Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13 #31!

On Tuesday's Book Talk! I mentioned being knee deep in my Russian books for the 'Come' series. Because I'm still there and might be for longer than I thought, here's 13 bits and pieces about the series.

1. 'Come' is an erotic romance shape-shifter trilogy about the three Ivanovich brothers.

2. They were all born in Russia and left after Gorbachev took office.

3. There are rumors flying around their homeland about them that they will never confirm or deny.

4. They moved to New York City and have an estate in the Adirondaks that's like one of the old camps with a house for each man.

5. They brought their tradtions with them including one that belongs only to their family.

6. The eldest son is Mikhail and his story is first - "Come, Now".

7. He's a well-respected businessman who runs Ivanovich Holdings.

8. He falls for Cassie, a nurse, who may be be small but she definitely keeps this big strong man on his toes.

9. A very small peek at one of my favorite interactions between Mikhail and Cassie in "Come, Now" is:

“Back hurts from the tree.”
She was stunned he didn’t jump up and at least look at it. She stared down at him waiting for him to apologize or something. When not another word was said gave him a poke in the side.
“Hello, wounded here big guy.”
“It’s the cost.”
“Cost? What cost?”
“Stripping in the woods.”

10. The middle son is Aleksandr and his story is second - "Come to Me".

11. He's a security consultant for the government on various high-profile events.

12. He falls for Alison, a paper engineer.

13. The youngest son is Stefan and his story will be last - "Come and Stay".

I'm heading back in to "Come to Me" to make some extensive changes before moving on to write the final book. The Ivanovich men are definitely inspiring me to delve ever deeper into their stories who knows what will happen along the way to their happy ever after.


Lori said...

Its sounds wonderful:) Happy TT and also happy writing!

Sparky Duck said...

Sex and espionage? Sounds great to me

Tempest Knight said...

Love the name of the series! *giggles*

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Why doesn't the woman in that short excerpt talk in full sentences? Out of context like that, it seems strange. I'm sure it doesn't in the proper context, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm intrigued by this. It sounds like Come, Now is finished. Yes?

Darla said...

Oooh, sounds like something I'd like to read! :) Good luck with the revisions!

Tilly Greene said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone...I'm very excited about these Russians and can't wait to let them free.

And Susan, I most definitely can't leave you hanging because I'm hoping to ask a favor from you when I finish, the clue was the last sentence. She stripped, was taken against a tree, hurt herself and they were both desperately out of breath :-)