Monday, July 30, 2007

Gone the other way!

This is a brief interruption to the regularly scheduled "hot thoughts" - will return to the regular program soon - until then, play nice :-)

Our first house was couple doors to the right.

Behind us was a partially dismantled castle, and during the summer months they shot off its would scare you crapless if you weren't ready for it. Yup, our garden backed onto the dry moat and a certain someone rarely mowed, not horribly neighborly Mrs.'s, hmph!

Thursday 13 - 15!

A week ago my erotic futuristic romance "Zandia" was released over at Samhain Publishing. I thought I'd give you 13 things you'll find in this book.

1. Marked, Claimed, Bound and Enthroned - oh my!

2. Royalty - no ermine or crowns, well maybe one or two of the latter :-)

3. Rituals - get a fan ready.

4. Fabulous jewels, and not just the family ones - hmmm.

5. A Universal Sporting event - and the testosterone is running free.

6. Mmmm, studly athletes - YES!

7. Strong female - of course.

8. Plans to live as suits her - you go girl.

9. Almost nothing can alter the plan - a dose of reality is good.

10. Someone who understand what she wants - ahhh.

11. Okay, made it this far before I mentioned SEX! - lots of the steamy stuff!

12. Love, lust, and trust - all must have's.

13. Warning, this title contains the following: spicy language and wild sex…okay, some kinky “take me” sex - love this :-)

Get your fingers moving and head over to Samhain Publishing to pick up your copy of Zandia today!

Hump Day Reflections!

All he wanted was to be with her. Nothing mattered without this mermaid at his side. For years he's been lost without his people. He's come down to the beach and looked out at the sea, waiting for someone to come and call him back home.

A merman, yes, that's what he was, and Tara was one of his mates.

It had been so long since he'd held a mermaid in his arms. Too long. The silken scales tempted him to look and see her in all her beauty. Watch her fins as they fluttered with the lust she felt. She belonged with him, and he knew she'd be beautiful in her natural form. But he'd see her that way later, when they were back in the water. Right now he didn't want to loose the connection between them. Their kiss created an important in his life.

It felt right to be with her. If only they were both in their true forms, only then would he know they'd be together forever.

As if there were someone waiting to grant his every wish, in that moment his life righted itself. His own scales started coming back. Racing down his legs, merging the two together and ending with a unfurling florish of his fins. His need for her rose even further and finally he found the strength to pull away from her lips.

"My love, will you accept me as your mate?"

"Oh Mark, I didn't know you were a merman already!"

"Each day I came down here to watch the water and hope one of my mates came to me. If I'd know the sexy and tempting human sitting on the beach, the one I walked by each morning was mine, I would have kissed you all the sooner."

"Yes! Of course I accept you!"

"Then let's return to the sea and make love amongst the waves."

"Not so fast. No flattering words about the shine of my scales or the perfect buoyancy of my breasts, nothing? I was easy and horny in human form, but you ignored me. Maybe as a mermaid I require a little wooing."

"Come on. The big waves are ready to roll in and I promise to ride you down the face while I feast on your stupendous tits, if you'll forgive me."

"Forgiven! Let's go."


The August Scorcher is OUT!

Check out Tilly Greene's Monthly Scorcher for all the latest news, interesting tidbits, chats to attend and much more, including where you can win a Tilly Greene tote bag this month.

Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!

Tilly Greene Monthly Scorcher yahoo or google

Where will I go this month?

Okay, in this instance, a picture is worth a thousand words. I'll need to make sure and pack plenty of sunscreen and a hat, but I can already feel the soft sand beneath my feet as I find my spot on Vabbinfaru, Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. Maybe I'll just lie down on my belly right there in the shallows and read.

Works for me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A bit of random ridiculousness...

I think the cutie has worked our travel plans to be in the US for today and the opening of The Simpsons! We've been gone, but he dashed in to the office to submit his expenses, go out to lunch with the gang and be back in time to take me to the 3:05 show.


I wonder if I'll get a donut instead of my usual Rasinettes...hmmm, I don't think I'd fuss much over that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Tara felt him start to pull away, to look at what he was touching, but she didn't want to let him go, she couldn't. His kiss was as delicious as she knew it would be but she also needed their connection. She also didn't want to see disgust on his face when he finally saw her body.

