Monday, March 12, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

A lovers kiss is one of the most intimate moment they will experience, allowing the participants to feel both full of power and extremely vulnerable.

Moist lips barely touch, rub, press against each other, testing the resiliency of the full, silken folds. After the first tentative forays against the other, the lovers quickly become eager, anxious, pushing to be even closer, to be one. Heated breath escapes on a gasp, a moan, a pant, only to be caught, in the back of the throat, on a hitch of rapidly growing need. The taste of the other is there on the supple folds, teasing the tongue to stretch out for a sample from the fount.

Love, passion, desire, need, lust, your heart and soul, all and more are shared with a single kiss. Temptation to achieve even greater heights than ever before linger, all while ensuring the lovers are blind to everything but each other.

Hmmm, the kiss, delicious, usually starts and ends it all.

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