Thursday, December 11, 2008

Want something to read? For FREE?

Then go over to the Pink Chair Diaries - "Special Delivery" is now available!

Want a hint on what it's about?

Here you go:

Got any ideas now?

Sunday, December 07, 2008


In Heat is now HIGHLAND HEAT!


Friday, December 05, 2008

A Greek god is coming your way!

Hephaestus, one of the 12 Greek Olympian gods, holds such titles as God of the Forge and Master of Fire, is the hero of "Hephaestus Lays Down the Law" and Tease Publishing will be putting it out this coming January!

How am I celebrating this wonderful news?

By making mini-mince meat pies for a Christmas party tonight. They are dead easy to do, hence my annual offering :-)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm back from the left!

It was absolutely lovely to see family and friends. We enjoyed starting each day at Jean Paul's, walking everywhere because the sun was shining. While I'm getting my head around all that needs to be done besides laundry, shopping for food and pressies, I thought I'd share offers that are going on right now.

Phaze and The Samhellion [Samhain Newsletter] are both offering FREE seasonal reads - I'll have one in the latter group [think Rol from Zandia], Whiskey Creek Press Torrid has a FREE cookbook through the end of December - I have a recipe inside that I love, Samhain is giving away 60 books in December [Angie, Editor at Samhain has a couple of Kindles to giveaway], and Ellora's Cave is having a fabulous sale on their prints! Oh, and if you're a member of the Monthly Scorcher Yahoo or Google], there's a couple more things coming up.

A Unique Raffle that benefits 3 charities is going on right now - head here for more information!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yippee and it's FREE!

Whiskey Eats [which includes my recipe for Mince & Dumplings] is out.

The ebook is free through December and the paperback is currently discounted - WOW, what great timing with the holidays right around the corner!

Head over, pick up your copy now, and ENJOY!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, change of plans...

right now it isn't "My Angel" or "Nazon" I'm working on. Instead, I'm writing a short story based in the same world as "Zandia"! And, drum roll please, it will be a free read :-)

I'm thrilled to be delving back into this world and checking out how sexual equality is getting on within the Universe.

I'm loved!

And by the ladies at The Romance Studio [TRS]!

This is actually the first award my blog has received and I am feeling giddy with the joy :-)

Okay, there are a few things I need to do now. They are:

Add the logo of your award to your blog - done.
Add a link to the person who awarded it to you - done.
Nominate at least 7 other blogs - oh dear, only 7?
Add links to those blogs on your blog - only 7?!?
Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs - easy, for 7 :-)

Who have I narrowed the list down to? Well, there were so many, but these blogs feed my need for a diversion all the time:

Selena Illyria

Mandy Roth

JC Wilder - unfortunately I couldn't notify her personally, but if I ever get through to her, then I'll pass on the award.

Pink Chair Diaries

DIK (Desert Island Keepers) - unfortunately I couldn' notify them personally, but if I ever get a chance to speak with one of them, then I'll pass on the award.

It Takes Two

Sex Talk for Wicked Women - unfortunately I couldn' notify them personally, but if I ever get a chance to speak with one of them, then I'll pass on the award.

There, visit all of these and your day will be brighter!

Friday, November 07, 2008

I haven't mentioned this one, but guess what?

"Hephaestus Lays Down the Law" has been revamped, expanded, and submitted to a publisher for a place in an anthology full of gods and goddesses called Love's Immortal Pantheon! Fingers crossed everyone, because this sounds like a fabulous grouping.

What is it about? Love, betrayal, and reuniting.

Who is in it? Hephaestus [of course], Aphrodite, a maenad, a trio of Cyclopes, Hermes, and oh yes, Zeus.

Where does it take place? Ummm, Mount Olympus.

Is there anything special that happens? Yup. Oh, you want me to tell you? Not a chance!

There, a few hints to tempt your reading pleasure. Next up is "My Angel" and then "Nazon".

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The singing has finished, now what?

Unfortunately, more talking heads, spouting off their own opinions of who should be in the new cabinet or a staff member. But, with all the positive and negatives floating around, accompanied by images they think supports what they're saying, I thought this simple drawing was more interesting.

Okay, confession time. I used to talk through my US History classes and one teacher's method to get me to stop was a bit unorthodox. He would take the pictures of the presidents and toss them at me, demanding their names. It worked, not me knowing who they were, but stopping my chatter. Now you understand why I don't have an appreciation for the individual presidential portraits. A group one is much more to my liking. Click on the image to see the faces more clearly and see how many you can name.

Anyway, if you know who did this drawing, please let me know, I'd love to give them credit.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What's for dinner?

Okay, playing corporate wife right now and tonight the cutie pulled me out for dinner. Lovely to meet up with a couple of the other wives, but trouble was brewing.

We went to a seafood restaurant and I eat nothing from the sea.

So what did I have?

Well, I made a minimal pretense at the meatloaf, but this was what held all of my attention: the chocolate bag filled with whipped white chocolate and fresh berries.


No, I didn't finish it, not even close, so they boxed it up and I brought it back with me. In fact, I even knicked a fork to help finish it off :-)

This will be shocking to some of you, but...

I have only one thing to say...

Monday, November 03, 2008

What is a great way to kick off a month?

Good news and mine is that The Gilded Cage, Hot Couture and Tilly Greene have all been nominated in REC's annual contest!

Head over and vote in all the categories or just your favorites, it's
good fun.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Saturday, November 1st 2008

For the last event of the year, I'll be at Borders, 100 Galleria Drive, Middletown, NY. from 1-4:00pm.

With East Coast Authors like Cat Johnson, Stella Price, Bianca D'Arc, Allie Boniface and myself, it shall be great fun with a large selection of books. So, if you're in the area, stop by and say hello, there's a fabulous basket of goodies to be won :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How is Sideshow Bob?

What, you don't remember him? He was the pre-lit palm tree we bought as our Christmas tree last year. Well, he was pretty hard to set up, so we decided to leave him be for the summer and spark up his world with red hot chilli pepper lights.

Woohoo! Yes, we kept the sand like burlap beneath him as well and Sideshow Bob [because that's who he resembles] kept us feeling like it was summer at the beach.

Unfortunately, yesterday the heat officially ended. It snowed. Brrr! So we turned his lights on last night and it was time to give him another look. Before Thanksgiving, we'll put some ornaments on him, and viola, Sideshow Bob will be ready for winter and the holidays!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

eBook Talk!

My preferred format for reading is ebooks, except this has been tricky to do without my beloved pocket pc, especially when I have a pile that must be read. Because these books have to be read, I'm doing it on my laptop, and have found some authors where I'll be looking at their backlist for more.

The problem is, I like to read a book while soaking in a nice hot bubble bath and the laptop can't go into the tub. To make matters worse, I haven't been tempted by any new releases in the traditional format in ages.

So, what is this bookie doing? Simple. I walked up into the attic, went through my to be donated piles, and have been reading those. There's always something good to read lurking somewhere in the house, but I'm looking forward to whatever gadget Santa brings that will allow me to read eBooks in the tub!

I'm leaning towards the iPod Touch [as long as I can read pdf's] or Nokia N810. I have been tempted by others, like the iRex iLiad and the Readius, but seriously don't want a dedicated ebook reader.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday!

Wondering why your electronics will randomly flip out and stop working?

Simple, they're a little busy, getting busy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's all over except the singing!

That's right, I've voted and no longer have to listen to all the trash talk or finger pointing being tossed around the airwaves. What else has been ticked off my to do list?

I've completed "In Heat" and am now waiting for a release date!