She really couldn't believe her luck to have found a corporal heart mate. It's been almost a full year since she arrived and there was only one time and one way for her to return home, and it seemed Mark had what she needed.

The moment their lips met, opened and their tongues tangled, she felt the change overtake her. It all happened so quickly and painlessly. From just above her feminine mound and up over her hips, green shimmery scales spread out and covered her flesh. Within a few breaths her legs were fused and fins replaced her feet.

He was her other half, her heart beat and her body throbbed for him. Only such a person could bring this change about and send her back home. Her problem was she could pull him into her world beneath the sea. If she didn't stop kissing him soon, he'd start to become the merman for her mermaid.

Tears gathered beneath her lids, she didn't want to leave him but it was time to pull away from, she was cutting it too close. She gathered her strength and released her hold on his head so he could back away, but he didn't!

Instead, he deepend their kiss even further. She felt his hand skim over her scaley hip and brought her feminine core over to press against his hard cock. My god, he made her want to keep him but she knew it wasn't fair, he didn't know what he was doing by continuing their connection.

Tara tried again to move her mouth away from his and finally used her hands on his shoulders to push him away. When a mere breath of air separated them she rushed to explain why he couldn't keep kissing her.

"Stop Mark, you must stop kissing me otherwise you'll loose your legs and be destined to live eternity beneath the waves you love to ride." Her breath came out in great pants, but she saw understanding light his eyes.

He leaned over and placed a brief kiss on her lips, releasing her tears. This was goodbye forever and she'd miss him and watching him watch the sea. Then his mouth - no, what was he doing!

to be continued...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Zandia is OUT!

Centuries from now, and millions of miles away, how are the sexes getting along?

Zandia, the farthest planet in the known universe, is usually peaceful, but they're about to have their views on women blown apart.

Sui Erom has taken drastic measures to live as suits her, not society. Hiding on a transporter, she leaves her home planet for another world. Working as a translator, she feels intelligent and productive, if not entirely fulfilled. She has been unable to find a mate who satisfies any of her physical needs or one to trust with her heart.

The Zandian national speedball team comes to town for a Universal competition and sets in motion events that force Sui to make a decision on what exactly she wants from life.

Listening to the official translator's voice, Xer Rieh realizes she is Zandian and asserts his right to mark her as his. He does not believe her claim that she is not Zandian - despite evidence supporting it. Xer is certain she is and will not be denied.

Marked, Claimed, Bound and Enthroned, when Sui and Xer get together, nothing will ever be the same, especially for the women of Zandia!

A mini book trailer has been made to tempt your senses even further...or you could get your fingers moving and head over to Samhain Publishing to pick up your copy.

I'm talking books!

Here's some very exciting news:

This month "An Invitation to the World: Russia and New Zealand" is the staff pick for the Romance Junkies book club!

I'll be over on their yahoo group Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday talking about books - all my books :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Mark didn't know what had hold of him, lust, passion, the devil, whatever it was, he couldn't deny her pull. Tara shifted and he moved in, laying his lips against hers.

They were lovely, plump, and spread open further beneath his. Dipping his tongue through the crease, tasting coffee and salt, as if she'd already been out swimming in the sea. He needed more of her essence and delved deeper, tangling his tongue with hers. They circled around each and he fell under her spell. As she tilted her head further to the side, he knew she wanted what he did - to feel her softness against his hard body. While he pressed in for even more of their kiss, he started to lay her down on the sand.

He was sure he'd knocked over her coffee as he rolled on top of her, but didn't care. Touching her, kissing her, having her, was all that mattered now.

Shifting his hand down, he found the zipper on her sweatshirt and slowly moved it down. Whene he felt flesh beneath his shifting hand, Mark pulled away from her lips and looked down to find she had nothing on beneath the covering. No bathing suit top, bra, nothing but pearly white skin and, oh shit! She possessed the most divine set of breasts he'd ever seen. They were large, a handful, he used his own hand to measure the mound and with a little squeeze, the cherry point popped out, making his mouth water to taste.

