Monday, March 03, 2008

eBook Talk!

Since this is Read an eBook Week I might as well delve in to my ebook library.

That's right, I have an extensive one of those as well as a traditional set of shelves in just about every room. Admittedly the ebook shelves grows in leaps and bounds while the other stays pretty much the same. Like I recently told Nicholas of A Gentleman's Domain - a traditional book is only bought if I have a place for it on my existing shelves or something has to go. It's brutal but I've been in the shameful abundance spot already and don't want to go back.

Last Tuesday I talked about the last ebook I bought, Emma Keatley's A Lover’s Cocktail, so this week I thought I'd tell you how I found my way to ebooks and how they've expanded my reading choices by telling you about the first one, actually three ebooks, I bought. They are all still available, with new covers for some and all three are also available in paperback. They are Saurellian Federation - Price of Pleasure by Joanna Wylde, Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon by Marly Chance and Trek Mi Q'an - The Empress' New Clothes by Jaid Black.

Back in the day I actually found these ebooks through a Listmania on Amazon. I'm not sture if the cyber store were selling the ebooks them or not, but they are now with their Kindle. The cutie and I were traveling every other week and I was online searching for books to look for at the local bookstore when I stumbled upon a list that noted a few of my favorite authors. I clicked to read their recommendations and the details told me they were the "owner" of Ellora's Cave, an online bookshop that sold a variety of steamy romance ebooks.

Up to this point futuristics weren't my usual taste when it came to romances and yet oddly all the ebooks I chose on that first shopping trip were just that. This platform seemed to give me permission to experiment and try new genres. Sitting in a local diner reading from my laptop I discovered I also liked how these romances didn't close the door of the bedroom as if ashamed of what happens between people who love each other. I liked the fresh voices and how these authors stepped away from the usual formula. In the end they opened a door to more choices for my love of reading.

Then and now ebooks offer me all sorts of surprises and I love how they push the boundaries traditional publishing houses are slow to accept, if they ever do. While erotic romances can now be found on the shelves of a brick and mortar shop, it's been hard work by many people to get them there.

In the end, why not celebrate this week's festivities by jumping over to one of my epublishing houses listed on the right or go to Fictionwise. Take this opportunity to step away from your usual choices and pick something new and different to read off the cyber shelves. Or rediscover an old favorite, this ebookstore has it all. They have a huge selection of ebooks, including traditional books in the ebook format, new releases, free ebooks and a some that are under a dollar!

This week presents a great excuse to find the adventure in trying something different and introduce yourself to this way of reading.


Tempest Knight said...

The last ebook I read was Xakara's "Shifting Passions." Pretty hot! *wg*

Tilly Greene said...

Oh yes! I found out it was released last week during the TT...wrote it on my shopping list :-)