Thursday, May 31, 2007

The June Scorcher is OUT!

Check out Tilly Greene's Monthly Scorcher for all the latest news, interesting tidbits, chats to attend and much more, including where you can win a Tilly Greene tote bag this month.

Tilly Greene
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A bit of random ridiculousness...

As a child, the start of summer came around Memorial Day when my Mom would take us to the shoe store and pick up a new pair of Bernardo sandals [Mistral's in white]. When I was older, and could walk in thongs without making an obnoxious noise, then those were bought. It usually meant a few nasty stubbed big toes but the tootsies were free so I was happy.

Yesterday I went out and bought two pairs of cheap and cheerful thongs - light pink and soft blue. Like books I have thongs dotted all over the place.

Where will I go this month?

A romantic looking sunset at The Bath's in Devil's Bay National Park, British Virgin Islands, The Caribbean. It looks perfect for a cool dip with the Cutie at the end of a heat filled day. Sigh, yes, I could go there right now...have to go, thunderstorms rumbling around.

Sigh, yup, I could go right now!

Thursday 13 - #10!

Well, since "The Leather Bride" came out earlier this week, I figure I'll give 13 "things" that you'll see in this story.

1. Leather
2. Bondage
3. Safe Words
4. Mis-communication Woes
5. Designer
6. Friendship
7. Thigh High Boots, Arm Binders, and a Corset, oh my
8. Plugs [yes, plural]
9. Freedom of Spirit
10. Differences Between How Men and Women Think
11. Love
12. Forgiveness
13. SURPRISE - a scene on the runway that can't be missed :-)

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Leather Bride by Tilly Greene is OUT!

What are reviewers saying:

“...The Leather Bride is a terrific example of BDSM erotic romance and I am sure many readers will end up searching for more of Ms. Greene's enchanting work.” Susan White, 4 cups, Coffee Time Romance

“The sensuality and exploration of trust between her characters is breathtaking. Tilly Greene's characters take her readers on a high paced page turner.” Reviewed by Kerensa Wilson, 4.5 ribbons, Romance Junkies

Do you have a passion for fashion and bondage?

Mimi St. John is an intelligent, successful, woman in a committed relationship, or so she thought. After dropping hints and finally getting a small taste of what she truly wanted from her lover, being bound and taken, he leaves.

Rick Milston has known from the first moment he saw his lover that she was the only one for him. They suit each other perfectly. As they make the steps to start down a new path, life rears it's head and turns everything upside down.

Will the lovers find their way back to where they'd left off? Will they be able to fulfill a promise to a friend, which also happens to send them down yet another erotic path? Will love, trust and commitment win out?

Find out in The Leather Bride by Tilly Greene, now available at Phaze.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

Yup, returned from a break and found my backside had a tag on it...thank you Miss. Sherrill!

So let's get to it! 8 random things about me:

1. I start every day with a half pint of chocolate soy milk.

2. I'm terrified of birds.

3. I love to travel, see new places and try new things, but also love sleeping in my own bed.

4. I wear glasses - blind as a bat without them and can't handle anything coming near or touching my eyes so no surgery or contacts.

5. I enjoy foreign films - especially ones from China.

6. I'm happy being lost in a museum.

7. I like white food - potatoe, corn, cheese, twinkies, sugar, etc.

8. At times my granola upbringing comes out, like: I think the Yankees are suffering from a karmic backlash for how they treated the cutie when he was hurt.

Who am I pressing the tag badges on to?

1. Michelle Pillow
2. Ali
3. Dionne Galace [oops, she did it already so go here to read :-)
4. Aurora Black
5. Stella and Audra Price
6. Yvette Hines
7. Melissa Schroeder
8. Brenda Williamson

For those I've tagged, here are the details:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Thursday 13 - #9!

Hiya Everyone!

I'm back from the land of sand...kind of. Yesterday I took a nap so I could stay awake long enough to attend a friends American Idol party [don't watch it but my Mom does so knew a little something last night] and today is all about laundry, oh yeah. Since my mind isn't up to snuff, I thought I'd give you 13 things I did while I was gone.

1. Yes, sat on the beach and edited a few stories - but mainly sat there and enjoyed the zen state while wave watching.

2. Ate at Husky Boys 4 times - 2 for burgers and 2 for grilled cheese.

3. Went to Jean Pauls even though I don't drink coffee [sipped on chocolate milk and nibbled on lovely buttery croissants].

4. Read Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone [US it's something else, sorry I'm still tired and can't think] and have the next on my bedside table. Said I'd start the series when she announced the release date for the last and I am :-) It was good but the amount of [...] when not necessary are driving me nuts!

5. Shopped and ran errands with my sister - ahhh! These days are always a shock to the system.

6. Was really frustrated with the quality of mobile service between the cutie [in the Swedish Arctic Circle] and myself...but still had a good laugh when his hosts treated him to a play: Amadeus in Swedish [no, he doesn't speak the language], the texts coming out of there were priceless!

7. Saw more progress in Mom's cat toward socialization - although I still think Tashie is confused about whether she is a cat or a seal.

