. He didn't care one way or another about art, but he did like something a bit more subtle.

He set his little bag of essentials on the sink, then took his boots off and tossed them against the wall. In about ten minutes, the ship would be leaving the port, which meant it would probably be thirty minutes or more before he could order room service. He stretched, grabbed his “Getaway Guide,” and lounged across the velvet bedspread.

He already knew he wanted some of the local eel for dinner, so he turned to page seven to check out the digital video options. Almost every title included a person's name and the words “journey,” “adventure,” or “discovery.” There was absolutely nothing fit for family viewing. He looked all around the room, but there weren't any books. With two weeks stretching out before Deacon, he'd have been willing to settle for The Story of O or Planet of the Forbidden. At least those were classics with some value outside of masturbation assistance or teaching one new techniques.

He rolled off the bed and got to his feet. He was very glad he'd brought his computer along because he'd probably be able to get a great deal of work done on reorganizing the databases. Lukas had no interest in helping with that, so Deacon had been doing it alone since their last job while Lukas bought drinks for beautiful ladies of all species.

He was just finding all the right places for the wires when his door beeped.

“Yes?” he called.

It didn't open, but a voice came over the intercom. “My name is Romana, Mr. Clax. I wanted to inform you that we are taking off now.”

Deacon stared at the closed door. “Thank you, Romana.”

“You're welcome. May I come in for a moment?”

Deacon rolled his eyes. He could imagine her already. Tiny underwear, barely a bra to speak of, and a flowing diaphanous robe would be covering a voluptuous blond with red lips and large eyes.

“Sure, come on in.” He crossed his arms, ready for anything.

Except the woman standing there when the gleaming silver doors slid aside. She had long brown hair that curled slightly at the ends and very pretty green eyes. She wore plain black pants that did not show off her figure and a purple top with a black jacket over it. She smiled at him as she hefted the bag on the floor next to her.

Deacon recovered and went over to help her. “What's this? I haven't ordered anything.”

Romana smiled. “I brought you some of my books, Mr. Clax. I was checking a comlink when you and your friend arrived, so I thought you might need them. If you were in fact serious about what you said. We usually get one guest every couple of months who is here for reasons other than the obvious.”

Deacon laughed. “Well, that's very kind of you. And please call me Deacon.” He gestured around the room. “I was just noticing the lack of books. Any chance of getting a plain room too?” He wasn't sure if he was being serious or flirting.

She shook her head, obviously taking him seriously. “Only the crew rooms are plain, and we're full to capacity now. We aren't allowed to stay in these too long because it's supposedly too stimulating.” She shrugged and smiled again. “Someone has to actually fly this thing.”

“Oh,” he said. “You won't get in trouble for coming here, will you?”

“Oh no. In fact, guests do get involved with the crew sometimes. It's not actually forbidden, since everyone has to pass disease tests. But we aren't allowed to sleep anywhere but our own quarters for more than two nights a week. We have to be easy to find in case of an emergency, without disturbing the guests, of course.”

“Hmmm. Must get exciting around here.”

“From time to time.” She checked her chronometer. “I have to go now, but I'll see you around. There are lots of different books, as I didn't know what you might like, so let me know if you find any of the books or subjects more interesting than others.”

Deacon nodded and gave the bag a quick glance. “I will. Thank you again.”

She smiled and walked out of the room. “See you later.”

“Bye.” He lifted his hand in a little wave.

She waved back and walked down the hall. His door closed again.

“Well, I'm sure Lukas met a girl before I did, but I think mine is actually worth meeting.”

He pulled a couple of books out of the bag and looked at them. One was a historical fiction novel from his home planet of Ribos. He read the back cover, then set it aside. As he looked through the books, he decided not to tell Lukas he had met Romana. He knew Lukas would never notice the books, even if he did dare to stop by, and then he'd only think Deacon had brought them himself. All books looked alike to his friend.