I've finished "Call Me Lucifer", written up a synopsis, and submitted it for a publisher's consideration.

I've written a free erotic short called "Special Delivery" and it will be published on the Pink Chair Diaries. A site full of fabulous and free reads.

I've read 10 of 25 ebooks in 5 different categories I have to finish by the 5 of November...Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, party time!

I've started the Christmas shopping for those to the left and right of us.

Now it's your chance to do something for yourself! There's two great scavenger hunts and one raffle you can enter with great prizes on the backside. They are:

1. loveyoudivine's Treasures of Desire Hunt - map to get you started

2. Raven Hour Halloween Hunt - start here

3. Treasure Trove Charity Raffle - 3 great charities benefit, details here

Enjoy is the goal for today and get back to work :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ellora's Cave has a great contest!

Buy a copy of Forbidden Fantasies and be entered to win a Fujitsu Lifebook u810 tablet PC and 25% off all direct Ellora's Cave purchases. Woohoo! And, if you didn't think it could get any better, it does! If you're in Las Vegas on October 18, head over to Barnes & Noble, 8915 W. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89117 - between 1 and 2:30pm - to have your copy signed and win all sorts of goodies!

Go here for details.

For the Leaf Peepers...

it's going to be a fabulous year of color!

We have the first tree on the street to change and it will drop its leaves before the one next to it even starts to change. The mulberry in back is one of the lasts. What does that mean? We'll be doing the leaf thing well into December when the snowblowing begins.

Oh joy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

An interesting list...

Cosmopolitan listed the top 25 hunks, fine, but what stood out to me wasn't who they were or if I agreed with the list, but it was their ages. Only 3 are in their twenties, 14 are in their thirties and 10 are in their forties and 1 is fifty. Interesting. So here's the list...what do you think of when you see it?

1 Johnny Depp, 45
2 George Clooney, 47
3 Jake Gyllenhaal, 27
4 Daniel Craig, 40
5 Brad Pitt, 44
6 James McAvoy, 29
7 Justin Timberlake, 27
8 Will Smith, 40
9 David Beckham, 33
10 Wentworth Miller, 36
11 Christian Bale, 34
12 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 31
13 Take That (band): Gary Barlow, 37, Mark Owen, 36, Howard Donald, 40 and Jason Orange, 38
14 Ashton Kutcher, 30
15 Dermot O’Leary, 35
16 David Tennant, 37
17 Patrick Dempsey, 42
18 Clive Owen, 44
19 Pierce Brosnan, 55
20 Mark Ronson, 33
21 Gordon Ramsay, 41
22 Russell Brand, 33
23 Pharrell Williams, 35
24 Ryan Reynolds, 31
25 Olivier Martinez, 42

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

A woman in sexy red lingerie...


Friday, October 10, 2008

eBook TBR pile looking low?

Well, now through Sunday October 12th, Fictionwise is offering 50% Rebates on every title!

Stock up people.

A bit of random ridiculousness...

This weekend I'd like to eat chocolate, drink Coca Cola, go see Rock-n-Rolla and Body of Lies, sleep in, watch some footie [both British and American], work on "Call Me Lucifer" and enjoy the lovely weather.

However, I have a new eating regime to stick to, laundry to do, Birthday and Christmas shopping to get started, more filing [a years worth] to do, bills to write, blah-blah-blah.

Which side will win out...or will it be a mix? Hmmm.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Interactive Radio Interview Tomorrow!

That's right, the fabulous Cat Johnson will be interviewing me on ARe [All Romance eBooks] What's Hot in Romance Radio Show. Here's the details:

Date: Monday, October 6th 2008
Time: 9:30pm est

As well as listening to the show, anyone can ask questions from the chat room, so here's your chance.

Oh, and ARe has an anniversary coming up in November and are offering a fabulous gift for all registered members.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Saturday, October 4th 2008

I'll be at the Collingswood Book Festival, Collingswood, NJ. from 9-6:00pm.

With East Coast Authors like Cat Johnson, Stella Price, Donna Michaels and myself, it looks like a good one. So, if you're in the area, stop by and say hello :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's that time of year...

September 27 - October 4 is Banned Books Week.

Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, said, "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." Here's this years list with where and why they were challenged and/or banned.

Check your shelves, head to a library, or purchase an ebook/book of one that intrigues you, then make up your own mind.

That's the beauty of living with the First Amendment

Monday, September 22, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

A fresh look at the old painting of dogs playing poker. Can't help but smile over this one...wish I knew who to give credit to and check out more of their work.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random bit of ridiculousness...

Last Saturday night I was at The Spotty Dog for a booksigning - love this bookstore. Anyway, Hannah [I believe a tropical storm at this point] was making her way through so driving home was a bit slow. When I pulled up to our garage around one in the morning, the cutie smiled and said "You left the door open." Well, obviously. I wasn't going to get wet to close it only to open it later. Reasonable, right? Ummm, no. I closed the garage door and had all the water Hannah had dumped in the past 6 hours fall on me. I'm rather proud I didn't scream out with shock and the cutie didn't laugh too loudly until we got inside.

Nevermind. What's been making me laugh today is Cake Wrecks. I love it! Head over and enjoy :-)

I'll be with the East Coast Authors this Saturday at Borders in Middletown, NY from 1-4:00pm. Hope you can stop by and say hello.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book and eBook Talk

Tuesday's I normally write about what I've been reading in both traditional and ebook formats. Well, I mentioned earlier the cutie and I have been traveling quite a bit this summer. One of the drawbacks is quick turnarounds. Over a month ago I was doing the laundry and grabbed the cutie's robe [otherwise known as "The Library"] to wash. Why The Library? I kept my pocket pc in it for tub reading material :-) Anyway, I went to put the load in the dryer and start the next when I found my beloved Toshiba Pocket PC languishing at the bottom of the washer. I've owned this gem for almost 6 years and never had a problem! The cutie tried to resuscitate and it would have worked fine except the battery couldn't hold a charge.


For the rest of our various trips I've been carrying around a stack of traditional paperbacks and it only helped remind me why I bought a pocket pc in the first place. No hassles!

I've been actively seeking a replacement but promised the cutie I wouldn't do anything immediately - this presents a possible Christmas pressie. This is so much harder than I thought it would be, especially with a couple of very long trips on the cards. Anyway, I've discounted getting a phone that reads pdf files but wouldn't mind one with Wi-Fi [hit a hot spot and buy an ebook, no matter what country I'm in works good for me].

So, what have I been reading during this most disturbing upheaval to my normal patterns? Julie Garwood's historicals. It's been lovely to revisit her older books and remember why I keep her on my shelf.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

A new way to look at something we do every day.

Check out the artist, Christoph Niemann, website for more toothbrush and paste antics. Be prepared to laugh.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Unique Raffle


Contact: Rochelle Sorzano
Charity Co-Coordinator
2055 Utica Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Phone: 347-221-0260

Our Goal for the Sweet, Sassy, and Sexy Raffle is to get at least 5,000 donations at $20 .00 each. We are fully aware of the current financial climate and understand that $20 is a lot to ask of you. What we are asking is that you give in the spirit of giving. The three causes, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, The 3 Day .Org (Cure for Cancer) and Save the Quiet Kitty are worthy causes. The whole purpose is to help others, we ask that you take part in this endeavor and help us help others.

Simply Simone Inc and the Pink Chair Dairies Presents the Treasure Trove Charity Raffle, each prize is worth an estimated $400.00 and counting. This idea came about when my friend and co-coordinator Author Selena Illyria approached me with an idea to help fellow author and friend The Quiet Kitty/Camille Anthony who was diagnosed in 1989 with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, caused by exposure to asbestos while an employee of the State of California. (There is a pending class action lawsuit against the State of California, which has been in Pre-Trial hearings for almost a decade.) Camille is now a full time author with no health insurance. She is in stage four of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and cannot get health insurance because of this pre-existing condition.

