Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thursday 13 - #4!

Here are 13 things I've never done before that I did in the past 3 months.

1. Bought a painting through eBay - I love it.

2. Made corn chowder and it was good [gasp!].

3. Spent the better part of a two weeks on a hunt for the best hot chocolate I could find.

4. Had blini's [including salmon and cavier - I never eat anything from the sea, but it would have been rude to decline - blech!] and Kir Royal [nice :-)].

5. Started to learn German.

6. Bought boy's socks because they were nicer than the women's.

7. Drove 80mph past a police car [with police in it] and didn't get a ticket!

8. Subscribed to a serial graphic novel.

9. Figured out RSS and am now addicted to Bloglines.

10. Organized a surprise party and it stayed a surprise - it's this Friday so while this is still true now, it may not be then.

11. Gave an older man I didn't know a hug. He was working so hard and everyone around him was complaining loudly how he wasn't fast enough.

12. Started to watch the Soprano's and love it...only thing is, this is the last season. Thank goodness for DVD's.

13. Ate a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints...oops, I'm sure I've done that before, but since I can't remember I'm counting it!

Hump Day Reflections!

It's that time of year, Spring, when people's minds turn to chocolate and bunnies. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, gets the lust machine revving and then, it can't be helped, our bunny-like instincts kick in to high gear.

Having finished showering, she put on her robe and made her way to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. And there she found him.

Head in the opened fridge, no shirt, old jeans on and bare feet spread out while he searched the for something to eat. They'd just spent the morning indulging their passion for each other, and now she felt like she hadn't touched him, held him, loved him, in a thousand years. She was always tempted by him but the way her heart raced, she knew in an instant that she'd have him...right there.

Walking up to him on silent feet, she laid a hand on his ass. Immediately he looked over his shoulder and saw who it was. Before he could say anything she slid her hand between his legs, dragging the heel of it along the seam as the fingers smoothed up to cup his dick. Once she'd coverd the fierce tool, she felt it jump and smiled. He'd be her's in a minute.

Stepping closer so she could lay her body over his and lay teasing moist kisses down his spine while she used her thumb and first finger to slowly, carefully trace his hardening cock. She wanted to feel every inch of the powerful piece of flesh.

"Harder baby, squeeze me hard." His voice was gruff and full of need, she liked that.

"Like this?" She pressed his rod a little harder but knew it wasn't as much as he wanted.

He lasted less than a minute before turning around and taking control. Not bothering to shut the refrigerator door, he merely unbuttoned his jeans, shifted them down enough to release his cock and pressed her up against the counter. Using needy hands he moved enough of her robe. With her help he lifted her up so he could get inside her.

Ready and eager, in one smooth move he easily moved into the furthest reaches of her pussy. He knocked against her cervix and scraped along the walls on his way back out. Again and again, he thrust in and out of her, driving moans of pleasure and lust from her belly.

"Oh yes! Faster, faster." Holding her legs up around his hips, she was complete as he jackhammered in and out of her until she screamed and her climax burst around his plunging cock. He wasn't far behind her and she felt glory in feeling him swell and shoot his seed inside her welcoming warmth.

Unimagined passion controlled them both as they fucked wildly around the kitchen, the stairs, back to the bed, the bathroom. Their morning, afternoon and late into the night, they indulged themselves. When they weren't fucking, they curled around each other and rested for the next round.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The April Scorcher is OUT!

Check out Tilly Greene's Monthly Scorcher for all the latest news, interesting tidbits, parties to attend and much more, including where you can win a Tilly Greene tote bag this month.

Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!

Tilly Greene Monthly Scorcher yahoo or google

Where will I go this month?

Last month my work calendar flew me to the unique and stunning Rock Island, Palau, Micronesia, in the South Pacific.

And this month, besides the very real trips taking me from here to there and then even further in the opposite diection, this month is a real treat, privacy is guaranteed. In a comfortable seat the calenar will take me to a peaceful, soothing, dream inspiring uninhabited island, Ari Atoll, Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

As always, I'm not let down...wherever I am is total inspiration! I can see myself sitting there in the shade, right there beneath a palm tree with my tootsies waving in the breeze. Occassionally I'll get up and go for a swim, cool off a bit, then come back and just be. Nice.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cover Model search!

