Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Gilded Cage and Hot Couture are OUT!

Phrew, what a day - let me tell you about my two new releases :-)

My 'A Passion for Fashion' series is all about women with some place in the fashion world who experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in the field they love. The first three tales have been brought together to form "Hot Couture" [available in both paperback and ebook].

Who are these women? Well, there's a muse who makes an unusual walk down the runway in "The Leather Bride" [New York], a graduate student hosts her dissertation project...a Haute Couture "Taming Marie Antoinette" [Paris] and a jeweler is offered a place in an world-renowned museum in "The Gilded Cage" [London].

Did I mention they're each located in a different fashion capital? They are and this takes the reader on a trip.

Now, the one thing I have mentioned as yet is the men in these women's lives. They are gorgeous, successful, and have a passion for their lovers that is unmatched. Oh, I almost forgot [not likely :-)]. These couples have a varied taste when it comes to sex...they play!


Sparky Duck said...

a whole lotta fashion here. Where is the flannel?

Tilly Greene said...

HA! Maybe I can work in a flannel shirt for the one in can get a little chilly there :-)