Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday 13 - #22!

HA! We're in November already! My goodness, where has the time gone. So what do I "have" to do this month?

Okay, this didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I wrote down 13 things I had to do and when I finished it felt like I was writing and organizing my days away, and I was not happy. This month has so many things I'm looking forward to that I'm going to write those down instead.

1. Looking forward to finish editing and submitting short story 'Drive-in' for consideration. This is for a ebook/print book where all proceeds will go to support those affected by the Southern California wildfires.

2. Looking forward to finish working out the kinks in the Glamorgan Sausages [or peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate] recipe for 'Coming Together: In the Kitchen' and send it in.

3. Looking forward to shopping for the perfect book to send off to the newest member to the family living to the right of us. Clothes they grow out of, a book is forever. I'm thinking about 'Olivia' but am open minded about it all. No, of course she can't read, but it will be a story that she will grow up knowing, remembering, and taking with her throughout life.

4. Looking forward to the November 10th panel discussion and book signing in Pennsylvania. Not too sure what I'm going to say as an introduction yet, but I'll figure it out. The cutie saw one I did a few years ago and thought it was good, so I'm taking that feeling and running with it.

5. Looking forward to heading to the left of us for an extra long break with the cutie. I've been a couple times this year, but he hasn't had a chance. We'll be vegetating on the white couch, beach, Jean Paul's, sisters, you name we'll be relaxing.

6. Looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with the family.

7. Looking forward to celebrating our 14th Anniversary back where we were married.

8. Looking forward to choosing the birthday pressies for November. Our rule of thumb is that birthdays means books, except for a select few milestones. Have a niece turning 16 this month, her key chain has been ordered, and the cutie will collect before heading to the left of us. There are a few others that need to be chosen, ordered and shipped :-)

9. Looking forward to creating our Christmas lists [and the eldest nephews birthday book] for those to the right of us. Still don't know if we'll be over there for the holiday - we'll decide later. Either way, we'll have everything shipped to the southern group's house so even if we're there, we only have to remember to pack up the parents.

10. Looking forward to creating our Christmas lists [and various December/January birthdays] for those to the left of us - have it shipped to Mom's house. Gauranteed we'll get some sugar treat in return.

11. Looking forward to deciding with cutie whether we want to rent a car or not during our break. If we do, then we'll go up and see niece #2 [could do the train for total relaxation], family and friends to the south and my all time favorite museum that's been closed for years while they renovated it. If we don't, then we'll relax even more.

12. Looking forward to going for my bi-annual mamogram this morning - okay, not the early hour, but will still face the test with confidence. Later, the cutie and I will go out for pizza and deep-fried pickles with friends. Yes, that's right - pickle wedges deep-fried and dipped in ranch :-)

13. Looking forward to WRITING!

There, I feel much better about this list. How about you - are you a lister and feeling discouraged or satisfied by them?

An Old House Speaks...

Will you be able to look beyond my imposing facade and notice my light is on?

Will you decide to ignore my dated and mismatched appearance?

Will you pick my cracked front path to walk along, despite the overgrown bushes and branches rustling in the wind?

Will you choose to step onto my creaking porch and not notice the cobwebs filling the corners?

Will you confidently poke your finger out and ring my bell?

Will you happily yell trick-or-treat when the door is finally opened?

I hope so.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

And then there's this...

Enough said.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Where am I today?

Besides writing, I'm playing over on Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed!

Come over, you might find a new book to read.

Naughty Thought for Monday

I've taken my Naughty Thought for Monday, mixed in a current event, and taken it on the road to The Romance Studio's blog...hmmm, what could it be, you'll have to head over and find out :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A bit of random ridiculousness...

Okay, let's get personal. I wash my hands after going to the bathroom, using soap and water for a minimum of two rounds of Happy Birthday, fine. The weird thing is, I sing it in my head to "Fred".

I can't sing it to myself if it's not my birthday, can't sing it to no one in particular because it isn't theirs either. So I sing it to "Fred", and no, I don't know anyone with this name.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday 13 - #21!

On Monday, October 22 the second book in my 'A Passion for Fashion and Bondage', Taming Marie Anotinette, was be released over at Phaze. I'm very excited for this one to come out so thought I'd give you all a couple of things I did to research this erotic romance.

1. The first book, The Leather Bride, was such a blast I was inspired to briefly outline three other stories. This January the cutie had a trip to Paris and I went along - all in the name of research :-)

2. Some time before we left, my mom sent me an article about the best hot chocolate around the world. Ummm, in case you didn't know, I'm totally addicted to a great cup of hot chocolate.

3. From the moment we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport [6 hours late], my personal quest to hunt out the best hot chocolate in the city began.

4. We went to Dalloyau and our host treated us to a tasting of everything from the salt to sweets. Yes, I even tasted the things that lived in water - didn't want to be rude, but the hot chocolate was divine! Oh, and the macaroons, simply lovely!

5. I was there as a corporate wife, but I also planned on doing some first hand research, so became tour guide and took my compatriot around.

6. We took the train out to Versailles. I didn't remember there was a small theater for opera and ballet out there, but it's there and a real gem.

7. We shopped - I bought our host a couple of bottles of wine for he and his wife, the pop-up Blue 2 for his son, and chocolates for the Monthly Scorcher members.

8. During the shopping trek acorss Paris, we visited Laduree for a sweet and hot chocolate - yum!

9. One night we took a boat up and down the Seine and ate a delicious meal - including my first ever Kir Royal, and yes, I had the escargot.

10. Another night our host took us all out to eat at Ma Bourgogne in the Marais section and visited the restrooms.

11. When the cutie was finished working, we took some time for ourselves and spent them, amongst other things, revisiting Notre Dame and then walked to Ile Saint-Louis for a crepe and beer.

12. Going through the Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries and into Angelina - the shop noted in my mom's list as having the thickest hot chocolate you'll ever taste. Yes, it most certainly did.

13. We also attended an exhibition at the Grand Palais on Egypt's Sunken Treasures.

Are you curious how this all comes together? Well, you'll have to buy a copy of Taming Marie Anotinette to see how each of these plays a part in the story, as well as how the three of them get to a happy ever after end.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Taming Marie Antoinette is OUT!

October in Paris is romance and the Depravity Dance, what could possibly be next?

Liana Trudeau has moved to Paris in pursuit of her doctorate. While her mind has been working hard, her body has been ignored. Knowing what she wants, Liana attends the Depravity Dance and connects with two men who can perfectly read her needs, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it's for only one night, or is it?

Thornton and James Michaud have spent the past couple of months focused on a project in conjunction with the French government. With all the signatures necessary to move forward, they’re out to celebrate and indulge their desire for a woman. By the end of the evening they find she has only one fault, leaving before they were finished. Can they find her to complete what they'd started in a city as large as Paris?

What has one reviewer said?

"I swear that several times my ebook reader ignited as I read this powerfully dominating story!" Reviewed by Frost gave Taming Marie Antoinette 5 swords!

Heat it up - dash over and pick up a copy of Taming Marie Antoinette, the second installment in the 'A Passion for Fashion and Bondage' series. If you missed the first, The Leather Bride, they are both now available through Phaze.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Banned Books Week Contest!

Sorry about the delay, I'm back in the land of no easy internet...anyway, the two winners of the Amazon gift certificates are:

Tehya and Catslady

Congratulations, and thank you everyone for taking part.

See you next year :-)