Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Old House Speaks...

Will you be able to look beyond my imposing facade and notice my light is on?

Will you decide to ignore my dated and mismatched appearance?

Will you pick my cracked front path to walk along, despite the overgrown bushes and branches rustling in the wind?

Will you choose to step onto my creaking porch and not notice the cobwebs filling the corners?

Will you confidently poke your finger out and ring my bell?

Will you happily yell trick-or-treat when the door is finally opened?

I hope so.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Tempest Knight said...

Love that house! Then again, I'm weird that way. Hahaha! Happy Halloween!

Tilly Greene said...

As a kid, there was an old gem in our neighborhood and it scared me crapless all year round. I still get freaked out at haunted houses - and yet the cutie and I have never lived in a house younger than 100 years old.


Enjoy the fantabulous day and night Tempest!

Sparky Duck said...

phew at least it is not your joint