He also didn't want Lukas teasing him or trying to meet Romana in order to “check her out.” She'd seemed very casual about mentioning that the guests and crew sometimes had relationships, however brief. He didn't think she'd been coming on to him, but he'd been around Lukas long enough to know when someone was interested. And Romana did seem interested.

He pushed the call button when the light announcing that room service was available flashed. Whether it was a good idea or not, he definitely wouldn't object to talking to Romana again very soon. The ship wasn't that big, and he was bound to run into her again--if he tried hard enough.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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Help Haiti and get a great read in the process!

This is not a contest or standard promo, Susan Helene Gottfried, author of The Demo Tapes, has come up with a great way to Help Haiti, and I figured it's also a good chance to find yourself a new to read!  So, here are the details straight from the woman herself:

Royalties through January 31 (at least!) are going to go to the Red Cross, to help the victims of the January earthquake in Haiti. If you’ve been holding off on buying The Demo Tapes, now’s the time [and a good reason to step into something new].

First is a coupon for 10% off your purchase of the PRINT version of The Demo Tapes. You’ve got to go over to Lulu to do it and open an account if you haven’t already, but c’mon. I’m worth it. Use Coupon Code READMORE2010 at checkout. This is good until January 31.

Also, if you pick up a copy of The Demo Tapes: Year 1 via the Kindle Store, send me your reciept and I’ll send YOU a coupon code for a free download of Year 2 via Smashwords. Two for one! This will run until I say otherwise.

And…I’ve dropped the price on both books over at Smashwords. Go knock yourselves out!

WOW!  Choices!  Go on, visit Susan at her website and blog, check out her links, and buy yourself The Demo Tapes - I love Trevor and The Shape Shifters!

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #3

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont. This is day three and here is another excerpt for her Torrid Teasers:

STARS AND STRAPS (Sci-fi/Fantasy/Light Bondage)

Tasha left her home world because she'd always felt unfulfilled as a princess. She knew something was missing from her life, but she'd never been sure exactly what until a bounty hunter named Cade found her. They soon give into the attraction they feel for one another and find out just how sexually compatible they are. Now Tasha has another mission--convincing Cade that what they've found is worth far more than the bounty on her head.

Excerpt [explicit content]

Tasha groaned and tightened her grip on the leather straps holding her off the cockpit floor. Cade stood behind her with his cock buried in her wet pussy. He was hitting just the right spot too. She ground her ass into his groin. She hadn't been alive before he'd found her on the moon of Jasin; if she had her way, he wouldn't be taking her back to her home planet and collecting the bounty her father was offering. All she had to do was convince him that there was no better place for her than right here--tied to the wall of his ship and getting the hell fucked out of her.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Is this the way you like it, princess?” His long black hair brushed against her back, and she groaned.

He slowed his pace as he ran his hands up and down her body, first toying with her nipples, then teasing her clit for the briefest of moments. She felt herself close to release, but he moved his hand back up her body too quickly.

She moaned again. “Do I have to make it a royal command?”

He laughed. “Might not work on me, baby. Plus, I'm taking orders from your daddy right now. I doubt he'd approve of all the things I've been doing to you.” He bit her neck and shoulder gently, sending shivers up and down her body. Her pussy began to ache.

She moved against him, needing release even while she enjoyed the teasing. He withdrew his cock and unhooked the straps holding her up. He turned her around to face him before she could protest about how empty she suddenly felt, and she let her hands rest on his shoulders for a moment as she looked into his dark blue eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her back up. She smiled, then held up her arms and let him latch the wrist cuffs so she hung from the wall facing him. He rubbed his cock for a minute, standing just close enough to her that it touched her belly. He drew little circles over the soft skin as he looked up at her.

She drew in a deep breath. “I don't care who you're taking orders from, I want you to fuck me good and hard right now.”

He laughed, then kissed her and raised her hips so he could run his cock along her wet pussy--just teasing, never really entering.