Samhain Publishing in conjunction
with Earl Carter Studios and
The Write-On Gang presents the
“Cover Me In Romance” Male Cover Model Contest.

Join romance cover model veteran CJ Hollenbach, Samhain Publishing, Earl Carter and The Write-On Gang as we search for the next ‘Fabio’ and raise money for the Kingsport Literacy Council.

Open to men 21 years or older who think they have what it takes to be a romance cover model.

First prize: Winner to be featured on the cover of a Samhain February release, as well as a professional portfolio provided by Earl Carter Studios,

Postmark deadline for receipt of materials requested and entry fee is September 10th, 2007. So open up that portfolio or get a friend to snap some photos, because it’s time to be a “Cover Me In Romance” Model!

For more information on the “Cover Me In Romance” Male Cover Model Contest, please go to and click on “Cover Me”.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Thursday 13 - #3!

A Passion for Fashion and Bondage is the name of a series I've been writing lately. The first is "The Leather Bride", due out in May from Phaze, the second is "Taming Marie Antoinette", where I delve further into the world of fashion.

Oh, yes, I love fashion in all its manifestations, even though I'm usually found in shorts, t-shirt and thongs [and never wear heels]. A little secret between you and me...I was in school to be a designer until I was found out to be a fraud. No problem doing everything except sewing...apparently I suck at it big time. Nevermind, I found another calling but am still addicted to fashion.

Haute couture, high fashion, is a select club opened to extremely talented and creative French designers [although the who started this movement was an Englishman, Charles Worth with the House of Worth, in the 1850's] and a few honorary members. For me, the pieces they produce are art...designed and constructed by artisians who will sometimes spend hundreds of hours on a single garment. And, most notable of all, most of the workmanship is done by hand! Here are my favorite 13 haute couture pieces from the Spring 2007 collection of John Galiano for Christian Dior. These are pieces of art.

Wow, did I not say they were incredible?!?

Hump Day Reflections!

Is a tattoo art or a sign someone is "bad"?

There is a long history for tattoos, going back more than 5000 years. They were marks that defined a person: religion, tribe, status, and much more was reflected in the tattoo. With Christianity came the decline of tribal tattoos. There were other markers in history, but in modern time, a decline started with the depression. One of the final straws to break in the acceptance of tattoos was with the rise of juvenile deliquint and biker gang violence. It was taboo to have a tattoo, only criminals had them.

Today the tide has turned again in the art forms favor. There are even popular shows on television based around tattoo shops. Now, many people have them, from housewives to grandparents. One that has always held my attention is the mascectomy patients who choose to get a tattoo where their breast used to be. Some tats mark a specific point in the persons life, others a statement, either way, they have become more mainstream and acceptable.

But are they beautiful? Erotic?

I think it's all in the eyes of the beholder.

They were finally moving quickly along the path he'd wanted all along. She was almost naked, in his arms and beneath his mouth. One last item of clothing separated from what he wanted to possess. For months she's been teasing him, tempting him to pull on the leash he'd unwillingly doned because he wanted so badly.

Slowly, confidently, he worked on releasing the small buttons, laying kisses over the exposed flesh as it appeared. From between her legs, he felt he'd finally had control of the situation, then, with three buttons to go, she called a halt. Sitting up she moved away from, seemed to curl into herself and away from him.

"What? Why pull away."

"I need to..."

"What, what do you need and I'll give it to you. Anything!"

She looked at him with guarded eyes. Was she still not sure of him? When she stood up and walked away, he was ready to put his clothes back on and leave, give them both space before he did or said something wrong. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement of white. Looking over he saw her working on the shirt buttons herself and, after a quick glance over her shoulder, let the top drop to the floor.

Upon seeing her bare back, he stood up and walked over for a closer look. A tattooed vine delicately traced and swirled around her spine. There were flowers dangling from a random branches. It was a thing of beauty, and yet this must be why she was hesitant to take the next step in their relationship.

"Are you ashamed of your tattoo?"

"No, I chose and love it. When I was younger I had a curvature of the spine and went through a great deal of pain and hard work to straighten it out. When the braces were finally relegated to the trash, I went out and got this vine. It was my way of reclaiming control of my body, my back."

