Sunday, July 15, 2007

Naughty Thought for Monday

The cutie and I were on the couch Sunday, reading our Harry Potter's [yup, we're still on track to finish the series in time :-)] and as usual the tube was left on BBCAmerica in hopes of something interesting...oh boy, we hit on a doozer!

It was an hour documentary about real dolls and the men who love them. I thought it was guys who liked dolls, sad childhood and all that...the cutie figured it out that it was about guys who have sex with real dolls. I no words or thoughts to offer this time, all I can do is give you a couple of pics.

The Female - Nika:

Can also be altered with products to be a SheMale.

And the Male - Charlie:

We were gobsmacked! Who says the Brits are uptight!?!

If you are interested in my information, contact RealDoll.

Now close your mouth - I'm sure it's hanging open :-)


Sparky Duck said...

great googly moogly. And I thought BBC America was just Footballers Wives.

Tilly Greene said...

Oh yeah, they have Footballers Wives - Joan Collins is in it this season :-) And another I quite like, Hex, but this one threw us for a loop.

Sparky Duck said...

Hex looked freaky

Tilly Greene said...

The first season was great and worth watching [they sometimes do marathons on the weekend of the different shows], the others have been all right but not as good.

Anonymous said...

The male real doll looks like actor Gary Sinise. I wonder what he thinks about that.