I loved the idea and wanted to help as much as possible. And, I thought we should extend it to include a couple of my other favorite charities. Breast Cancer is a concern for all of us and it will take all of us to help find a cure. In addition, St. Jude, when I first heard the story of how the Hospital came to be it struck a chord with me. Moreover, I always promised myself that if I can ever support them with the wonderful work they do I would.

My very talented friend Selena Illyria came up with the Sweet, Sassy, Sexy Charity Raffle, a nod to the cheeky erotic stories she and fellow authors pen. We thought this would be a fun way to give back to those who are generous enough to donate to our charity. We called on all of our writer friends from all over the romance world to donate to these worthy causes, and to my delight, it just kept growing and growing. Until each trunk is now worth over $400.00 and counting.

You can also help us help others, by donating at and selecting the trunk of your choice and then clicking the donate button. Each theme will represent a charity and at the end, we will share 60% of all net profits equally to the charities.

Rules: There is unlimited bidding until the time the raffle comes to a closed.

Sweet Trunk Sassy Trunk Sexy Trunk

Please Note: 60% net of the proceeds goes to the above-mentioned charities.

For information:,, or

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Want to know more about Tilly Greene?

She's being interviewed by Michelle M. Pillow here. Hmmm, you might discover something new about me :-)

We're back! Okay, we've basically been traveling around for the past couple of months and have a little relaxation time before it all picks up again. So watch out, I have loads of things to tell you all!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A bit of random ridiculousness...

I was reading my Bloglines this morning and Philly Transplant had a picture of Olympian Ryan Lochte. My sleepy brain realized something, do you see it?

Ryan Lochte looks like Alexander the Great!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

A different side of the Tour de France.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A fun flick.

We weren't going to go see "Swing Vote" because we're already in political overload, but it was the next to start so we said why not. It was actually pretty good - I cried and laughed, not a bad arc for a flick. Yes, it's politics as usual but twisted into such a way, we found ourselves laughing out loud. The music is pretty good too. The end could of been so sappy and yet it gives a pretty good message...think for yourself.

Right now I'm giving my eyes a well deserved rest and it's all about volleyball. Beach and indoor Volleyball. A little bit of home :-)

UPDATE: It's beach volleyball, the women wear bikinis and the men wear trunks, except for her China where the men wear tank tops. WHAT is that all about!?!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sad news.

The great Russian author, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, gulag survivor, exile and eventual returnee Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has passed away.

If you've never had a chance to read 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich' or haven't done so in years, then this would be a good time to pick a copy up.

I've already pulled my copy off the shelf and will be rereading it, most likely learning something new about myself, the author and the world while doing it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

I wrote 'An Invitation to The World: New Zealand' [an erotic romance with two rugby players and the women they both love] a few years ago. At the time of its release, I posted a great version of the Haka, a dance the All Blacks [New Zealand's National Rugby team] do before every match to intimidate their opponents.

Well, here's a new tradition: nude touch beach rugby before the tri nations test match tournament begins.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't you just love visuals!

Hot Couture has three stories in it about women who have a passion for fashion and the men who love them. I'm a rather visual person and like mini book trailers. So, I put the two together and came up with three, that's right, in this case one plus one equals three. Here are the mini book trailers that celebrate:

The Leather Bride

Taming Marie Antoinette

The Gilded Cage

The Leather Bride, Taming Marie Antoinette and The Gilded Cage are available separately or together as Hot Couture from Phaze, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.


Monday, July 07, 2008

eBook Talk!

I made some progress on my TBR pile [2 Laurell K Hamilton's, a Janet Evanovich and Linda Fairstein, and in the midst of a JD Robb], but the one that's still the freshest in my mind this morning is "Tartan Surprise" by Selena Illyria. A short satisfying read, exactly what I needed this past weekend.

"Tartan Surprise" is a shape-shifter tale with plenty of smoldering tension. Something Illyria does very well is dialogue, it fits.

One son of the pack leader is about to get married, the other is looking for someone to take the edge off before the full moon, fortunately dad has it all figured out. The timing couldn't be better for his assistant to arrive and cause havoc.

Like I said after I read Fling in Vampiropolis, Selena Illyria is one spectacular author who has more books on the cusp of coming out - good!

You know what passion means, right?

Well, if you head over to the Wild on Books Blog you'll see one of my takes on the sultry word. Comment and you're in the drawing for a special contest :-)

Naughty Thought for Monday

Got Milk?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Fireworks are going to be big this year!

Phaze Books is offering 20% off on July 4th so head over and get your shopping list settled.

In case you need some help, the special is for ebook or paperback and to name a few, there's The Leather Bride, Taming Marie Antoinette, The Gilded Cage, Hot Couture, OohRah! and Drive-In, Coming Together: Under Fire by Tilly Greene, or maybe try Wishbound or Gifts by Stella and Audra Price.

The code is FIREWORKS08.

Happy Shopping!

Exciting News!

Ellora's Cave is hosting a convention in Akron, Ohio in the Fall of 2009. There will be workshops, awards, parties, luncheons, a book fair and all sort of fun. This also means plenty of chances to meet your favorite authors and cover models...oh my! If you're interested in hearing more, then send you name, address and phone number [optional] to the event organizers [] and they'll keep you posted.

Start saving up, this one should be a blast!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Monthly Scorcher is OUT!

I missed sending out a June edition so I'll be making it up to the Monthly Scorcher members. Are you one? If not, then head to either Yahoo or Google and sign up.

Oh, and speaking of spectacular surprises:

1. I'm joining The Hussies and other authors in a 'Put Some Sizzle in Your Summer' contest. There's some great prizes on offer.

2. I'll be over on the Wild on Books Blog this coming Monday [July 7th] and there'll be a contest there as well.

3. Finally, check back here on the 4th...Phaze will have something truly combustable on offer.

Woohoo! What a hump day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the Radio - Update!

That's right, I'll be joining Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow on Raven Radio tonight [Wednesday, June 18th 11:30 PM EST). I'll be talking about Hot Couture, In Heat and much more. You can call in with any questions you might have and I'll answer.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Email them to Mandy Roth at mandy AT mandyroth DOT com and she'll read them on air.

2. Use the new click to talk option with blogtalkradio. If you have a microphone you can use that and simple press the click to talk button during the live show to call in and talk. You can also use your phone to call in.

3. Finally, there's the LIVE chat during the shows. Follow the link below and look for CHAT LIVE buttons! You can type your questions or comments in there during the chat and we’ll ask/answer them on air!

Listener dial-in number during LIVE show is (646) 595-3998 [this is a New York number, long distance charges apply] or go to Raven Radio [].

I'm really looking forward to this evening, hope to see you there.


What a blast and the listeners are great! Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow are so sweet, hilarious...when I meet them, I think I should wear leather and carry a big box of chocolates, what a hoot that would be :-)

To listen to the show, click here...Angela James is there for the first half hour and then I'm there for the second.


1. Way Back Wednesday on FAR Blog - anything from Tilly Greene's backlist.

2. The Raven Blog - Hot Couture.

Both of these require you to comment to be entered.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ooo, look what I received today!

The cover for In Heat is here!