The power radiating off her was an intense emotion that raced through him and firmed up the hold she had on his heart. He moved closer and pressed his lips to the first rose, then another and another. When he came upon a dangling heart, with his initials noted inside, he lost control of the situation. There was no waiting a moment longer, he needed to be in her, a part of her power so clearly painted along her back. Rushing her to the floor, on her hands and knees, he gave her the words clouding his mind.

"Sorry, must have you, fuck you." He grunted and pressed for pleasure while never taking his eyes from her decoated spine.

"Take me!" She called as he thrust inside her welcoming embrace. "Love me!" She screamed as he possessed her body, heart and soul.

If you're curious for more about body art, I've written two books with two different approaches to body art. One permanent, the other not, but they are both have the same focus for the reader: arouse, tilliate, bring the lust forward on route to a happy-ever-after.

'The Painted Lady' and 'Dragon Lust'

Sniff, look so young!

That's right, studies have shown that wearing pink grapefruit scent makes others believe you're younger than you are :-)

Personally, my upbringing has instilled in me a belief that I am as old as I feel, not what a number says. In the end, none of it matters. That being said, I love the smell of pink grapefruit...especially in spring and summer. Already I have a few candles to light and body wash to lather myself...lovely!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Publisher wants real men...

on their covers!

Harlequin held a casting call in Toronto for real men to come in and try out to pose for their covers.

"We're looking for some guys that are not your usual models, but have that iconic look that women go for -- sexy, sensitive, beautiful and fit," said Harlequin spokeswoman Marleah Stout, who attended the open casting.

Readers complained about how the cover models didn't represent the characters inside the books. The professional models were seen as too young and "slight", readers want their "men a little bit older, a bit bigger, than the runway models."

Hmmm, I'm not so sure I agree with this, but maybe their thinking of going over to the dark side and offering a more sensual cover. As for me, I wonder if readers will notice a difference between the previously used models and the "real men".

Either way, its good to see a big wheel making changes, trying something new. Sometimes the large houses get so stuck in a rut its impossible to shake things up and try something new.

If you want to read the entire article, go here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thursday 13 - #2!

I'm a bookie, have been for years and figure I always will be. As such, there are piles of books waiting for me to read, to add into my database [I have a bad repuation for buying the same book over and over again, and always hope this will help - unfortunately it also allows the cutie to see a total number of books stashed throughout the house], to be stacked in the appropriate cases up in the attic for keeping or donating. Over the holidays and through the new year I judged two different contests [romance and young adult books] so haven't read much for myself. Now it's me time and I've started reading the ebook "Mi Lady's School for Girls" by Lady Midnight, but my TBR pile is still stacked high. Here are thirteen of the traditional books in my TBR pile...the ebook pile doesn't haunt me as much because I don't have to dust it.

1. Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke - read them each separately as ebooks and loved the series, but now want to read them together, straight through. If I remember correctly, they were intense.

2. Something Sinful by Suzanne Enoch - enjoy her historicals, a good fix.

3. Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren - her ebook series "Fixed" were fantastic, hope these have the same edge.

4. Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey - the first Kushiel trilogy was so fresh and full of lush details, I was compelled to step back into this world again.

5. Dark Celebrations by Christine Feehan - love the Carpathians.

6. Ricochet by Sandra Brown

7. Innocent in Death by JD Robb - Roarke and Eve are a favorite couple of mine. I usually devour these two when I first get them so it's odd to see this one waiting to be picked up...must be the mental place I'm in right now.

8. Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood

9. Taste of Innocence by Stephanie Laurens

10. For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison - I'm always laughing during these books.

11. Chosen Prey by Cheyenne McCray

12. Just for Kicks by Susan Andersen

13. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling - if you tell me there is going to be a finite number of books in a series, I'll wait until the last one has been officially submitted to an editor before starting with book 1.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Today is the first day of spring and, naturally, my mind turns to matters of the blooms, flourishes, fresh, sure and strong.

A soft pink delicately paints the many petals of the gerber daisy, growing darker and more pure as the color moves to the center...the heart. I see this flower, rising up much as the blush of love, lust, and romance tinges our bodies when were with the one who holds our heart so closet.

