Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

It's that time of year, Spring, when people's minds turn to chocolate and bunnies. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, gets the lust machine revving and then, it can't be helped, our bunny-like instincts kick in to high gear.

Having finished showering, she put on her robe and made her way to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. And there she found him.

Head in the opened fridge, no shirt, old jeans on and bare feet spread out while he searched the for something to eat. They'd just spent the morning indulging their passion for each other, and now she felt like she hadn't touched him, held him, loved him, in a thousand years. She was always tempted by him but the way her heart raced, she knew in an instant that she'd have him...right there.

Walking up to him on silent feet, she laid a hand on his ass. Immediately he looked over his shoulder and saw who it was. Before he could say anything she slid her hand between his legs, dragging the heel of it along the seam as the fingers smoothed up to cup his dick. Once she'd coverd the fierce tool, she felt it jump and smiled. He'd be her's in a minute.

Stepping closer so she could lay her body over his and lay teasing moist kisses down his spine while she used her thumb and first finger to slowly, carefully trace his hardening cock. She wanted to feel every inch of the powerful piece of flesh.

"Harder baby, squeeze me hard." His voice was gruff and full of need, she liked that.

"Like this?" She pressed his rod a little harder but knew it wasn't as much as he wanted.

He lasted less than a minute before turning around and taking control. Not bothering to shut the refrigerator door, he merely unbuttoned his jeans, shifted them down enough to release his cock and pressed her up against the counter. Using needy hands he moved enough of her robe. With her help he lifted her up so he could get inside her.

Ready and eager, in one smooth move he easily moved into the furthest reaches of her pussy. He knocked against her cervix and scraped along the walls on his way back out. Again and again, he thrust in and out of her, driving moans of pleasure and lust from her belly.

"Oh yes! Faster, faster." Holding her legs up around his hips, she was complete as he jackhammered in and out of her until she screamed and her climax burst around his plunging cock. He wasn't far behind her and she felt glory in feeling him swell and shoot his seed inside her welcoming warmth.

Unimagined passion controlled them both as they fucked wildly around the kitchen, the stairs, back to the bed, the bathroom. Their morning, afternoon and late into the night, they indulged themselves. When they weren't fucking, they curled around each other and rested for the next round.


Sparky Duck said...

sheesh ya make men sound pathetic. of course we are

Tilly Greene said...

far from pathetic...wanted, yes, easily diverted from the fridge, absolutely :-)