Friday, August 31, 2012

Registration for the Authors After Dark readers con known as #AADSAV is OPEN!

As a writer my job keeps me in a fairly solitary place and conferences get me out, and the ones where READERS are the focus are really exciting.


Because everyone who attends - whether they write, want to write or not - they're all readers and love to talk books!  And when I say talking, I mean exactly that ... I usually come home from the Authors After Dark Readers Conference without a voice.

So, if you've been to AAD before or not, here's your chance to take a few days and surround yourself with all things books.  This year there's a new track on/for Young Adult books.

The Authors After Dark 2013 con will be held in Savannah, GA and registration is now open.

Looking forward to seeing you there and talking BOOKS!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A petition for RWA to create an Erotic Romance category

As a member of RWA I sit down every year to judge RITA entries, but as someone who writes erotic romances, I could never enter one of my books.  So, yes, I signed this petition to get a category that's for the erotic romances.

Sign if you'd like or not, your choice :-)|Online Petition Template

Monday, August 20, 2012

The LASR Scavenger Hunt starts TODAY and an icon is on my website!

A hint of where you can find the LASR icon for their 5th anniversary celebratory scavenger hunt is:

think NEW!

Best to start here ... now get hunting and good luck!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm taking over the Coffee Time Romance and More Erotic Loop for the day!

Today, from 10-4:00pm est, Coffee Time Romance and More Erotic loop have opened their doors to let me play!

I have sweet to scorching excerpts, hints of where stories were started, sneak peeks behind the writers desk, and contests!  Keep your eyes peeled for the REALLY BIG CONTEST subject line ... that one has for a prize of all the loot I can fit in a USPS large box that came from the recent Authors After Dark Readers Convention in New Orleans, yup, lots of books and more!

So get ready and chime in at any time with questions or comments - I'm here, or I will be in about 1 1/2 hours!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Scorching Book Reviews BDSM Blog Hop Post

HIGHLAND HEAT by Tilly Greene
Shape Shifter Erotic Romance + Bondage

How do you know when to trust someone with a secret held for a lifetime?

On the surface, Hamish Buchanan has it all and because of the horror surrounding his birth, he possesses the love and respect of the entire Scottish nation. But underneath, where few are allowed, lurks a secret. Although well hidden, the furtiveness needed to keep others from discovering it, also keeps him from committing fully to another.

One night, he discovers there's a part of him that thinks he's hunting something, or someone. Unable to shake the odd feeling, Hamish doesn't put it all together until he sees Grace Strachan, only then does he begin to understand what’s going on. He's in season and she is his mate.

Establishing trust with another has never been easy, but Hamish must find a way with Grace or risk losing her forever, and that simply isn’t an option.

Shall be giving Highland Heat in eBook so this offering is open to everyone, but more on that at the end of this post!

Now, there are many reason I picked Highland Heat, but foremost is that I absolutely adore Hamish Buchanan.  When asked who a favorite hero of mine might be, he is up there, and I think its because of how he handled the horrible start he had in life.  He's a strong guy who accepts he's different and yet doesn't deny himself anything.  Hamish is a Scotsman who enjoys a healthy sex life, but because of what makes him unique, he uses bondage to keep his secret safe.

The funny thing is, he's a smart man, but not so much when it comes to settling down with one woman.  Hamish makes a big mistage and it was a joy to write him scrambling around to things right with Grace.

I found Highland Heat a joy to write and hope you enjoy reading about Hamish and Grace, they are quite a couple.

On the 21st I will draw the name of one commenter here and gift them with a Highland Heat ebook from All Romance [ARe] and that makes it open to all international readers.  So, enter below for the big blog hop Scorching Book Reviews prizes below, comment here to enter my giveaway, and then get hopping, there are so many great authors to discover and prizes to potentially win!

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