There was a refreshing chill to the air, but the sun was out and the sky was blue. She stripped off the sweater, jeans, thick socks and boots, everything until all she saw was bare flesh. Had she gained weight? Was that a bruise from walking into the table? Did she shave her legs this week? She turned to the side, oh man, did my butt grow bigger? Do I have a tummy? Then she stood up straight, pulled her shoulders back, sucked in her stomach and laid a hand over the slight curve and smiled at herself. She tossed her hair, put her hands on her hips and looked at herself straight on. Turning around she looked at herself from over her shoulder and laughed.

This is me and I look fabulous. Looking at her breasts, she thought of the recent mamogram, the harsh pinch they suffer and lifted the weight of one, gently held it in the palm of her hand. She stroked a thumb over the hardened tip. Hmmm, okay, she was frisky, no, be honest, horny, and felt desireable.

"Honey! Come up here...quick..."

Rise up, strip off and love yourself, enjoy yourself.

What a Monday...

The cutie is here for the week, yeah! He came home early from the office to watch the Man U v Boro FA cup replay and handled the loss very well. Ronaldo cheated again [cutie found a quote saying "...he touched me and so I fell..."], does this mean every time to guy is touched he's going to fall over and claim foul? I may be a Man U supported, but not of this type of play.

Unfortunately it was all too much for the lad and he was snoring within 10 minutes of '24' starting.

On the writing front, I've put "My Angel" to the side and am working on "Come Now". For some reason, despite everything going on, I can focus on this one so I'll stay with it until I finish it...should be next week sometime.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

That'll teach me...

to come in to a movie late. I was flicking around, looking for something to watch to close my eyes to - catch a bit of nap time if I was lucky - but instead I landed on a flick I'd never seen before. "The Perfect Storm" was in it's last half hour and I stopped, long enough to ball my head off...what a tear jerker.

Will I go back and watch it from start to finish? Doubtful, because even though I know how it ends, I'll still be crying at the end.

What to do today...

besides shoveling the snow?

Me, I'm going to watch the irreverant Father Ted ["ya will, ya will, ya will, ya will!"] and The Quiet Man :-)

Enjoy the green!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Go Disney!

Disney has announced the first black princess will star in "The Frog Princess", to be released in 2009. The setting, New Orleans :-)

And, to top it all off, Maddy will also be a part of the animated princess collection at the various theme parks and retail products.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday 13 - the first!

The other day I saw a snip promoting the dvd release for the new Casino Royale and it had me thinking about all those leading men who, at some point in my lifetime, made my heart skip a beat, my breath catch in the back of my throat with an "oh my" hovering on my lips, or made me cry - the out loud, can't hold back the flood, kind. They are:

1. Cary Grant - To Catch a Thief - sigh, this man is the epitomee of a debonair gentleman, full of class, and even at a young age he made my heart beat faster.

2. David Craig - Casino Royale - I don't care that he's blond, he's rough around the edges, tough and sexy as heck.

3. Pierce Brosnan - Thomas Crown Affair - he was a good Bond, but I preferred him with a wicked side.

4. Colin Firth - Pride and Prejudice - oh man, the wet shirt scene says it all!

5. Denzel Washington - Glory - cried so hard when he is being whipped, the dignity and strength was right there, so was the determination to not be ground down.

6. Robert Redford - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - it was a tie between this one and the Rhinestone Cowboy, this one won out because he was bad without being evil :-)

7. Kevin Costner - Bull Durham - "I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Need I say more?

8. Harrison Ford - Star Wars - Hans Solo was sexy and wild, a rascal really and he made my young heart go pitter-pat.

9. Doug McClure - Gidget [he was Waikiki] - HA, Moondoggie was cute but when Waikiki shared her blanket at the beach party, well, enough said. On a side note, there was only one Gidget and that was Sandra Dee!

10. Clark Gable - Gone with the Wind - its that good bad thing again, gets me every time, but he get's me every time his daughter dies. Oh, and this is the first flick I found myself entranced by the clothes.

11. Oded Fehr - The Mummy - wasn't sure whether to trust him and that kept my eyes focused on him, lovely way to spend some time.

12. Timothy Hutton - Ordinary People - he played the surviving son so perfectly, you want to stand up and shake the mom and tell her to wake up, her son needs her.

13. George Clooney [just because I think the older he gets the better looking he becomes and I love the recent Oceans 11 and 12, as well as Syriana]

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

A lovers kiss is one of the most intimate moment they will experience, allowing the participants to feel both full of power and extremely vulnerable.

