Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Like a kiss, holding hands brings lovers closer together. Feeling their skin, their presence, beneath your fingertips and soon the heart starts racing.

They're walking together down the beach, enjoying the sand beneath their feet, breathing fresh air and being together. Soon, their pace takes them closer together, arms are pressing closer together, and shoulders bumping. His head leans down to whisper in her ear or drop a kiss on cheek. At the same time she rises to her tiptoes and lays her lips against his. She can only take a couple of steps before collapsing back to walk on the soles of her feet. But she's had a taste and wants more. Her fingers start to smooth over the top of his hand, tease him with a the nails, but never letting go. Wrapping her other arm around the front of him, she makes the awkward walking position worthwhile by looking up into his eyes.

"Want to head back?" There was a smile on her face, but she was serious as well, seriously horny. She wanted to feel his heated body against her's. There was desire pumping through them both and she wanted to immerse herself in its embrace.

"Have something in mind?" A wicked grin bloomed across his lips.

"Oh yes." A giddy laugh accompanied her words as she straightened back up to walk pressed as close to him as she could get.

"What?" She knows he's teasing her so decides to press his own buttons.

"Well, I thought about leading you around the rocks over there, and press you up against the cliffs. I'd kiss you, tease your tongue to come in to my mouth, get you lust bubbling to the surface by running my hands over your muscular chest and down to where you trunks rest low on your hips. Then, when you were breathing heavily, I'd go down and slip my mouth over your cock head - "

"Baby - " There was note of desperation in his voice, she liked that.

"I'm not done. I'd take your hard dick in my mouth, wrap my tongue around the tip to taste the drop of cum I'm sure is there even now. But this won't be quick, no, I'd use one hand on your chest to hold you up and the other to take hold of your cock and move my hand up to meet my lips before stroking it back down again. I'd keep my hold firm as I continue to slide both mouth and hand over your hard silken length. I wouldn't stop when I felt you start to pulsate in my mouth, nor when you started to come, no, I wouldn't stop sucking you off until you - "

"Let's go." Using his hold on her hand, he started to pull her forward toward a rocky outcrop in the distant. She smiled, if anyone walked toward them right now, she knew they'd see his hard-on poking against his swim trunks.

Like her, he wanted...


Tempest Knight said...

Very inspiring for hump day!

Tilly Greene said...

Thank you Tempest :-)