Tasha sighed as he explored her mouth. This man was what she'd been needing for years. Not a prince who wanted her home planet to add to his collection and not a hot young wannabe who thought he'd get a royal favor for every orgasm she had. Cade knew what she wanted, what she needed. Even though he wasn't at her feet professing his undying love and trying to charm her every moment of the day, he touched something deep inside her and satisfied the desires she'd never even known she had.

As if reading her thoughts, he finally drove his cock into her pussy one more time, and she wrapped her legs around him. He stood there with his hands braced against the wall, staring into her eyes. She smiled and licked her lips. She'd learned that he liked for her to get him off at the end. She wrapped her legs around him, nestling them just above his amazingly firm ass, and used them to ram his cock into her, squeezing it with her pussy walls and moving her hips so she stroked him just right. He kissed her again as he got close to his release, and his long hair brushed against her nipples. She stroked harder and arched her hips, wanting to take as much of his cock as possible inside her. He slammed his hands against the wall as he came.

When he was done, he wiped his brow and smiled at her.

“Which etiquette classes did you learn all that in?” he asked.

She wanted to come, but she had to wait till he was ready. After five days, she'd learned what he wanted from her. “I taught myself. My brother had an extensive library.”

Cade raised his eyebrows. “I might have to look into that when we get there.” He checked their location. “If we go into hyperdrive now, we'll be there in time for breakfast.”

“I don't want to go back.” Tasha looked into his eyes. She knew this conversation might put an end to their playtime, but it was too important to her to pass up any opportunity to make her argument.

Cade shrugged. “That's not my problem, princess. There's a pretty big bounty on your head.” He moved a strand of her blonde hair out of the way and ran a finger between her breasts.

“And I'm pretty good at giving head.” She knew it was a bad line, but she planned on trying every angle with this guy. She felt, deep down, that he needed her as much as she needed him. They had each other, they were good together, in every way, and that was all they needed to know.

He laughed. “Well, I'll admit you're right.” He moved closer and started rubbing her pussy. “You sure beat the money-sucking whores in space ports.”

“And you beat any prince, hands down.” Tasha tried to grind herself against his hand, but he kept pulling away when she did.

“Now that's an interesting opinion.” He inserted three fingers into her pussy.

“Why do you say that?” she managed to ask. It was uncomfortable at first, but she was so close to coming she soon adjusted to his fingers. She braced her legs against the other wall and started riding his hand slowly.

“If you come in the next ten seconds, I'll tell you.” He ran his rough thumb over the clit.

She cried out and took his fingers as deep as she could. He continued stroking her clit, and she came in no time. The waves of pleasure crashed over her as she bucked against his hand. He put one arm under her back to support her as she rode her orgasm out, and trailed kisses over her face and neck as she gasped for air. Her whole body was shaking as he untied her.

He threw her over his shoulder and took her to the bed in the next room. He tossed her down, then started stripping his leather pants and vest off. His cock was rock hard again.

“Tell me.” She tried to sit up. Her body had gone completely limp after her release.

He climbed on top of her. “Because I'm a prince.” He ran his tongue over one of her nipples. “And you're so damn hot.”

The second response didn't seem relevant, though she didn't mind be reminded that he thought she was hot. She started to respond, but he stopped her with a kiss.

When he finally allowed her a breath, she asked, “Why are you a bounty hunter?”

“Why did you run away?” He moved down and took her right nipple into his mouth again.

“I didn't want to get married and move to another planet. I hated the thought of such a marriage, one based on politics. And I didn't like being told what to do.” She loved the way he sucked her nipples, rough with his tongue but gentle with his teeth. Her pussy tightened as he moved to the other nipple. She sighed. “I'm sure you can relate.”

“You like it when I tell you what to do.” He ran his tongue down her stomach, then over her pussy. “Spread your legs,” he whispered.

“That's different.” She spread her legs wide for him.

His tongue delved into her, and she moaned. “I think you need this kind of freedom,” he said. “That's why you don't mind. You don't belong in a palace.”

She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue circled her clit slowly. “Where do I belong?”