Moist lips barely touch, rub, press against each other, testing the resiliency of the full, silken folds. After the first tentative forays against the other, the lovers quickly become eager, anxious, pushing to be even closer, to be one. Heated breath escapes on a gasp, a moan, a pant, only to be caught, in the back of the throat, on a hitch of rapidly growing need. The taste of the other is there on the supple folds, teasing the tongue to stretch out for a sample from the fount.

Love, passion, desire, need, lust, your heart and soul, all and more are shared with a single kiss. Temptation to achieve even greater heights than ever before linger, all while ensuring the lovers are blind to everything but each other.

Hmmm, the kiss, delicious, usually starts and ends it all.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a week!

Unfortunately life has thrown the cutie and I not one but two serious curve balls at the same time, and we're trying to work with them both at once. What this meant for me was not one word was written last week. Nothing.

This was a first because, no matter what is happening around me, I'm usually able to carve out some time to spend on the current WIP, but not one word was typed. This week I'll figure out how to work around the two large lumps of disarray that has settled around us and make some progress on "My Angel".

Our household remains at peace...

At least for the moment because Man U and Boro tied on Saturday. Okay, they'll have to play again to settle it out for a place in the FA cup semi-finals, but for now the cutie is pleased, relatively speaking. If asked he will vociferously disagree with the need for the hand ball penalty, for Ronaldo [of all players] to take and make the goal, if none of this had happened, then Boro would have won!

Meanwhile my Man U heart silently says: Get over it...we're going all the way!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let's Celebrate!

It's International Women's Day!

First Female as Acting Head of State: from December 1917 through March 1918, Yevheniya Bohdanivna Bosh, was Acting Head of Executive Power, Ukraine

First Female President: 1940-44, Khertek Amyrbitovna, was Head of State Khertek Anchimaa-Toka, People's Republic of Tannu Tuva

As of today, there are four reigning Queens/Empresses, six Governor Generals, five Chiefs of Governments of External Territories, and Moçambique, Germany, Jamaica, Latvia, Finland, The Philippines, Liberia, Chile, Switzerland, Israel, and up to yesterday, South Korea, all have a female President or Prime Minister!

Is the US ready for a female president?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Where, oh where, have my imaginings gone? It's Wednesday, hump day, so let's talk about this!

An image speaks volumes and this one show one of man's most erotic places - leading right to his groin. This woman doesn't need to see everything, just a hint, and the muscle pointing down on either side is a natural path for a single finger to follow down...

Hmmm, I look a this picture and see a seduction scene...oh yes...I see it now. After having worked out, he's stripped and ready to shower. She comes in and doesn't stop moving forward until he's pressed up against a the tiled wall. Taking her fingers, she traces his collar bone, down over his pecs, circling, teasing, the nipples, before finally tracing the center line to his belly button. His breath catches in the back of his throat, he wants to close his eyes and just feel her silken softness float over his hard body, but he can't help it, he has to look down and watch her first fingers slide through his sweat into the muscle trail leading down...

Oh, yes, definitely a yummy pic.


Ahhh, I think I have frostbite!

Stupid me, went out to grab some sodas, hot chocolate and a few other provisions so I can enjoy my chat over on Love Romances and More cafe today and forgot to take my gloves. Why does it matter, its 12/F degrees out there!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Life has not been so kind the past couple of days so I'm hoping this cold blast will take all the bad karma away and leave us with some good.

Monday, March 05, 2007

2008 - Year of the Big O!

What? The Big O?

Yes, I'm definitely talking about that O!

So, what am I talking about? How would you answer these two questions:

Know what you love to read, but don't see enough of it?
Have O-themes and words dancing in your head?

Well, here's your chance to give Phaze your O-name, what theme the stories should represent, and get exactly what you think readers, including yourself, are looking for.

Check out the details here and get have until April 15th to enter!

Friday, March 02, 2007

The March Scorcher is OUT!

Dragon Lust is released, trapped in an ice storm, lots of chatting around the web, writing, a few updates to the website and bang - it's March!

Check out the monthly scorcher for all the latest and a chance to win a Tilly Greene tote bag.

Tilly Greene

Tilly Greene Monthly Scorcher - Yahoo

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