Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday Hint!

Art!  ART!  Yes, art is very easy to view and it may make you happy as well.

You can sit at home and search out a favorite painting or artist of yours, look at the pic and absorb every little nuance.  Also on the computer that I've done is search eBay by style and voila, you might find a piece you love ... the canvas below is a great example ... I've done this a few times and just need to get it, okay, them framed.

End of a Perfect Day by Dan Brown

Another way you can get an art fix is by visiting a gallery or museum.  I was reading a fashion magazine the other night and it noted Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring was going to visit a museum out this way starting in October.  I know my sister is a huge fan of Vermeer and so let her know she needed to add a visit to her November trip.

Watercolor, Venice by Walter Berton
Something else you can do is actually take a walk through that town or along that scenic route and if you see someone painting the sites, talk to them, look at what they've done and you might end up purchasing a piece.  We did this quite often during our trip to Italy and I brought back many memories in a different format ... like the one to the right.

And if you don't have a favorite period or artist, pick up a book and read about it, them, and tell your friend you learned something new.

Art is a snapshot of one person's view of something and how they see it may open your eyes to so much more than what is there.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Show a Cowboy some Love!

Today I have Montana and the Wilson brothers in mind, well them along with Court and Jon.  I've donned the cowboy hat and boots and moseyed over to GraveTells where I'm talking about how It's Easy to Love a Cowboy and it definitely is!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The glory of shopping is HERE!

Taste for Blood
by Tilly Greene
If you have or haven't ever shopped at All Romance, now is the time to because Monster Max is giving away thousands, yes, THOUSANDS of prizes just for shopping.  Already they've given out 600+ prizes and one of them is my contemporary vampire + blood lust and piercing Taste for Blood!

So very cool!

Start by finding ebooks by Tilly Greene and then go wild, Max would love that :-)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy Friday Hint!

My hint is to carve time out of your busy weekend, an hour will do but more would be even better, and spend it doing what you want to do, not what you HAVE to do.

Sleep in, read, go out for lunch and eat it in a park, see a movie ... whatever, just do something for you and be happy doing it.

I have a couple of hours, at least, because the cutie is working his homebrew and then getting ready for another trip.  I plan to finish, hopefully, In Cold Blood.  Banned Books Week is done but the book I chose to read isn't.  It's been good, interesting, but devoid of emotion.  Capote took cold hard facts, molded them into a pseudo-conversational tone and then took a step back.

Despite the remote approach, I feel for the family and, yes, even the killers ... well, one of them at least.  I know how this book ends, but, like those who went to see the Titanic movie, I want to read to the end.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

It's Throwback Thursday and so I'm sharing ...

... a pic of  our home in England.

We lived in Knaresborough, an old village in North Yorkshire that existed before the Domesday Book. There's a renovated barn on the road in front which meant it was a quiet sanctuary. The row home was built from the stones taken from piles created when Oliver Cromwell tore the local castle down.

For the first 300 years the house was actually a foundry and then it was eventually made into a home. Besides the wild fuscia tree [yes, a TREE that bloomed beautifully even though it was the north of England] in the front yard, there was another gem down the right side. You can see a hint of it in the picture, a pathway, well, it holds the outhouses for the 3 homes in the row ... we stored our garden stuff and trash can in it.  Behind the cottage is a dry moat owned by the Queen and the remains of the castle.

Yes, it was three levels and tiny! In the cellar was the kitchen with a stunning Rayburn, first floor housed the living room and study [in extension] and upstairs in the attic was 1 1/2 bedrooms and a bathroom [in the extension ... that's how they moved the facilities inside]. It suited us just fine ... just had to walk up the road about 2 blocks as the crow flies to our favorite pub :-)

We loved this house, easy to see why and the Virginia Creeper on the front was beautiful but in actually it was a menace as it ate the pointing [cement] between the lime stones.

Fun to live in an old treasure, but we love our baby now ... she's only 100 years old.


My Angel from Good, Bad and Kinky, a paranormal erotic romance + bondage, was set in Knaresborough!

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

In the October Frame of Mind!

Taste for Blood
by Tilly Greene
Cover design by Robin Ludwig Design Inc.
Taste for Blood by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Vampire Erotica + Blood Lust and Piercing

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People visit Whitby to enjoy an old English seaside town, eat fish and chips and possibly see a vampire or two. Ella lives there and is hunting a fake vamp that uses a famous young adult book series to ruin many young girls’ lives. One night a man she’s been watching shows his true colors and she puts her plan for revenge into action. Everything was in place for an anonymous act until an unpredicted twist flips things on their head. With only seconds to decide, she’s forced to make changes and ends up getting something she hadn’t bargained for—a sexy man who wants nothing except her body.

Revenge is sweet, but is a night of wild sex too high a price to pay for murder?

WARNING: Slightly gruesome erotica with sex during and after killing, plus a bit of blood lust, self-pleasure and a sexy piercing.

All Romance has a special treat going on this month.  Shop and you may find a treat greeting you in your library and Taste for Blood is one such treat!  Make a purchase and everything from a free ebook to a mini iPad are being given away ... my suggestion is to GET SHOPPING!