On the surface Hamish Buchanan appears to have it all. He's handsome, successful, and because of the horror that surrounded his birth, possesses the love and respect of an entire nation. But underneath, where few are allowed, lurks a secret. Although well hidden, the furtiveness needed to keep others from discovering those things he’s held private, also kept him from committing himself to another as fully as he would’ve wanted.

Then, one evening while attending a formal charity event, everything changes. Hamish senses something big is happening inside him and doesn't know what it could be. Not liking how he was starting to feel out of control, he starts to list mentally what he does identify. Physically, he's unusually hot and his heart is racing as if he was running all out. Emotionally, he has no patience for others, not even his closest friend and, the oddest part of all, if he didn’t know better he’d think he was hunting something.

Hamish doesn't recognize what any of it means until he sees Grace Strachan. Now he understands everything. The first thing he has to do is find a way into her life.

If he can find a way into her life, can he trust her with a secret held for a lifetime?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Book Talk!

I picked up a book the other day that I've been eyeing up for some time because there were Djinn, Demons and Assassins. Interesting and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

Wishbound by Stella and Audra Price [available from Phaze in eBook and Paperback] has two stories between its covers. Wishes and Glamour are the first two offerings in the Duvall, Inc series and boy does it start out with a bang!

Wishes is where you are introduced to a few of the characters that you'll see again, but the main two are Janey and Nicodemus. There's lightening and thunder rolling around the surface when these two meet and it never lets up. Glamour has the two of them taking off for China and the heat is still on high, even while in the midst of a difficult job. With all the happenings going on, you suddenly hit the end and relaize how real these two characters feel. Personally, I'm eager to meet Nicodemus's parents...they're older than Jesus you know :-)

Stella and Audra Price are quite a duet that shouldn't be missed. They write about a collection of unusual characters that are dark, deep and adorable. The reader cares for them all, whether they are a lover or assassin. They are right there with them as they’re making their way through the easy and trying times. The road they travel is both rough and delightful, with a good dose of the unexpected mixed in throughout. Simply put, the Price sisters deliver satisfaction with a side of dynamite!

I love finding fresh reads! If, like me, you fall for into the Duvall, Inc series and are eager anticipating the next installment, then I'll tell you it's out now! Gifts, now available in eBook here, will be coming out in paperback this June!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Naughty Thought for Monday

I found this some time ago and it still gives me a wicked need to laugh!


I'm Back!

I've made my first visit ever to Arizona, Tucson in specific. After that we headed further west to do the family thing and am embarrassed to say I didn't remember the sunscreen thing and was burnt.

The next day we were home there was a booksigning at the Garden State Plaza and, as always, it was great fun with the East Coast Authors.

Now the cutie is off on his next trip and I decided to treat myself to a couple of DVD's. Unfortunately, I think my selections show exactly how scattered I am right now.

Why do I say this? Because I chose Ocean's Thirteen [fun with Clooney] and Saawariya [Bollywood].

Enough said.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hiya and see you soon!

Back from the Philadelphia Book Festival [such fun, even when it was raining] and now we're off to the left of us. The cutie has a conference to attend and then we'll head to the beach for some rest and relaxation.

I'll be back for the booksigning in Paramus - and everyone should watch out because I should have "Hot Couture" in my hands for that one :-)

In the meantime, if you're looking for a party...Stella Price is hosting a 2 hour shindig this Thursday [21st at 8:00pm est] on Books Beyond the Boundaries [Blog Talk Radio]. There will be a simultaneous chat and radio show...what a blast! If I can get a line out from our drive west then I'll be calling in - should be a blast.

Enjoy everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A super wild weekend is planned...want to come?

Saturday and Sunday, May 17 and 18, from 11-5:00pm, there will be 11 authors shaking up reading choices for the Philadelphia residents.

That's right, the Philadelphia Book Festival is this weekend and we're there! Who is we? A fabulous group of authors who write everything from Young Adult to Erotica! They are: Christine Norris, Rayna Vause, Donna Michaels, Stella Price, Cat Johnson, Robin Slick, Philippa Grey-Gerou, Leigh Ellwood, Alessia Brio, Bridget Midway and Tilly Greene.

There's loads going on, so if you're in the area, come down and stop by our tent and say "Hiya". Oh, and this is a family event so bring the kids and ENJOY!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Naughty Thought for Monday!

A fabulous woman called Keishawoo sent this to me for a laugh, now I'm sharing the love...ENJOY!

When Cardboard Men Come In Handy

A car gets a flat on the interstate one day. The blonde driver eases it over onto the shoulder of the road, carefully steps out of the car and opens the trunk.

She takes out two cardboard men, unfolds them and stands them at the rear of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. The lifelike cardboard men are in trench coats exposing their nude bodies to approaching drivers.

Not surprisingly, the traffic becomes snarled and backed up.

It isn't very long before a police car arrives. The officer, clearly enraged, approaches the blonde of the disabled vehicle yelling:

'What's going on here?'

'My car broke down, officer' says the woman calmly.

'Well, what the heck are these obscene cardboard pictures doing here by the road?' he asks.

'Helllooooooo!!!!' says the blonde. 'Those are my emergency flashers!'

Friday, May 09, 2008

Where will the girls be this Saturday night? Updated

At The Spotty Dog Books & Ale!

From 5-7:00pm this unique book shop and pub will be rocking for the ladies. Besides a chocolatier, masseuse, and music, there'll be Stella Price, Cat Johnson, Allie Boniface, CH Admirand, Tara Nina and Tilly Greene talking and signing books!

Come on out and enjoy the fun! By the way, we've come up with one spectacular basket to giveaway...have to be there to win it though.

I hear you...where is The Spotty Dog located? 440 Warner Street, Hudson, NY.

Hope to see you all there!

Update: Oh wow, what a blast! Seriously, if you are ever in the area this is a great town, full of things to do...apparently we missed the firemen's parade earlier in the day and wonderful shops. The Spotty Dog was a fabulous book shop and we're trying to get in there again this Fall.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's been cut?

I'm being ruthless as I go through "Come, Now" for submission and thought I'd share a snippet of what's been cut.

May 1896 – Petrovsky Palace, Moscow, Russia

In two hours he’d be sitting in a fabulously ornate carriage, with his beautiful wife, Alexandra Fedornova, sitting at his side. They’d be driving toward the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Kremlin where he would be crowned Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. Their people would be pleased to see him officially don the crown.

How stupid, he thought, here he stood a few hours before the grand procession would take him to the Assumption Cathedral for his coronation, waiting to ask a man he’d never met or heard of, for his support.

When asked, Witte, his advisor, had been able to fill him in on the Ivanovich family. Without question or needing to do research which had surprised him because he believed he already knew everyone who was important in Russia. Apparently they were an old, extremely successful family based up in Novgorod. The people of the area respected the entire clan and never questioned when their word was given.
A set of footsteps echoed down the hallway toward him. Not sure how this meeting was to be conducted he decided the best route would be to ensure this man knew he, Nicholas II, was the person in charge not some man from the wild northern territories.

Just a snippet of what's out but there's also a hint in there of what's to come :-)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A great way to celebrate a defeat!

Yup, that's right celebrate a defeat. Go here to see how it's done...I'm still laughing at this one :-) Thank you to the boys at OhLaLa Magazine.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday 13 #34!

On Monday of this week I had two books released: The Gilded Cage and Hot Couture. In celebration and because it's on my mind, I'm going to tell you some things you may or may not know about these books using my TT.

The Gilded Cage
1. The Gilded Cage is the third book in the "A Passion for Fashion' series.