Leaning down he dragged the flat of his tongue over the tip and drew groans of pleasure from her. Placing his leg between hers, he started to feast on her ripe nipple while tempting her to bump and grind against him in need. Oh, he knew exactly what she wanted, to fuck, and so did he.

Fluttering away on the morning breeze was his common sense - who cared if they were seen, he had to get inside her pussy and quickly. He let the breast he was holding go and slid his hand down over her belly and felt her body quiver.

"It's all right," he whispered after releasing her nipple. Bracing himself above her, he looked down at her face and found lust painted across her features. Her lips were opened and panting, her eyelids lowered seductively over her beautiful blue eyes and her cheeks were glowing.

His hand moved past her belly button and suddenly stopped...what the fuck?!? The sensual face was now looking at him with a guarded expression. He was confused, what was that teasing his fingertips?

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Simply Fabulous!

The bright spot on today is...I have the cover for the next 'A Passion for Fashion and Bondage' book and it's stunning! So here you go, a lovely peek at "Taming Marie Antoinette".

It looks great next to the first book "The Leather Bride" in the series. I can't wait to finish "The Gilded Cage" to see them all together :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Naughty Thought for Monday

The cutie and I were on the couch Sunday, reading our Harry Potter's [yup, we're still on track to finish the series in time :-)] and as usual the tube was left on BBCAmerica in hopes of something interesting...oh boy, we hit on a doozer!

It was an hour documentary about real dolls and the men who love them. I thought it was guys who liked dolls, sad childhood and all that...the cutie figured it out that it was about guys who have sex with real dolls. I no words or thoughts to offer this time, all I can do is give you a couple of pics.

The Female - Nika:

Can also be altered with products to be a SheMale.

And the Male - Charlie:

We were gobsmacked! Who says the Brits are uptight!?!

If you are interested in my information, contact RealDoll.

Now close your mouth - I'm sure it's hanging open :-)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tagged and late in doing it!

The lovely Lori tagged me a while ago and I apologize for taking so long to do here is some serious unknowns about me.

1. My great grandfather and his brother both brought their families to America then left them to make there lives somewhere else - Hollywood! They changed their names and the brother made it as an actor then even bigger as a director. In the early twenties he was murdered and it reamins unsolved today.

2. Sterling Holloway, the original voice of Winnie the Pooh, used to sit at the front of the local supermarket with his cane and talk with us kids while our parents and his nurse shopped.

3. We used to go grunion running during the summer - its disgusting so I won't go into too much detail. Basically you go to the beach at high tide during a full/new moon, then run through the surf while the grunion are mating. Memories are full of squishy blech moments.

4. Disneyland has a jail underneath the park and the walls are painted with the spotted elephants from Fantasia.

5. I went to a football game abroad before the stadium was changed over to seating. I didn't see any other women in the stands and wore white jeans - to this day the cutie still can't get past my wearing them.

6. The cutie and I bought our first car together - a used red fiesta with a sun roof, because you really need one of those where we lived [NOT!] - and never took it for a test drive. And yet we never had any serious problems with it.

7. When I lived abroad I used to have to check in with the police within 48 hours of returning from a trip out of the country. I would go to the edge of town in a large stone building, to a door covered in barbed wire and cameras, ring the bell and wait for an officer. I would hand over my passport and then they'd escort me to a locker where I had to leave all my things before being closed into an all glass room and wait to be interviewed. The woman was very friendly, asking me what I did while I was gone and how I was doing with school. After about 15 minutes she'd hand me back my id and passport and send me on my way. She was very nice but everything I said was noted into my special little green id which I still have. Scary.

8. I bought a Playgirl for an article - seriously - and the flustered attendant double bagged it for me. If she only knew what I wrote!

Phrew, there you go, some insight into Tilly. I'm not going to tag anyone - its the holidays! Enjoy :-)

A bit of random ridiculousness...

Oh, this one is's Friday the 13th and I'm off to the doctors!

I'm going with the concept that all the bad luck assigned to the day will have an opposite effect on me today - told you, I'm a positive thinker :-)

UPDATE: They lost my appointment so I try again on Tuesday unless it hits emergency stage - positive thinking has taken a solid hit to the gut today :-(

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday 13 - #14!

