Monday, July 23, 2007

Zandia is OUT!

Centuries from now, and millions of miles away, how are the sexes getting along?

Zandia, the farthest planet in the known universe, is usually peaceful, but they're about to have their views on women blown apart.

Sui Erom has taken drastic measures to live as suits her, not society. Hiding on a transporter, she leaves her home planet for another world. Working as a translator, she feels intelligent and productive, if not entirely fulfilled. She has been unable to find a mate who satisfies any of her physical needs or one to trust with her heart.

The Zandian national speedball team comes to town for a Universal competition and sets in motion events that force Sui to make a decision on what exactly she wants from life.

Listening to the official translator's voice, Xer Rieh realizes she is Zandian and asserts his right to mark her as his. He does not believe her claim that she is not Zandian - despite evidence supporting it. Xer is certain she is and will not be denied.

Marked, Claimed, Bound and Enthroned, when Sui and Xer get together, nothing will ever be the same, especially for the women of Zandia!

A mini book trailer has been made to tempt your senses even further...or you could get your fingers moving and head over to Samhain Publishing to pick up your copy.


Sparky Duck said...

Hmm National Speedball Cup? Coincidence? I think not

Tilly Greene said...

Ding ding are so right Sparky! I was inspired and started plotting and writing back with the World Cup playing :-)