2. The heroine is a jeweler about to be offered the show of a lifetime.

3. The hero has an interesting set of piercings.

4. The heroine lives and works in London.

5. The hero lives and works in York, but is opening a satellite office in London.

6. The Gilded Cage in the story has a special water bottle as an attachment.

Hot Couture
7. Hot Couture is a collection of my 'A Passion for Fashion' series.

8. The Leather Bride, Taming Marie Antoinette and The Gilded Cage are the three stories in Hot Couture.

9. New York City, Paris and London are the fashion capitals these three stories take place in.

10. The Leather Bride was extended for Hot Couture.

11. The heroes in these stories all have a career somewhere in an environmentally friendly arena.

12. I traveled to all of these locations and brought something I did into each of the stories.

The Series
13. The fourth story will be His High Stepper and takes place in Milan.


Okay, Selena Illyria just tagged me, but she sent me hot chocolate so no complaints from me :-)

The rules:

Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don’t forget to post the rules!

1. It was sunny today although I stayed inside and worked.

2. Because the sun was out, the thongs were on my feet.

3. I'm wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a big sweatshirt.

4. It's actually about 60 degrees outside, cold but the sun is out.

5. The cutie is away tonight,

6. So I'll be sleeping with the t-shirt he wore to mow the yard last week.

7. This tricks my mind into thinking he's there with me.

I can't think of who to tag right now so all my victims are free to go about their merry little way.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Gilded Cage and Hot Couture are OUT!

Phrew, what a day - let me tell you about my two new releases :-)

My 'A Passion for Fashion' series is all about women with some place in the fashion world who experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in the field they love. The first three tales have been brought together to form "Hot Couture" [available in both paperback and ebook].

Who are these women? Well, there's a muse who makes an unusual walk down the runway in "The Leather Bride" [New York], a graduate student hosts her dissertation project...a Haute Couture "Taming Marie Antoinette" [Paris] and a jeweler is offered a place in an world-renowned museum in "The Gilded Cage" [London].

Did I mention they're each located in a different fashion capital? They are and this takes the reader on a trip.

Now, the one thing I have mentioned as yet is the men in these women's lives. They are gorgeous, successful, and have a passion for their lovers that is unmatched. Oh, I almost forgot [not likely :-)]. These couples have a varied taste when it comes to sex...they play!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday 13 #33!

My trek over the past couple of weeks culminated in the 25th Annual Romantic Times BOOKlovers Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wow, was it a wild experience. So, let me share with you some of what I happened and a few people I met.

1. We arrived at the hotel on Wednesday around 12:30 and were told our room wasn't ready. Uh-oh, I was supposed to help stuff goodie bags for Ellora's Cave and now I was standing in the lobby with a couple of big boxes and luggage. No problem, the cutie saved the day and got us in only the group had already finished up and cleared out. No problem, it gave me a couple of hours to set up on promo alley for Stella and Audra Price and myself before heading in for the eBook Expo.

2. Ahhh, the eBook Expo was fabulous. The ballroom was filled with long rows of tables with authors ready to sign either books they wouldn't have on Saturday. Before it started I met up with Cat Johnson, a fellow East Coast Author and booksigning partner. She had her new book Model Soldier. Brenda Williamson and Rayne Forrest stopped by the say "hi" before the doors opened as well. They are both at a couple of my publishing houses so we cross emails often and it was lovely to put a face to the name.

3. I was sat between the lovely Bronwyn Green and Treva Harte [the latter went up to sit at another table to sign an anthology]. Bronwyn was such a sweetheart, a beautiful soul inside and out. We chatted in between people stopping by and had a blast.

4. Suzanne, Lisa, Susan [of West of Mars fame] and her friend Ann, all did the social thing. Susan was a crack up! First thing out of her mouth after a hug was "You look nothing like what I thought you'd look like." So yes, I had to ask what she thought I'd look like. This is fabulous, "Curly hair, like out to here." With her hands far from the side of her head, I laughed because that is not me at all. Of course I asked what it was about my emails and online chatter that said that...can't remember the answer because I'm still laughing over the image she had of me. I also had a chance to meet Joy of Joyfully Reviewed...this woman is gorgeous!

5. After the eBook Expo finished I went upstairs and stuffed bags with the Samhain gang. What a spectacular group of ladies and included Jennifer, one of the two Asheligh Raine authors, D. Renee Bagby, Beth Williamson, Bianca D'Arc, Cindy Szolyga and a couple others I'm drawing a blank on right now - forgive me]. Crissy, Amanda and Marty were the magic on the ground and all were there throughout the convention whenever a question arised. But more on that later. There were maybe seven or eight of us and no one brought the same promo item for the bag...what are the odds of that!

6. After this I went back to the ballroom for the Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party. All I remembered was I was in group 5...had no idea what it meant, but I was going with five. It was dark but I found a lovely group of authors and sat myself down to wait for the walk across the stage. There was Anny Cook and her husband, Kelly Kirch, JL Wilson, and Tiffany Bryan [I think :-)] along with her friend. I wasn't pleased in walking and hope the video of that never sees the light of day. All I can say is thank goodness I didn't trip.

7. By ten I was upstairs in the room watching hockey with the cutie. He was such a sweetie in coming with me. We'd been on the road for long enough that the lure of the same bed a few nights in a row was too good to pass up.

8. Thursday I was up and at Club RT for 9:00am. Along with other authors, I helped man the table to answer any and all questions about Samhain, what they had to offer readers and writers as well as encourage people to sign up for the scrumptious gift bags that would be drawn for at the final function on Sunday.

9. I made my way over to the Phaze table for the same thing and met up with Alessia Brio, Will Belegon, Sammie Jo Moresco, Brenna Lyons and Sapphire Phelan. Alessia had a giveaway that was the treasure of the convention...a small bottle of chocolate and cherry flavored lubricant.

10. After attending a session on Promoting through Emerging Technologies, it was back to the Samhain table in the afternoon where I had a chance to meet up with Amy T. and Laura K....both are great ladies. Laura is a reviewer who handed me the June RT BOOKreviews which had Zandia inside...she was thrilled to see her name in lights as well as I quoted one of her reviews for the print copy. The cutie and I went for a walk around the city [it was gorgeous] before heading back up for more ice hockey.

11. Friday started out at a breakfast hosted by Jacqueline Frank with Lisa and Suzanne having saved me a place. After this I spent a little time at both Samhain and Phaze tables in Club RT before heading over to listen and eventually pitch ideas to both St. Martin's Press and Kensington [thank you Susan :-)] I need to get those both pulled together and sent off [panic time]. See not all fun and games, there was some business going on as well. And, I went to the awards lunch. We had a great table. Susan, Lisa and Suzanne, a mother from Texas [she has a ms waiting for an acceptance from Dorchester] and her daughter who now lives in Wisconsin. Then there was an EC author from Wisconsin [who unfortunately I don't remember her name but she was so sweet] and a reader from upstate New York. See, what a mix. After this it was over to the Phaze table at Club RT and then to a course on Writing a Marketing Plan [fabulous ideas came from this one] and then back to close out the Samhain Club RT and then the cutie and I walked over to the Original Oyster House. No, I don't eat fish but the beer and fries were lovely.