8. Feasted on Mom's poor man taco's [the recipe is now available in Lori Foster's 'The Write Ingredients']

9. Drove 8 hours with 7 other family members, and yes, I was given the hump seat [grrr!].

10. Attended my eldest nieces college graduation [sniffle sniffle] - she's off to law school in the fall, yup proud as a peacock auntie here.

11. Bought a dress without trying it on for the event and when I saw the picture taken at the ceremony I see why the cutie really liked it and made us late.

12. Went to a bar at 7am to watch the FA cup final [Man U was robbed!] and started the day with 3 Newkie Brown's then went with the entire family to eat breakfast at the Pork Shop [nice name].

13. After everyone else left, spent the day with the two oldest nieces - took them for fish & chips and then parked ourselves in the Lush Lounge for a nice send off. Bad Auntie, the second oldest niece isn't of age yet.

Sigh, so back for a bit and time for laundry.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Gone to the Beach!

Well, I've been trying to "borrow" internet time from some unlocked networks out here and there's nothing good on offer. Riptide, I'm sorry, your internet sucks! So, early this morning I went down to JP's for a croissant, chocolate milk and some free wifi, but no go.

Everyone, cruel as it may sound...I'm going to the beach, to the right of this cove here [don't want to be sent dashing across the reef by a rogue surfer]. I'll return to normal [whatever that is] in a couple of weeks unless I can find some strong internet sooner :-)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Zandia cover is here!

Dawn Seewer did a fabulous job, you can see her other work here:

Now I'm eager for the book to come out, July 24th can't come soon enough :-)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A bit of random ridiculousness...

Anyone watch 'Where in the World is Matt Lauer?'

Well, I have and I think he's been reading my books! Wednesday he was in Bhutan and in "Double Punch" Anissa is half Bhutanese. On Thursday he was in Dubai talking about The World [manmade islands assembled to look like the continents] and this is where my series "An Invitation to the World" takes place!

Hey, Matt, where do you think "Dragon Lust" takes place?

Thursday 13 - #8!

Hmmm, the cutie took me to see Hot Fuzz last weekend and we were trying to figure out where it was filmed. We never thought of Wells, Somerset. Anyway, here are 13 words the English say others may, or may not, know:

1. Tosser = an insult, and refers to someone who masturbates
What a tosser!

2. Faff = fuss
Don't faff with it, everythings fine.

3. Nosh = food
Let's get some nosh.

4. Kit = clothes
Get your kit off!

5. Whinger = constant complainer
You are such a whinger.

6. Welly = put some force behind a kick
Come on, put some welly in it.

7. Slash = go to the bathroom
I'm going for a slash.

8. Hols = vacation
How were your hols?

9. Muggins = fool
Muggins here fell for it.

10. Plonk = cheap wine
Let's go get some plonk for later.

11. Nowt = nothing
I know nowt about that.

12. Knackered = tired
Tommy's not going, he's knackered.

13. Lurgy = indeterminate illness
We both have the lurgy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Like a kiss, holding hands brings lovers closer together. Feeling their skin, their presence, beneath your fingertips and soon the heart starts racing.

They're walking together down the beach, enjoying the sand beneath their feet, breathing fresh air and being together. Soon, their pace takes them closer together, arms are pressing closer together, and shoulders bumping. His head leans down to whisper in her ear or drop a kiss on cheek. At the same time she rises to her tiptoes and lays her lips against his. She can only take a couple of steps before collapsing back to walk on the soles of her feet. But she's had a taste and wants more. Her fingers start to smooth over the top of his hand, tease him with a the nails, but never letting go. Wrapping her other arm around the front of him, she makes the awkward walking position worthwhile by looking up into his eyes.

"Want to head back?" There was a smile on her face, but she was serious as well, seriously horny. She wanted to feel his heated body against her's. There was desire pumping through them both and she wanted to immerse herself in its embrace.

"Have something in mind?" A wicked grin bloomed across his lips.

"Oh yes." A giddy laugh accompanied her words as she straightened back up to walk pressed as close to him as she could get.

"What?" She knows he's teasing her so decides to press his own buttons.

"Well, I thought about leading you around the rocks over there, and press you up against the cliffs. I'd kiss you, tease your tongue to come in to my mouth, get you lust bubbling to the surface by running my hands over your muscular chest and down to where you trunks rest low on your hips. Then, when you were breathing heavily, I'd go down and slip my mouth over your cock head - "

"Baby - " There was note of desperation in his voice, she liked that.

"I'm not done. I'd take your hard dick in my mouth, wrap my tongue around the tip to taste the drop of cum I'm sure is there even now. But this won't be quick, no, I'd use one hand on your chest to hold you up and the other to take hold of your cock and move my hand up to meet my lips before stroking it back down again. I'd keep my hold firm as I continue to slide both mouth and hand over your hard silken length. I wouldn't stop when I felt you start to pulsate in my mouth, nor when you started to come, no, I wouldn't stop sucking you off until you - "

"Let's go." Using his hold on her hand, he started to pull her forward toward a rocky outcrop in the distant. She smiled, if anyone walked toward them right now, she knew they'd see his hard-on poking against his swim trunks.

Like her, he wanted...