Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Tara felt him start to pull away, to look at what he was touching, but she didn't want to let him go, she couldn't. His kiss was as delicious as she knew it would be but she also needed their connection. She also didn't want to see disgust on his face when he finally saw her body.

She really couldn't believe her luck to have found a corporal heart mate. It's been almost a full year since she arrived and there was only one time and one way for her to return home, and it seemed Mark had what she needed.

The moment their lips met, opened and their tongues tangled, she felt the change overtake her. It all happened so quickly and painlessly. From just above her feminine mound and up over her hips, green shimmery scales spread out and covered her flesh. Within a few breaths her legs were fused and fins replaced her feet.

He was her other half, her heart beat and her body throbbed for him. Only such a person could bring this change about and send her back home. Her problem was she could pull him into her world beneath the sea. If she didn't stop kissing him soon, he'd start to become the merman for her mermaid.

Tears gathered beneath her lids, she didn't want to leave him but it was time to pull away from, she was cutting it too close. She gathered her strength and released her hold on his head so he could back away, but he didn't!

Instead, he deepend their kiss even further. She felt his hand skim over her scaley hip and brought her feminine core over to press against his hard cock. My god, he made her want to keep him but she knew it wasn't fair, he didn't know what he was doing by continuing their connection.

Tara tried again to move her mouth away from his and finally used her hands on his shoulders to push him away. When a mere breath of air separated them she rushed to explain why he couldn't keep kissing her.

"Stop Mark, you must stop kissing me otherwise you'll loose your legs and be destined to live eternity beneath the waves you love to ride." Her breath came out in great pants, but she saw understanding light his eyes.

He leaned over and placed a brief kiss on her lips, releasing her tears. This was goodbye forever and she'd miss him and watching him watch the sea. Then his mouth - no, what was he doing!

to be continued...


Tempest Knight said...

Ooooooooooh.... HOT!!! *fans herself*

Tilly Greene said...

Why thank you ma'am :-)