12. Ahhh, Saturday, the Giant Book Fair. I was set up in the ballroom and sat down by 10:30. Before the doors opened I revisted with many authors I'd met up with throughout the week and then the nerves set in. Yup, I was nervous but also very excited. This was a fun event. It ended with the last five minutes or so in darkness. Interesting and disorienting. As I promised the cutie, little chatting as I made my way out the door with Selena Illyria...we gave her a ride back home. She is such a sweetheart...gave me chocolates :-)

13. It was the cuties birthday on Sunday and one of his pressies was to buy me a fabulous new laptop! Why me the laptop and not him? Apparently not having to listen to my old one's fan is pressie enough :-) Actually after we dropped off Selena I took him to a friends house where he indulged in beer and burgers. In case you're wondering, he survived the convention by spending very little time downstairs amongst the chaos. The next morning I dashed out and picked up a copy of Harlan Coben's latest and a new game for the Xbox...he's very happy :-)

I met with so many other people that I didn't mention and while I'm not a name dropper or anything like that, a couple that stuck out for being genuinely nice people were Jade Lee and Barry Eisler. In the end, all of them so nice and friendly. It was a great book event so if it ever comes to your neck of the woods - GO. Will I be attending next years in Orlando...most likely, if it fits in the calendar. Whenever I get a chance to talk books with readers, authors and everyone else, it's a great time.

And Sparky Duck, if you're reading this...I met up with your favorite author and had a picture of you and the Mrs in my mind :-)

Two things...or is it three?

First, I'm going to be on the Samhain Blog later today...I was feeling motivated to talk about women :-)

And secondly, with the Earth Day having come and gone without a word from me about eBooks, well, Fictionwise is carrying the torch and having a sale. That's right, a dicount on eBooks...tap your finger on over there and see what you can find to read - the sale ends April 28th.

Tomorrow's Thursday 13 I'm going to finally try and get my thoughts settled about the RT BOOKlovers Convention so see you then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

AHHH! Did you hear that scream?

It was me!

This past week at the RT BOOKlovers Convention the fabulous Laura found a June copy of the BOOKreviews and Zandia was in there! It received a **** [4 star] review from Keitha Hart! Woohoo! Here's a snippet:

"This wildly entertaining story incorporates romance, hot, talk-dirty-to-me love scenes and commentary on women's role in society. It's fascinating to watch the protagonists develop a lasting relationship."

When I get my head stops spinning I'll tell you why the event was such a blast, but for now, trust me when I say the eBook Expo and Giant Book Fair were both WILD!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where the heck am I!?!

I've been traveling...went to the cutie's convention in Lexington Kentucky and will eventually stop at the RT Booklovers convention in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania starting this Wednesday.

Today I'm peeking into the closet on The Romance Studio blog where I look into the question: Why Does it Matter What Dress We Wear?

Wednesday at 3:00pm I'll be on the Samhain Publishing blog talking about Conventions from the hotel in Pittsburgh!

Wednesday night from 5-7:00pm will be the eBook Expo and it is open to the public. So even if you don't fancy the convention, there'll be loads of authors and eBook chat to keep everyone pleased.

Saturday from 11-2:00pm is the Giant Book Fair and it's open to the public as well.

So, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, head over to the Hilton [600 Commonwealth Place] and seek out a favorite author or find a new one, there'll be many to tempt your reading tastebuds. And, if you're not nearby, there's other events going on this week to keep your book/ebook needs fulfilled or something coming to your neighborhood at a later date.

Monday, April 07, 2008

eBook Talk!

Over the weekend I started and finished my first trek back into the vampire world. It's been ages since I've dipped into this genre and let me tell you it was a wonderful journey and all because of Selena Illyria. The ebook that held my attention is the first epublished book by this great author although I've read a few things by her before. I read her "Green Beer" - why it hasn't been picked up I don't know, I really liked it.

Anyway, back to the ebook that I devoured. It's called A Fling in Vampiropolis, which is now available through Changeling Press. This is not your a-typical vampire novel, in fact, I found a completely different view of the genre. Everything about the story was refreshing and new. I think this was do to the imagination and writing skills of Illyria. She opened the door for me to enter. I sat back and enjoyed every bit.

The main characters are Luc who is gorgeous, serious and had me laughing. Nevada, a reporter who's fighting against the old boys network is a perfect match for him. I like it when it isn't obvious how things will work out for a couple and Illyria definitely leaves the reader turning pages to find out how this story ends. A third character in this ebook that I thoroughly enjoyed was the settings. Normalville and Vampiropolis - just thinking about them makes me smile.

A Fling in Vampiropolis shouldn't be missed and I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Selena Illyria's next offering. Can't wait to see where her imagination leads her next.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recently I wrote an article on...

research and it's up at the Coffee Time Romance Cafe Chronicles and it's UP!

Head over and check out some of what an author is doing when they tell you they're "researching" something for a plot.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mark your calendars...

the Romantic Day's Scavenger Hunt is coming soon and, amongst other prizes, there's an eBookwise full of eBooks up for grabs.

Participating authors are:

Alexis Fleming
Amanda Young
Ashlyn Chase
Brianna Martini
Dawn Halliday
Felicia Forella
Kally Jo Surbeck
Kit Heng
Lexxie Couper
Melissa Schroeder
Michelle Miles
Monica Burns
Mychael Black
Selena Illyria
Stephanie Vaughan
Tilly Greene

Mark your calendars everyone, this is go to be a quick fire hunt!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13 #32!

With it being women's history month and Zandia coming out in paperback I have women on my mind. Here are 13 that I think about in no particular order.

1. Athena. Zeus had a headache and took an ax to it to relieve the pain and out came his daughter [Metis - knowledge or wisdom - was her mother]. She's the Goddess of Warfare and Wisdom [amongst other things] and I think the mixture is intriguing.

2. Mae West. She was sassy and smart, sexy and sweet, strong and successful.

3. Amelia Earhart. She showed there was nothing wrong with being adventurous.

4. Judy Blume. She is an author who ignores the nay-sayers and writes what kids want and need to read.

5. Audrey Hepburn. She is a person who suffered much through life and yet thought how she could use her success to help others.

6. Edith Head. She inspired me to be a designer and while I didn't go on with this she still is in my mind showing me new ways to push boundaries.

7. Helen Keller. She excelled despite it all.

8. Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote a series of books that I loved and took away from it that everything was possible.

9. Rosa Parks. She showed such incredible strength in the face of adversity and kept her dignity in a world of hatred.

10. My Grammy. She was a writer and painter who taught me to never stop learning. I loved that she was started doing aquatic aerobics in her late eighties.

11. My Mom. She installed in us confidence in being ourselves and reaching out for our dreams.

12. My sister. She's a mother of four and each one of her kids, 3 girls and 1 boy, and they are all incredible, can't wait to see what happens for them.

13. Sui Erom from Zandia. When faced with a future that didn't suit her, she left but eventually returns to help makes changes for all women.

What woman influenced you or you think about that gives you a good vibe?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Zandia by Tilly Greene [paperback release]

With trepidation, Sui Erom left Zandia for Earth in search of better choices. One day Xer Rieh and the speedball team come to town, reminding her what she’s missing from home. Will love prevail, or will Sui settle for warm memories?

Only Sui can decide.

“Zandia is a superb story that explores the complex emotions between Sui and Xer. Once I started Zandia I became so engrossed in the story, I could not put it down. Bravo Ms. Greene. I can’t recommend this book enough. Zandia is the perfect blend of story, red hot sex, and sci-fi elements.” Reviewed by Claudia, 5 stars/O heat, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Zandia is released today in paperback! You can pick up your copy at Samhain, Amazon or your local bookstore.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today is the start of my week at...

the Samhain Spring Showers party on the Coffee Time Romance Board!

Head over and check out all the various bits of wonderfulness! There's some fabulous prizes on the table as well. All good fun.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Bunny is here!

Phaze has let the Bunny out of the basket early! There's a sale to chomp on throughout the bookshop by using BUNNY08 now through Monday for 20% off. Woohoo, happy spring reading.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Love is in the Air!