“Wherever I tell you you belong.” He kissed a trail up her body until their lips finally met.

“What about the bounty?” she asked as his lips hovered over hers.

He looked into her eyes. “I think I'd rather spend the next ten years fucking you.”

She licked her lips. “Make it fifteen and I'll promise not to run away.”

He pulled her arms up and held them over her head by her wrists. “You try to run away, and when I find you I'll leave you tied up for a month.”

Tasha smiled. “If that's what I'll come back to, maybe I will try to run away.”

His eyes blazed with desire. “Roll over.” He released her arms.

Tasha complied immediately, more than happy to oblige him. He climbed on top of her and feathered kisses over her back. As he did this, he rubbed his cock back and forth over her ass. She loved the way he touched her. He could be rough and exciting, but he could also be gentle and seductive. And he knew just what she wanted and when she wanted it. Their games had turned into a dance, and their lovemaking was always breathtaking. When she began wiggling underneath him, he pulled her up on her hands and knees, running his hands over her breasts.

“Was there something you needed, princess?” He squeezed both her nipples.

She looked over her shoulder at him. “I think I've found it.”

He smiled at her as he moved his hands to her hips and then slid his cock into her slowly. “I think we both have.”

As he moved in and out of her slowly, Tasha smiled. Her godmother had been right about the Fates working everything out after all. Cade pumped into her harder, and she made a vow to thank them the next time she was in one of their temples.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is the first book I've bought in 2010?

Entwined by Fate by S.A. Price

This is the first in a innovative and sexy new series and now available in both ebook and print. The series breaks the accepted boundaries on what is familiar in the shifter genre by having Ophidians, or weresnakes, as a focus.

Thirty females of the Ophidian race have gone missing, most from the transient nest of Las Vegas, a rogue and unofficial nest run by the Saint, John Merrick. Believed to be dead by every Archon in the states, Merrick leads a quiet and unassuming life, saving those of his race that are lost and need it most. It's a solitary existence, one that he hates every day. He yearns for his mate, the woman he left over a decade before, and the woman who thinks him dead to this day.

When Elise Rizdon gets the official invitation to the Archon meeting in Ohio by the leader of a new Midwestern nest, she never expected to see the love of her life at the woman's side, a man she was told was dead and buried. She lost him once upon a time, and she never fully recovered. Focusing on the issues, and not the man that has always made her body burn is not going to be easy. A disturbing event is on the horizon, one that threatens all Ophidian's and their way of life. In order to survive they will have to work together, give up old grudges and take chances on the things that matter most. Love, life and the continuation of their race.

Ready for breaking out of your box?  You can read an excerpt here and you can buy the ebook from ARe and the print from Amazon [bought my copy yesterday and can't wait for it to get here :-)].

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #2

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont. This is day two and here is another excerpt for her Torrid Teasers:

TREASURE (Ghost/Pirate Erotic Romance)

Katie O'Brien came to the Bluebird Inn hoping for a long, relaxing vacation. But when a pirate named Jack shows up in her room, seduces her, then confesses that he's a ghost, her plans change drastically. Jack has spent four hundred years feeling guilty for the deceitful actions that resulted in the death of his true love, but he never thought he'd really be able to end his curse by finding true love again. But when Katie walks into the Inn, looking as though she just stepped down from the portrait of his lost love, he starts to hope again. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable, and Jack hopes he can convince Katie to give them both the chance to find something even greater--the true love that could save them both.

Excerpt [G-rated content]

Jack watched the girl standing in the lobby. She had fiery red hair and a voluptuous figure that would have stood out anywhere, not just in the Bluebird Inn with its typical over-fifty clientele. She turned to face him, though of course she wouldn't be able to see him, and he noticed her sparkling green eyes and full lips. He smiled, wondering how long it would be before dear old Annabel made her way up to his tower room and reminded him that the guests were off limits and that she'd have his head if he tried his romantic swashbuckler routine on this pretty little thing.

