Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thursday 13 - #30!

Since it's Read an eBook Week I think I'll give you all 13 things in this business that keep me excited about being a part of it and hopefully encourage others to buy their first or next ebook.

1. With an ebook To Be Read [tbr] pile there's no guilt in not making progress, there's no dusting and there's no need to either buy my shelves to hold them all or donate them to keep your house free of toppling piles.

2. I'm never without copious amounts of reading material on a trip because I can carry thousands of ebooks on a little card. [In fact, I was getting my car inspected the other day and pulled out my pocket pc and started reading - 25 minutes spent exactly how I wanted.]

3. Just about every day of the week there's new ebooks being released at an epublishing house somewhere on the net. I don't have to worry about driving there and the store not having them on the shelves or waiting for the UPS man to arrive with a delivery from Amazon.

4. I've discovered some new authors that I look forward to their next ebook.

5. I've discovered some new genres that I never would have delved into before.

6. I've discovered I'm a bit of a techno junkie and now ask if I can read an ebook on a gadget before I go beyond the looks stage.

7. I like the price! They can be offered anywhere from free to $24.95 [the high price would be from traditional publishers who haven't figured out that there's no printing or storage costs involved with an ebook! [In my eyes they shame the market with this but it's early days for them coming into the emarket.]

8. My favorite epublishers are of Ellora's Cave, loveyoudivine, Phaze, Samhain Publishing and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid because I've chosen to write for them, but I also shop at Loose Id and Changeling Press.

9. My favorite ebookstores are All Romance eBooks and Fictionwise. The latter has been around for ages but if I'm buying romance, which is the bulk of my ebooks, I head over to the former. I don't have a Kindle but since Amazon is such a large eretailer, this reading device is definitely one to check out - along with the WhisperNet that allows a person to purchase an ebook and start reading it within a matter of minutes - NICE!

Here are a few authors and their series that I found not through any recommendations or word of mouth but I bought them because I was intrigued by the first ebook in the series being offered.

10. Jet Mykles's Dark Elves series at Loose Id.

11. Ruth D. Kerce's Undercover series at Changeling Press

12. Morgan Hawke Interstellar Service & Discipline series at Loose Id.

Who is on my 'To Be Bought' [tbb] list for my next trip that I've never read before?

13. Red Garnier at Ellora's Cave.

I'm off to get ready for an interview over on Books Beyond Boundaries in a couple of hours - come over if you get a chance. I'll be talking ebooks, travel, booksignings and more :-)


suchsimplepleasures said...

as a writer, do you recommend trying to get books published through the ebook venue? i've been trying to get some children's books no avail...even though one, in particular, is exceptionally good!!
just curious what your thoughts are...
thanks for stopping by my tt! i just cracked open a coke i read your comment...yummy!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I totally agree about traditional publishers and the prices! There's no call for the price point to be that high; overhead expenses are VERY low with e-books.

You eroti-chick friends of mine have convinced me that e-books rock. As soon as I'm more caught up on the daunting pile of stuff here, I'm going to delve more heavily into the e-realm.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I don't go anywhere without my ebook reader.

Love Jet's Dark Elves. They are so hot!

I found another new epub you might want to check out, Dark Eden Press. Oh, and Cobblestone Press is good too. So many great ebooks, so little time!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great list for the ebook movement. I love the portability and the lack of tree massacres involved. But the device I was using belonged to someone else and now I'm without.

I'm contemplating a Sony eReader or Kindle for my birthday. Which devices have you checked out?

Thanks for coming by and for the compliment on my excerpt, can't wait to bring you and everyone more. (Fingers crossed for a final decision by the end of the month)

Happy TT


Harris Channing said...

Great list! I need to get a reader other than PDF! I'm practically in the dark ages!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. But I'm a purist. I find reading a book off a screen is uncomfortable and not remotely enjoyable. The only ebooks I have read are ones that I have printed off and read properly. That way they really are books.