Monday, March 26, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Is a tattoo art or a sign someone is "bad"?

There is a long history for tattoos, going back more than 5000 years. They were marks that defined a person: religion, tribe, status, and much more was reflected in the tattoo. With Christianity came the decline of tribal tattoos. There were other markers in history, but in modern time, a decline started with the depression. One of the final straws to break in the acceptance of tattoos was with the rise of juvenile deliquint and biker gang violence. It was taboo to have a tattoo, only criminals had them.

Today the tide has turned again in the art forms favor. There are even popular shows on television based around tattoo shops. Now, many people have them, from housewives to grandparents. One that has always held my attention is the mascectomy patients who choose to get a tattoo where their breast used to be. Some tats mark a specific point in the persons life, others a statement, either way, they have become more mainstream and acceptable.

But are they beautiful? Erotic?

I think it's all in the eyes of the beholder.

They were finally moving quickly along the path he'd wanted all along. She was almost naked, in his arms and beneath his mouth. One last item of clothing separated from what he wanted to possess. For months she's been teasing him, tempting him to pull on the leash he'd unwillingly doned because he wanted so badly.

Slowly, confidently, he worked on releasing the small buttons, laying kisses over the exposed flesh as it appeared. From between her legs, he felt he'd finally had control of the situation, then, with three buttons to go, she called a halt. Sitting up she moved away from, seemed to curl into herself and away from him.

"What? Why pull away."

"I need to..."

"What, what do you need and I'll give it to you. Anything!"

She looked at him with guarded eyes. Was she still not sure of him? When she stood up and walked away, he was ready to put his clothes back on and leave, give them both space before he did or said something wrong. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement of white. Looking over he saw her working on the shirt buttons herself and, after a quick glance over her shoulder, let the top drop to the floor.

Upon seeing her bare back, he stood up and walked over for a closer look. A tattooed vine delicately traced and swirled around her spine. There were flowers dangling from a random branches. It was a thing of beauty, and yet this must be why she was hesitant to take the next step in their relationship.

"Are you ashamed of your tattoo?"

"No, I chose and love it. When I was younger I had a curvature of the spine and went through a great deal of pain and hard work to straighten it out. When the braces were finally relegated to the trash, I went out and got this vine. It was my way of reclaiming control of my body, my back."

The power radiating off her was an intense emotion that raced through him and firmed up the hold she had on his heart. He moved closer and pressed his lips to the first rose, then another and another. When he came upon a dangling heart, with his initials noted inside, he lost control of the situation. There was no waiting a moment longer, he needed to be in her, a part of her power so clearly painted along her back. Rushing her to the floor, on her hands and knees, he gave her the words clouding his mind.

"Sorry, must have you, fuck you." He grunted and pressed for pleasure while never taking his eyes from her decoated spine.

"Take me!" She called as he thrust inside her welcoming embrace. "Love me!" She screamed as he possessed her body, heart and soul.

If you're curious for more about body art, I've written two books with two different approaches to body art. One permanent, the other not, but they are both have the same focus for the reader: arouse, tilliate, bring the lust forward on route to a happy-ever-after.

'The Painted Lady' and 'Dragon Lust'

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