Monday, April 07, 2008

eBook Talk!

Over the weekend I started and finished my first trek back into the vampire world. It's been ages since I've dipped into this genre and let me tell you it was a wonderful journey and all because of Selena Illyria. The ebook that held my attention is the first epublished book by this great author although I've read a few things by her before. I read her "Green Beer" - why it hasn't been picked up I don't know, I really liked it.

Anyway, back to the ebook that I devoured. It's called A Fling in Vampiropolis, which is now available through Changeling Press. This is not your a-typical vampire novel, in fact, I found a completely different view of the genre. Everything about the story was refreshing and new. I think this was do to the imagination and writing skills of Illyria. She opened the door for me to enter. I sat back and enjoyed every bit.

The main characters are Luc who is gorgeous, serious and had me laughing. Nevada, a reporter who's fighting against the old boys network is a perfect match for him. I like it when it isn't obvious how things will work out for a couple and Illyria definitely leaves the reader turning pages to find out how this story ends. A third character in this ebook that I thoroughly enjoyed was the settings. Normalville and Vampiropolis - just thinking about them makes me smile.

A Fling in Vampiropolis shouldn't be missed and I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Selena Illyria's next offering. Can't wait to see where her imagination leads her next.

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