He knew it was probably best not to get involved with the guests, especially since he had been dead for over four hundred years, but the inn still belonged to him, truth be told, and he didn't see why he shouldn't at least make sure the beautiful lady went away satisfied. Or didn't go away at all.

He shook his head, telling himself a bit of fun was all that would be possible. He'd given up on breaking his curse over a century before, and he wasn't about to start hoping again now. No matter how much this lovely lass looked like his darling Katie. He sighed. His hope lay buried at the bottom of the sea, along with the gold he'd lost his beloved Katie for.

He watched as Annabel emerged from the office and handed the woman her credit card back and gave her a piece of paper to sign. He ducked back into the hallway, knowing Annabel would sense him watching, even if he made himself invisible, and shoot daggers at him from behind her kind, grandmotherly eyes.

As he made his way back to the pool area, he heard Annabel say, “I hope you enjoy your stay, Miss O'Brien.”

“Thank you,” the woman replied in a rich, melodic voice. “But do call me Katie. I'll be here long enough, so we don't need to be formal.”

Jack stopped outside the dining hall and raised his eyebrows. Katie? The woman grew more interesting with every passing moment. And she would be here a long time? That definitely presented some interesting possibilities. He listened to Katie O'Brien heading up the stairs and thought about going back to the office to ask about her. But he decided against it. He couldn't allow himself to wish for anything more than a few nights in the arms of a warm, living woman. It was simply too dangerous to his own sanity. He pushed his hopeful thoughts aside and headed for the pool, hoping a good lungful of sea air would help clear his head.

* * * *
“So, I suppose you saw her?”

Jack turned and saw Annabel standing beside him. “Yes, I did.” He folded his arms and leaned against a nearby tree. “And I in turn suppose that you are here to tell me to stay away from her.”

Annabel smiled, an almost mischievous light coming into her gray eyes. “Actually, I was coming to make sure you'd gotten a good look at her.”

“Any man passing within a thousand feet couldn't help getting a good look at her.”

“She looks like your Katie.”

Jack frowned, unsure what Annabel might be driving at. “I obviously noticed that. I'd think you'd be anxious to keep me away from her.”

“Not necessarily. It could be significant.”

Jack groaned. “You know, your mother tried this and your grandmother tried this and lots of other women besides them have tried this in one way or another. I might believe in the curse, but I don't believe in the part about it being broken.”

She waved her hand at him dismissively. “It never happened before because you had to wait for her to come back.”

“What?” Jack had been lost in his own thoughts, trying to convince himself that he didn't believe he could be saved as much as he was trying to convince Annabel. “Come back?”

“Pay attention, you old scoundrel. That woman is your Katie. I'm sure of it.”

Jack roared with laughter, not giving a damn if any of the guests heard and wondered why Annabel was talking to a man dressed like a pirate. “So it's okay for me to seduce this one because you think she's been reincarnated or whatever the hell it is? You've got to be putting me on, Annabel.”

She shook her head. “I don't see how you can't see it. Don't you even recognize your own true love? You ought to be ashamed, after what you did to her.”

Jack stopped laughing and took a step forward, pointing his finger at Annabel. “Look here now. You can believe in that hooey all you like, but that doesn't give you the right to tell me what to believe, what to do, or what to be ashamed of.” He turned away and kicked at a patch of weeds in the sand. After a moment, Annabel approached him.

“I'm sorry, Jack, but I really do believe it. And that is what I came to tell you, in a way.”

“What?” he asked sullenly, having lost his place in the argument. He didn't mean to be cross with Annabel, but even after four hundred years, he didn't like being reminded of the mistake he'd made.

“I wasn't going to tell you to keep away from her. I want you to be near her, because then at least you'll have a chance.”

“I'm almost inclined to ignore her completely now.”

This time Annabel let out a roar of laughter. “Even if your Katie had looked nothing like this woman, you couldn't stay away from her if you tried.”

“Oh, yes, of course, because I'm just a dirty-minded old scoundrel with no respect for women and a permanent hard-on. All men in the seventeenth century were like that.”

