Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Today is the first day of spring and, naturally, my mind turns to matters of the heart...love blooms, flourishes, fresh, sure and strong.

A soft pink delicately paints the many petals of the gerber daisy, growing darker and more pure as the color moves to the center...the heart. I see this flower, rising up much as the blush of love, lust, and romance tinges our bodies when were with the one who holds our heart so closet.

There was a refreshing chill to the air, but the sun was out and the sky was blue. She stripped off the sweater, jeans, thick socks and boots, everything until all she saw was bare flesh. Had she gained weight? Was that a bruise from walking into the table? Did she shave her legs this week? She turned to the side, oh man, did my butt grow bigger? Do I have a tummy? Then she stood up straight, pulled her shoulders back, sucked in her stomach and laid a hand over the slight curve and smiled at herself. She tossed her hair, put her hands on her hips and looked at herself straight on. Turning around she looked at herself from over her shoulder and laughed.

This is me and I look fabulous. Looking at her breasts, she thought of the recent mamogram, the harsh pinch they suffer and lifted the weight of one, gently held it in the palm of her hand. She stroked a thumb over the hardened tip. Hmmm, okay, she was frisky, no, be honest, horny, and felt desireable.

"Honey! Come up here...quick..."

Rise up, strip off and love yourself, enjoy yourself.

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