Friday, July 13, 2007

Tagged and late in doing it!

The lovely Lori tagged me a while ago and I apologize for taking so long to do here is some serious unknowns about me.

1. My great grandfather and his brother both brought their families to America then left them to make there lives somewhere else - Hollywood! They changed their names and the brother made it as an actor then even bigger as a director. In the early twenties he was murdered and it reamins unsolved today.

2. Sterling Holloway, the original voice of Winnie the Pooh, used to sit at the front of the local supermarket with his cane and talk with us kids while our parents and his nurse shopped.

3. We used to go grunion running during the summer - its disgusting so I won't go into too much detail. Basically you go to the beach at high tide during a full/new moon, then run through the surf while the grunion are mating. Memories are full of squishy blech moments.

4. Disneyland has a jail underneath the park and the walls are painted with the spotted elephants from Fantasia.

5. I went to a football game abroad before the stadium was changed over to seating. I didn't see any other women in the stands and wore white jeans - to this day the cutie still can't get past my wearing them.

6. The cutie and I bought our first car together - a used red fiesta with a sun roof, because you really need one of those where we lived [NOT!] - and never took it for a test drive. And yet we never had any serious problems with it.

7. When I lived abroad I used to have to check in with the police within 48 hours of returning from a trip out of the country. I would go to the edge of town in a large stone building, to a door covered in barbed wire and cameras, ring the bell and wait for an officer. I would hand over my passport and then they'd escort me to a locker where I had to leave all my things before being closed into an all glass room and wait to be interviewed. The woman was very friendly, asking me what I did while I was gone and how I was doing with school. After about 15 minutes she'd hand me back my id and passport and send me on my way. She was very nice but everything I said was noted into my special little green id which I still have. Scary.

8. I bought a Playgirl for an article - seriously - and the flustered attendant double bagged it for me. If she only knew what I wrote!

Phrew, there you go, some insight into Tilly. I'm not going to tag anyone - its the holidays! Enjoy :-)

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