East Coast Authors Stella Price, Cat Johnson, Allie Boniface, CH Admirand and Tilly Greene are kicking off their Spring book tour at Borders [100 Viewmont Mall, Scranton, PA]. And, drumroll please, I'm bringing advanced copies of "Zandia"! You read that right, the book isn't actually released until March 25th so this is your chance to not only get your copy early but have it signed as well :-).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a hoot!

The cutie wasn't feeling well on Friday so we went to the video rental shop, picked a handful each and then let the other pick one they wanted to watch. Yeah, our taste in flicks can vary that much.

Anyway, last night we watched mine: Death at a Funeral. What a hoot! There's a great twists in this one and some good laughs as well. Even the opening credits were fun. Perfect :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A bit of random ridiculousness...

All is going well this month of pure writing and a booksigning [on the 21st] but there's been one hiccup - September. Why? Simple really, there's too much I want to do and they are all at roughly the same time!

1. the Moveable Book Society's conference is going to be held in Washington D.C. and will be full of unexpected treasures - since I missed both San Diego and Chicago, I promised myself I'd go to this one but something else came along that was both pleasure and work,

2. the West Hollywood Book Fair - I even said yes I'd go until I remembered,

3. a friend's wedding in Cork, Ireland.

Yup, going to the latter and it's on my birthday as well.

Thursday 13 #31!

On Tuesday's Book Talk! I mentioned being knee deep in my Russian books for the 'Come' series. Because I'm still there and might be for longer than I thought, here's 13 bits and pieces about the series.

1. 'Come' is an erotic romance shape-shifter trilogy about the three Ivanovich brothers.

2. They were all born in Russia and left after Gorbachev took office.

3. There are rumors flying around their homeland about them that they will never confirm or deny.

4. They moved to New York City and have an estate in the Adirondaks that's like one of the old camps with a house for each man.

5. They brought their tradtions with them including one that belongs only to their family.

6. The eldest son is Mikhail and his story is first - "Come, Now".

7. He's a well-respected businessman who runs Ivanovich Holdings.

8. He falls for Cassie, a nurse, who may be be small but she definitely keeps this big strong man on his toes.

9. A very small peek at one of my favorite interactions between Mikhail and Cassie in "Come, Now" is:

“Back hurts from the tree.”
She was stunned he didn’t jump up and at least look at it. She stared down at him waiting for him to apologize or something. When not another word was said gave him a poke in the side.
“Hello, wounded here big guy.”
“It’s the cost.”
“Cost? What cost?”
“Stripping in the woods.”

10. The middle son is Aleksandr and his story is second - "Come to Me".

11. He's a security consultant for the government on various high-profile events.

12. He falls for Alison, a paper engineer.

13. The youngest son is Stefan and his story will be last - "Come and Stay".

I'm heading back in to "Come to Me" to make some extensive changes before moving on to write the final book. The Ivanovich men are definitely inspiring me to delve ever deeper into their stories who knows what will happen along the way to their happy ever after.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Book Talk!

This month I'm knee deep in my 'Come' series and that means Russia! Where I'm double checking some of my information for the opening prologue [hmmm] just so happens to be from one of my text books and this led me to a Book Talk! on my Russian book shelves.

A History of Russia by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky is just one of the many books I kept from my time in the classroom that I enjoy rereading. Russia's history is anything but simple and boring. Through the rule of individual princes to the Tsar's and on to today where they have a prime minister/president system, there is much intrigue and behind the scene happenings that just might help you understand where this country is coming from.

One of the first books I ever read about this country and its history was Peter the Great by Robert Massie. A one of a kind man who had a vision for Russia and did it, without a care for the detractors around him and there were many. Nicholas and Alexandra also by Massie is another book that brings a great deal of insight into the man on the throne and in this case his wife who was strong enough to have some influence.

Because my studies stopped abruptly with the end of the Romanov reign I have only a dozen or so books beyond it but I did like Khrushchev by Roy A. Medvedev & Zhores A. Medvedev. He's a fascinating man in the Soviet period. Stalin is a man I'd make the time to read more about. I know he was Georgian and cruel, but really that's about it and I should know more because he was able to control this nation with an iron fist that is most likely still felt by some of the people today. One of these days I'll get to Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky which is sitting on my to be read stack.

If you're not a fan of non-fiction then I'd highly recommend these three books to give you a good taste of Russia through various stages. Eugene Onegin by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin , this is a tale before politics takes over all aspects of life. Petersburg by Andrei Biely, a story that takes place on the cusp of change. Finally, my favorite and the one that led me into the classroom for more, A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - short and packs a serious punch. There's many more fictional books on my shelves that I'd recommend and think I'll have to do another Book Talk! about them in specific.

As this is Women's History Month there's one more very interesting read is the Five Sisters by Barbara Engel. At a time when many people thought women were only for the home, here is the story of five women who took part in trying to overthrow a Tsar.

Happy Reading!

Friday, March 07, 2008

A bit of random ridiculousness...

No one will be surprised that the tears flowed freely watching Brett Farve announce his retirement...his class will be missed.

On a lighter note, I saw Vantage Point last weekend and it was good, very interesting way of looking at a single event. Love it when movies step out of the traditional box.

Speaking of, hope you have a chance to head over and listen to my interview from Thursday on Books Beyond Boundaries with Stella Price. Seriously, it was a BLAST!

Have a spectacular weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thursday 13 - #30!

Since it's Read an eBook Week I think I'll give you all 13 things in this business that keep me excited about being a part of it and hopefully encourage others to buy their first or next ebook.

1. With an ebook To Be Read [tbr] pile there's no guilt in not making progress, there's no dusting and there's no need to either buy my shelves to hold them all or donate them to keep your house free of toppling piles.

2. I'm never without copious amounts of reading material on a trip because I can carry thousands of ebooks on a little card. [In fact, I was getting my car inspected the other day and pulled out my pocket pc and started reading - 25 minutes spent exactly how I wanted.]

3. Just about every day of the week there's new ebooks being released at an epublishing house somewhere on the net. I don't have to worry about driving there and the store not having them on the shelves or waiting for the UPS man to arrive with a delivery from Amazon.

4. I've discovered some new authors that I look forward to their next ebook.

5. I've discovered some new genres that I never would have delved into before.

6. I've discovered I'm a bit of a techno junkie and now ask if I can read an ebook on a gadget before I go beyond the looks stage.

7. I like the price! They can be offered anywhere from free to $24.95 [the high price would be from traditional publishers who haven't figured out that there's no printing or storage costs involved with an ebook! [In my eyes they shame the market with this but it's early days for them coming into the emarket.]

8. My favorite epublishers are of Ellora's Cave, loveyoudivine, Phaze, Samhain Publishing and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid because I've chosen to write for them, but I also shop at Loose Id and Changeling Press.

9. My favorite ebookstores are All Romance eBooks and Fictionwise. The latter has been around for ages but if I'm buying romance, which is the bulk of my ebooks, I head over to the former. I don't have a Kindle but since Amazon is such a large eretailer, this reading device is definitely one to check out - along with the WhisperNet that allows a person to purchase an ebook and start reading it within a matter of minutes - NICE!

Here are a few authors and their series that I found not through any recommendations or word of mouth but I bought them because I was intrigued by the first ebook in the series being offered.

10. Jet Mykles's Dark Elves series at Loose Id.

11. Ruth D. Kerce's Undercover series at Changeling Press

12. Morgan Hawke Interstellar Service & Discipline series at Loose Id.

Who is on my 'To Be Bought' [tbb] list for my next trip that I've never read before?