“You just hush up. You're angry and sarcastic because I reminded you of how this all started. You're a gentleman, Jack. You can deny it, but you are. You might have been a scoundrel once, but the love of a good woman changed that.”

Jack stared out to sea for a long moment before adding, “But not in the end.” He looked back to Annabel. “It didn't change me enough to think of her before my gold.”

Annabel nodded. “That was why you were cursed. And that is why she has come back to you. You've learned your lesson and more than paid your debt in guilt and suffering. Now her love can save you again.”

Jack smiled slightly. “You sound so sure, I almost believe you.”

“Spend a couple of days getting to know your Katie and maybe you will believe.”

Jack sighed. He didn't want to become attached to this woman. He didn't want to hope that Annabel's words were true. “You've had your say. Will you trust me enough not to nag me for however long this woman will be here?”

She smiled. “She'll be here two months.”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Well, then, if you are right, that's more than enough time for both of us to figure it out for ourselves, wouldn't you say?”

“I'll leave you to it then. Just don't forget what I said. Don't let fear take control of you the way greed did once before.”

He groaned. “Yes, Mother, now go back to your guests.”

Annabel shook her head and went back inside.

Jack rubbed his hands over his face. Annabel could be so heavy-handed. She was better than her mother had been, he would give her that. Annabel's mother Louise had accomplished her own ends through very silent but very deadly guilt. Annabel, on the other hand, persuaded people to do what she wanted them to do by convincing them it was for their own good.

He knew she had his best interests at heart, but that didn't make him feel better. What he needed was a good drink and a good woman. He looked up at the window of Katie's room. He'd seen her open the window earlier, but he'd done his best to look away, not trusting himself at all. As he watched the curtains fluttering, an idea occurred to him. Maybe this woman was exactly what he needed, though not in the way Annabel thought. Perhaps a good romp with her would quench his lust and put his mind at rest. When nothing happened and he proved Annabel wrong, he could finally put all this curse business to rest. He had built the Bluebird, so he belonged here. He wasn't waiting for redemption or a lost love. He was just taking care of his home.

The sooner he convinced himself of that, the sooner he could move on and give some final ease to the ache deep in his heart.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's my favorite time of year!

Award Season!

No, not because I care who won what, but more along the lines of who wore what!  That's right, it's time to focus on fashion.  Here's a few things I came away with from watching last night's Red Carpet coverage and the Golden Globes broadcast.

First off, for me, there was no wow or wonderful dresses.  Yes, I thought some actresses had chosen well [as in they wore the dress, not the other way around]. 

Glenn Close, Carey MulliganTea Leoni [liked the casual dress shirt and formal skirt thing, I would wear that], and Marion Cotillard with the saucy lace peeking out from the slit, also looked great.  Now, while I liked the gown Colin Farrell's girlfriend (?) Alicja Bachleda wore, it looked like it was going to slip down with her next breath.  Ooops. 

In the end, the best all around for for me was Courtney Cox.  Simply elegant, not over accessorized, and suited her very well.  The belt and slight train were yummy.  By the way, the dress is from Victoria Beckham's Spring/Summer 2010 line.

Something else that drew my attention was color.  Often safe color choices are made and I totally get that, my safe color is black.  However, last night there was everything from soft pastels to rich jewel tones.  The more unique standouts were Sandra Bullock and Diane Kruger, ooo, also Diana Agron and Sofia Vergara with that grey dress and single burgandy twist - nice], but the one I thought was spectacular was the one Zoe Saldana chose.  While the dress was a bit too much, the color looked divine on her.

And finally, there was another thing I found interesting today while I looked at all the pics.  There's one of Kate Hudson [by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images] that reminds me of a book, Soulless by Gail Carriger.  I keep seeing and totally love that cover, to such an extent, I know nothing about [only because of lack of time] and still might buy it based on the cover alone. 

