Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Oh man, how intoxicating. Her pussy throbbed to life when she heard his voice. It was deep, resonated through her core and reminded her of the lust he brought with him each morning. He had an accent, foreign, although she wasn't sure from where.

She was instantly lost in his touch - his big rough hand holding hers. He said something, she wasn't sure what but gave her name and hoped that was a good response. If not, too bad, she was too busy falling into his beautiful blue eyes, surrounded by the most lush eyelashes she's ever seen on a man.

This close she could see lovely lips, strong straight nose, and a tempting bald head. She wanted to smooth her hands over the tanned dome, pull his mouth to hers and kiss him as she followed him down to the sand. From a distance he'd been gorgeous, face to face like they were, she easily decided she was his to do with as he willed.

Should she fall back on the sand, spread her arms out wide and welcome him to her body? Start to pull her clothes off? Hmmm, neither where something she'd normally do...but she had to do something.

Mark, that's what he'd said. It must be his name. Yes, it suited him.

Without pulling her eyes from his, she noticed in her peripheral his firm chest with a perfect patch of hair. Not too much, but enough to tease with her fingers or tickle her nose. Her pussy beat a wilder rhythm, she needed more from him and soon.

The silence wasn't awkward or strained, and it seemed to be without limits. However, there was a scent in the wind today that told her time was running out. The big waves would be here soon.

She moved to put her cup of coffee down on the sand and at the same time, he leant forward.

Was he going to kiss her?

to be continued...


Tempest Knight said...

Tease! *LOL* Great post!

Hey! Come over and play the hump day hunk game we're having!

Tilly Greene said...

I know! I promise, it wasn't my just, well, hump day prerogative :-)

Hmmm, maybe a couple of hunks will straighten me out.

Sparky Duck said...

Oh I am sure he is going to do more then kiss her

Tilly Greene said...

Now Sparky, you do realize the minute someone thinks you know where it's going, I'm bound to twist it up :-)

You've been warned!

Tilly Greene said...

Oh, and Tempest dear, the hunks were delicious...a bit diverting, especially the handyman laid out in the truck!