13. Red Garnier at Ellora's Cave.

I'm off to get ready for an interview over on Books Beyond Boundaries in a couple of hours - come over if you get a chance. I'll be talking ebooks, travel, booksignings and more :-)

Monday, March 03, 2008

eBook Talk!

Since this is Read an eBook Week I might as well delve in to my ebook library.

That's right, I have an extensive one of those as well as a traditional set of shelves in just about every room. Admittedly the ebook shelves grows in leaps and bounds while the other stays pretty much the same. Like I recently told Nicholas of A Gentleman's Domain - a traditional book is only bought if I have a place for it on my existing shelves or something has to go. It's brutal but I've been in the shameful abundance spot already and don't want to go back.

Last Tuesday I talked about the last ebook I bought, Emma Keatley's A Lover’s Cocktail, so this week I thought I'd tell you how I found my way to ebooks and how they've expanded my reading choices by telling you about the first one, actually three ebooks, I bought. They are all still available, with new covers for some and all three are also available in paperback. They are Saurellian Federation - Price of Pleasure by Joanna Wylde, Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon by Marly Chance and Trek Mi Q'an - The Empress' New Clothes by Jaid Black.

Back in the day I actually found these ebooks through a Listmania on Amazon. I'm not sture if the cyber store were selling the ebooks them or not, but they are now with their Kindle. The cutie and I were traveling every other week and I was online searching for books to look for at the local bookstore when I stumbled upon a list that noted a few of my favorite authors. I clicked to read their recommendations and the details told me they were the "owner" of Ellora's Cave, an online bookshop that sold a variety of steamy romance ebooks.

Up to this point futuristics weren't my usual taste when it came to romances and yet oddly all the ebooks I chose on that first shopping trip were just that. This platform seemed to give me permission to experiment and try new genres. Sitting in a local diner reading from my laptop I discovered I also liked how these romances didn't close the door of the bedroom as if ashamed of what happens between people who love each other. I liked the fresh voices and how these authors stepped away from the usual formula. In the end they opened a door to more choices for my love of reading.

Then and now ebooks offer me all sorts of surprises and I love how they push the boundaries traditional publishing houses are slow to accept, if they ever do. While erotic romances can now be found on the shelves of a brick and mortar shop, it's been hard work by many people to get them there.

In the end, why not celebrate this week's festivities by jumping over to one of my epublishing houses listed on the right or go to Fictionwise. Take this opportunity to step away from your usual choices and pick something new and different to read off the cyber shelves. Or rediscover an old favorite, this ebookstore has it all. They have a huge selection of ebooks, including traditional books in the ebook format, new releases, free ebooks and a some that are under a dollar!

This week presents a great excuse to find the adventure in trying something different and introduce yourself to this way of reading.

It's Read an eBook Week!

There's all sorts of good intentions involved in this week and you can find out more about how to celebrate this week here - but I think if you go out, buy an ebook and read it sounds like a great place to start!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I was recently honored to be interviewed by the fabulous William S. Dean for Erotica Writers & Readers Association Erotic Hot Spots column. It's up on the EWRA website and can be found in the Smutters Lounge.

If you've never been to EWRA then take this opportunity to look around, sign up for the monthly newsletter, there are some fabulous things to be found here.

Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Party Time!

Whiskey Creek Press is celebrating their 5 year anniversary!

There's plenty of events going on, like a Scavenger Hunt, and I'm here to tell you all about one of the parties.

On Monday WCP and Torrid authors like Kristina Diesen, Linda Mooney, Michelle O'Neill, RaeLynn Blue, Margaret Blake, Mary Jean Kelso, Annette Snyder, Rayne Forrest, Paige Tyler, myself and others will get together and bring Whiskey Creek Presses 5 year celebration to you!

We'll be talking about some fabulous reading material available from both lines, hosting contests and plenty more fun for all - so consider this your invite and come enjoy yourself.

By the way, did you know March 2-8 is Read an eBook week? Well it is so let's see if we can't help you find a new treasure to kick the week off.

So the details are:

Date: Monday March 3rd
Time: 9:00am est

Have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Day Surprise!

Leap Day only comes around once every four years, and Phaze is celebrating with a special sale and Take a Leap Giveaway, with two ways to win!

All through Leap Day, 2.29.08, you can get 29% off all eBooks in our store using the checkout code LEAP2008. When you purchase a title from the catalog on Leap Day you will be eligible to win one of TWO gift certificates valued at $29 each.

You can also enter the drawing by sending an e-mail to with your Name, E-Mail Address, and one sentence describing the best way to "take a leap" on this extra day.

How would spend your Leap Day: an actual "leap" with a bungee cord attached your ankles, or a metaphorical "leap" toward an exciting new job or romance? Let us know; we'll post the answers we like best on our blog.

All entries for the giveaway must be in by midnight, 2.29.08 to be eligible. No purchase necessary to win!

Until then, stay Phazed and Enthused!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday 13 #29!

I'm a big movie buff and I love the award season not for the awards or kudos but the fashion, now that interests me. Normally I'm not bothered by the comments made about why something had low viewership. Who cares, right? Well, I care when the excuses being given are because only foreigners won, the movies were too dark or were small budget flicks so movie goers didn't care about them.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm not a movie snob who only watches foreign or art house flicks, like I said earlier, I love going to the movies. If the cutie has anything to say about it, we'll be in line for the next Batman when it opens. Anyway, because my blood is boiling over with this subject I thought I'd help myself to get over it by using this weeks 13 to offer up flicks I love. You may not have heard of them because they weren't blockbusters or maybe you've forgotten about them, either way, they're worth watching.

In no particular order, here are a few movies I saw last year and a few from this year that have stuck in my mind as being entertaining.

1. Letters From Iwo Jima
A neighbor lent me this one. It was a tear jerker that gives an interesting view of WWII. There's an accompany movie from the US point of view [I think it's called Flags of Our Father] but I haven't seen it - need to prepare for the floodgates to open again.

2. Pirates of the Carribean - At The World's End
Oh yes, loved me some good pirates - although I think the first one was best.

3. Surf's Up, The Game Plan, Transformers and Santa Clause 3
A few of the movies I remember seeing on various flights - entertaining.

4. Pan's Labyrinth
Rented this one and it wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be - it was much better.

5. Elizabeth and Elizabeth - The Golden Age
On the last flight home I caught The Golden Age and rented the first one because it was so interesting.

6. American Gangster
Fantastic! This was deep and thought provoking movie - especially once you find out it's real.

7. Syriana
I watched this one when it came out but wanted to catch it again...I love it when something makes you go hmmm.

8. Eastern Promises
Oh man, dark and great! Viggo in the spa...HOT and scary!

9. Stardust and Becoming Jane.
Caught both of these on a flight and was surprised by how entertaining they were, the latter I had issues with but when I ignored them it was okay.

10. The Last King of Scotland
This is one of those I missed when it first came out and finally remembered to check it out when I was at the video shop. Wow!

11. The Simpsons Movie and Ratatouille
Love me some fun animation :-).

12. Shrek the Third
Yup, I'm easy for Shrek - did you catch this past holiday's Shrek the Halls? Hilarious!

13. Goya's Ghost
Okay, this is a bit of a cheat because technically I haven't seen all of it. Caught this one on a flight and the last 10 or so minutes were cut off by the arrivals in a foreign country speel. Dang! It's driving me nuts to have missed it so I'm putting it on here. I have seen another flick with Bardem in it called No Country for Old Men, oh yes, it was definitely good.

What about you? Have you seen any flicks you think were good, entertaining, made you think twice about them?