Monday, May 28, 2007

The Leather Bride by Tilly Greene is OUT!

What are reviewers saying:

“...The Leather Bride is a terrific example of BDSM erotic romance and I am sure many readers will end up searching for more of Ms. Greene's enchanting work.” Susan White, 4 cups, Coffee Time Romance

“The sensuality and exploration of trust between her characters is breathtaking. Tilly Greene's characters take her readers on a high paced page turner.” Reviewed by Kerensa Wilson, 4.5 ribbons, Romance Junkies

Do you have a passion for fashion and bondage?

Mimi St. John is an intelligent, successful, woman in a committed relationship, or so she thought. After dropping hints and finally getting a small taste of what she truly wanted from her lover, being bound and taken, he leaves.

Rick Milston has known from the first moment he saw his lover that she was the only one for him. They suit each other perfectly. As they make the steps to start down a new path, life rears it's head and turns everything upside down.

Will the lovers find their way back to where they'd left off? Will they be able to fulfill a promise to a friend, which also happens to send them down yet another erotic path? Will love, trust and commitment win out?

Find out in The Leather Bride by Tilly Greene, now available at Phaze.


Sparky Duck said...

always great to have some love from the critics

Tilly Greene said...

Any love is good love Sparky :-)

Tempest Knight said...

Very sexy cover! :)

Red Garnier said...


Wow, congrats, I will have to check it out. The cover is awesome, and I'm sure I'll love the book. Anything with Erotic or BDSM is just my chow. =) Congrats, sweetie, I hope you sell lots and lots!

Tilly Greene said...

Thanks Tempest and Red, I do love the cover - says it all :-)

And thank you Red, for the positive vibes on the end result!

Hugs to you both.