Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a hoot!

The cutie wasn't feeling well on Friday so we went to the video rental shop, picked a handful each and then let the other pick one they wanted to watch. Yeah, our taste in flicks can vary that much.

Anyway, last night we watched mine: Death at a Funeral. What a hoot! There's a great twists in this one and some good laughs as well. Even the opening credits were fun. Perfect :-)


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hello, doll! No, we don't really have daffodils YET. I've seen some greenery poking through the ground, though.

It's swampy here, too -- and as I was driving home just now, the rain was turning to SNOW!! Aaugh! It's the winter that WILL NOT end!

Tilly Greene said...

We had a pair of geese walking through our backyard yesterday. Took their time, dallying around, but no bulbs or buds poking their heads up.

But also no's been a non-existent year for that really. Frigid yes :-)