Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #2

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Susan M Sailors and here is another excerpt from her Torrid Teasers!

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SEDUCTION (Science Fiction - #2 in Kazphyrian series)

The Kazphyrian government is forcing all able-bodied citizens to find a mate. Bradeon Gosh-Ere and Hankren Tereamin want a special female mate who will accept them both and the relationship they share as lovers. When Drendar Kyntrel accepts the temporary position to help, can the males convince the suitable Dren to accept them as her mates for life?


Brad gazed at his sister on the transmission unit in frustration. "Why did you do that, Aimee?" He looked upward as if searching for divine intervention to give him strength, before looking back at her image on the trans unit.
He watched in vexation as she shrugged her delicate shoulders. "Well, it's your fault. Since I couldn't tell her you two are looking for a mate, I had to give her some reason you two needed her personal services. Look, I've met the girl. She seems lovely. She's even agreed to take a couple of weeks off from her job, since she's owed vacation, to devote to the two of you. I have to tell you, I had to do some fast-talking, when I mentioned two of you. If you like her, you both need to do some heavy charming to get her to accept both. But initially, you need to let her think you guys are both so busy that you don't have the time to visit pleasure centers?"

"Stop, right there, we don't need to visit the pleasure centers. Exactly what did you tell her?" Brad wanted to wring his little sister's neck.

"I may have hinted that you're a medical nerd with no time to spare for females and Hank's a hard up fly-boy who's always gone with no time to spare for females." At the end of her dissertation, she was flushed, as if expecting Brad to blow a vent valve.

"Jardem, female!" Brad muttered.

"Well, what else could I say!" Aimee cried. "I couldn't tell her the truth! She would have probably bolted!"

Brad just glared at her over the trans unit. Now he would have to pretend he was a nerd physician, at least until he let the female believe she was 'helping' him come out of his shell. And Hank! This wouldn't make him very happy. Just one look at Hank's handsome face and form and the female would be hard-pressed to imagine him as hard up.

"You're right, this is my fault. I should have taken care of this myself. Maybe you should call her to cancel."

"No!" Aimee surprised him with her vehemence.

"Why?" Brad wanted to know.

"I've already signed an agreement for the two weeks. She wouldn't just take off work on the off chance that she was getting this very lucrative job. So you guys have to do the two weeks. If she doesn't work out, you can give her her walking papers at the end."

"Urrrrrr," Brad almost growled in frustration. "Fine, I'll talk to Hank. More than likely he'll be called away soon and that will just leave me to contend with her."

Aimee snickered at him. "I think you better reserve judgment until you meet her."

"What do you?"

"You'll see. Her two weeks starts when darkness falls tomorrow. Have fun, big brother." And before Brad could say another word, Aimee clicked off.

Jardem save him from his meddling little sister.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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