Monday, July 30, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

All he wanted was to be with her. Nothing mattered without this mermaid at his side. For years he's been lost without his people. He's come down to the beach and looked out at the sea, waiting for someone to come and call him back home.

A merman, yes, that's what he was, and Tara was one of his mates.

It had been so long since he'd held a mermaid in his arms. Too long. The silken scales tempted him to look and see her in all her beauty. Watch her fins as they fluttered with the lust she felt. She belonged with him, and he knew she'd be beautiful in her natural form. But he'd see her that way later, when they were back in the water. Right now he didn't want to loose the connection between them. Their kiss created an important in his life.

It felt right to be with her. If only they were both in their true forms, only then would he know they'd be together forever.

As if there were someone waiting to grant his every wish, in that moment his life righted itself. His own scales started coming back. Racing down his legs, merging the two together and ending with a unfurling florish of his fins. His need for her rose even further and finally he found the strength to pull away from her lips.

"My love, will you accept me as your mate?"

"Oh Mark, I didn't know you were a merman already!"

"Each day I came down here to watch the water and hope one of my mates came to me. If I'd know the sexy and tempting human sitting on the beach, the one I walked by each morning was mine, I would have kissed you all the sooner."

"Yes! Of course I accept you!"

"Then let's return to the sea and make love amongst the waves."

"Not so fast. No flattering words about the shine of my scales or the perfect buoyancy of my breasts, nothing? I was easy and horny in human form, but you ignored me. Maybe as a mermaid I require a little wooing."

"Come on. The big waves are ready to roll in and I promise to ride you down the face while I feast on your stupendous tits, if you'll forgive me."

"Forgiven! Let's go."



Sparky Duck said...

*chuckle snort chuckle*

Tilly Greene said...

Surf's Up :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh and here you had e believing it was an excerpt from a novella. (Le sigh)