Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13 #32!

With it being women's history month and Zandia coming out in paperback I have women on my mind. Here are 13 that I think about in no particular order.

1. Athena. Zeus had a headache and took an ax to it to relieve the pain and out came his daughter [Metis - knowledge or wisdom - was her mother]. She's the Goddess of Warfare and Wisdom [amongst other things] and I think the mixture is intriguing.

2. Mae West. She was sassy and smart, sexy and sweet, strong and successful.

3. Amelia Earhart. She showed there was nothing wrong with being adventurous.

4. Judy Blume. She is an author who ignores the nay-sayers and writes what kids want and need to read.

5. Audrey Hepburn. She is a person who suffered much through life and yet thought how she could use her success to help others.

6. Edith Head. She inspired me to be a designer and while I didn't go on with this she still is in my mind showing me new ways to push boundaries.

7. Helen Keller. She excelled despite it all.

8. Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote a series of books that I loved and took away from it that everything was possible.

9. Rosa Parks. She showed such incredible strength in the face of adversity and kept her dignity in a world of hatred.

10. My Grammy. She was a writer and painter who taught me to never stop learning. I loved that she was started doing aquatic aerobics in her late eighties.

11. My Mom. She installed in us confidence in being ourselves and reaching out for our dreams.

12. My sister. She's a mother of four and each one of her kids, 3 girls and 1 boy, and they are all incredible, can't wait to see what happens for them.

13. Sui Erom from Zandia. When faced with a future that didn't suit her, she left but eventually returns to help makes changes for all women.

What woman influenced you or you think about that gives you a good vibe?


ginger and scotch said...

very interesting TT! Brings back memories of reading Judy Blume and Ingalls Wilder - LOVED the little women series.

Lori said...

What a great list. I think I read all of Judy Blumes books as a teen. "Are you there God, its me Margaret" was a must read. Happy TT.

Unknown said...

I have to add Erma Bombeck.You can read one of her quotes on my blog this week and you'll understand why she'd be on my list. Happy T13!

Denise Patrick said...

A great list. I think that most of the women that have influenced me were related - my mom, grandma, aunt. They were all strong women and I miss them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Mae West....sounds just like me! Great list. Happy TT

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

To answer your question: You.

Glad to pimp you, love. You deserve it.

The overflow hotel is LOVELY. I almost got married there; it's a swanky joint. Not terribly far by most city standards, but not as close as "I'm running upstairs to change my clothes."

We'll have to have an Overflow Party.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list. I admire Rosa Parks a lot. Mae West was fun. If you haven't already seen her last film , "Sextette", please don't. It's not how one should remember her. Timothy Dalton, as her lover (50 years her junior) singing "Love Will Keep us Together" looks so embarrassed you wonder why he did it.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

what a great list! makes me proud to be a woman.