On July 6th a favored author of mine passed away. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss was a master in the historical romance since her first book The Flame and the Flower back in 1972, an instant NYTimes Bestseller ["creating literary precedence"] and remains an all time favorite of mine. I was looking forward to her next book, Everlasting, noted as coming out October 2007, hopefully it still will.

There aren't many of these for me, less than 10, but yes, she was one of my automatic buys - hardcover, anthology, whatever, I was there on release day.

So, in her memory, here are the 13 books she wrote over an impressive 35 year career.

1. The Flame and the Flower - ebook available

2. The Wolf and the Dove - ebook available

3. Shanna - ebook available

4. Ashes in the Wind - ebook available

5. A Rose in Winter - ebook available

6. Come Love a Stranger - ebook available

7. Beyond the Kiss, Married at Midnight

8. Petals on the River - ebook available

9. The Elusive Flame - ebook available

10. So Worthy My Love - ebook available

11. Forever in Your Embrace - ebook available

12. A Season Beyond a Kiss - ebook available

13. The Reluctant Suitor - ebook available

It looks like HarperCollins are starting to give all these books new covers, but I'm not all that keen on them. They show a single woman in various outdoor scenery...and appear kind of blah.

Hump Day Reflections!

Oh man, how intoxicating. Her pussy throbbed to life when she heard his voice. It was deep, resonated through her core and reminded her of the lust he brought with him each morning. He had an accent, foreign, although she wasn't sure from where.

She was instantly lost in his touch - his big rough hand holding hers. He said something, she wasn't sure what but gave her name and hoped that was a good response. If not, too bad, she was too busy falling into his beautiful blue eyes, surrounded by the most lush eyelashes she's ever seen on a man.

This close she could see lovely lips, strong straight nose, and a tempting bald head. She wanted to smooth her hands over the tanned dome, pull his mouth to hers and kiss him as she followed him down to the sand. From a distance he'd been gorgeous, face to face like they were, she easily decided she was his to do with as he willed.

Should she fall back on the sand, spread her arms out wide and welcome him to her body? Start to pull her clothes off? Hmmm, neither where something she'd normally do...but she had to do something.

Mark, that's what he'd said. It must be his name. Yes, it suited him.

Without pulling her eyes from his, she noticed in her peripheral his firm chest with a perfect patch of hair. Not too much, but enough to tease with her fingers or tickle her nose. Her pussy beat a wilder rhythm, she needed more from him and soon.

The silence wasn't awkward or strained, and it seemed to be without limits. However, there was a scent in the wind today that told her time was running out. The big waves would be here soon.

She moved to put her cup of coffee down on the sand and at the same time, he leant forward.

Was he going to kiss her?

to be continued...

Monday, July 02, 2007

The July Scorcher is OUT!

Check out Tilly Greene's Monthly Scorcher for all the latest news, interesting tidbits, chats to attend and much more, including where you can win a Tilly Greene tote bag this month.

Tilly Greene
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Invitation to the World 2: China and India is OUT!

Ever wondered how wild and kinky life can get on a private island?

The World is an exclusive enclave of 300 manmade islands, laid out to resemble the continents, set in the Arabian Gulf, and a paradise for lovers.

China tiptoes through the dangerous backlash of someone who chose to live outside the law.

On a busy summer’s day, Jia Li is kidnapped off a busy street in San Francisco's Chinatown, and wakes up on an airplane. Her ex-boyfriend Yi Burton is determined to save her life and bring her back into his, will they rekindle their love affair while hiding out on a secluded island?

India dabbles into the world of Bollywood film stars and businessmen, and the fulfilling personal lives they seek.

Sati Chaudhari is a beloved Bollywood starlet who falls for and secretly marries Bodhi Burke, a hotel mogul. Busy lives pull them apart but a private island paradise offers them a chance at reconnecting, creating new rules for their future. Is it too late to save their love?

Get your passport and pick up a copy of Tilly Greene's An Invitaion to the World 2: China and India. If you want to see more of the world, then read An Invitation to the World: Russia and New Zealand, also currently available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.