So, my conclusion of the Golden Globe attire: It was a safe night [maybe because it was hard to focus on anything other than how to help Haiti] where everyone looked fairly good, and came across only one I saw that caused me to shout, "NO!".  I won't share a picture because I'm not in to the trashing aspect of fashion, although this one was trully horrible.

Oh, and here's a little Gerard Butler eyecandy to end on a good note!

By the way, while I had an idea of who I liked from watching last night, I perused the galleries on both Skinny vs Curvy, Just Jared, and E! Online - thank you for posting them.

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #1

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont.  For the next four days, I'll be posting an excerpt from each of her Torrid Teasers!

SHADOWS OVER SEA VIEW (Vampire Erotic Romance)

Victoria moves into Sea View expecting to find the ghost her grandmother always told her about. Soon her nights are haunted by sensual dreams of a man named Quentin, and Victoria believes she has found her ghost. Until she finds him in her bed one night and discovers that he is flesh and blood--and a vampire. Unsure whether she can trust him or not but unable to fight her feelings for him, she agrees to help him end his curse, hoping it will all end with him in her arms, not the grave.

Excerpt [Explicit Content]

She was exhausted when she returned home and headed right for bed after putting her groceries away. She stowed her clothes in random drawers, not even filling half of them. As she lay down, she knew she would be asleep in no time. The bed was incredibly soft and the comforter engulfed her in its warmth completely.

“Victoria,” a voice called.

“What?” Victoria said in her sleep.

“Victoria,” the voice repeated.

Victoria opened her eyes and found herself standing on the cliff by the sea.

“Victoria,” whispered a man's voice, very close to her ear.

She tried to turn, but he was right behind her, holding her.

“Isn't it beautiful? Don't you want to stay here forever?” the man asked her, his voice husky and intimate.

“Yes,” she whispered. She tried to turn her head, but she couldn't see his face. “Who are you?”

“That's not important,” he said, his mouth close to her ear, his hand caressing her cheek.

“This is a dream,” she said.

“It could be a very pleasant one, if you'd let it.” His hands moved down her body.

“Let me see you,” she said.

He held her tight against his hard body. His erection felt too good to be a dream. She felt heat course through her body. Ashamed yet excited, she tried to turn and see him. He distracted her by bringing his lips to her neck and cupping her breasts in his hands.

“Is this really a dream?” she asked.

“The best kind,” he mumbled against her hot skin. His lips slid down her back as he pulled her nightgown up slowly, his hands caressing her breasts and thighs.

His hands became more insistent. “You're so warm, so alive.” His fingers found her clit and he moved back up to whisper in her ear, “You feel so good, Victoria.”

She couldn't respond. No man had ever touched her like that. She was suddenly convinced that her former lovers had known nothing about touching women. This man's hand felt so good, and he knew exactly how to caress and stroke. He was right--this was the best kind of dream.

“I want you so much,” he whispered.

“I'm all yours,” she gasped.

“You will be soon.”

“I'm yours now,” she moaned as an orgasm coursed through her body. She pressed her body against his, wanting to see him, feel his arms around her, look into his eyes and show him what he had done to her.

"Soon,” he whispered. “But not tonight.”

He released her and she turned, but she saw nothing but the wall of her bedroom. Victoria jumped out of bed and looked outside to where she thought she had been standing. Her legs were shaky, and she reached down and felt the wet heat between her legs. Moonlight spilled over the cliff, casting eerie shadows all around, but there was no one there. And no reason for anyone to be there. She moved back to the bed slowly, unable to believe how real her dream had been.

The air definitely felt different. It was cool and hazy, as if the misty moonlight had drifted into her room and engulfed the bed. She ran her hands over her neck, as if her skin might still be warm where he had touched and kissed her. The rest of her was certainly overheated.

She settled into bed again, pulling the covers up to her chin and wondering what her mystery man looked like. Had she dreamed of a sexy stranger because of her own imagination, or had it been something else, something to do with the house? She puzzled over this for a time, but soon fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid