Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday Hint!

Art!  ART!  Yes, art is very easy to view and it may make you happy as well.

You can sit at home and search out a favorite painting or artist of yours, look at the pic and absorb every little nuance.  Also on the computer that I've done is search eBay by style and voila, you might find a piece you love ... the canvas below is a great example ... I've done this a few times and just need to get it, okay, them framed.

End of a Perfect Day by Dan Brown

Another way you can get an art fix is by visiting a gallery or museum.  I was reading a fashion magazine the other night and it noted Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring was going to visit a museum out this way starting in October.  I know my sister is a huge fan of Vermeer and so let her know she needed to add a visit to her November trip.

Watercolor, Venice by Walter Berton
Something else you can do is actually take a walk through that town or along that scenic route and if you see someone painting the sites, talk to them, look at what they've done and you might end up purchasing a piece.  We did this quite often during our trip to Italy and I brought back many memories in a different format ... like the one to the right.

And if you don't have a favorite period or artist, pick up a book and read about it, them, and tell your friend you learned something new.

Art is a snapshot of one person's view of something and how they see it may open your eyes to so much more than what is there.

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