Monday, July 07, 2008

eBook Talk!

I made some progress on my TBR pile [2 Laurell K Hamilton's, a Janet Evanovich and Linda Fairstein, and in the midst of a JD Robb], but the one that's still the freshest in my mind this morning is "Tartan Surprise" by Selena Illyria. A short satisfying read, exactly what I needed this past weekend.

"Tartan Surprise" is a shape-shifter tale with plenty of smoldering tension. Something Illyria does very well is dialogue, it fits.

One son of the pack leader is about to get married, the other is looking for someone to take the edge off before the full moon, fortunately dad has it all figured out. The timing couldn't be better for his assistant to arrive and cause havoc.

Like I said after I read Fling in Vampiropolis, Selena Illyria is one spectacular author who has more books on the cusp of coming out - good!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yay, you're blogging again! I've missed you.

Tell me what you thought of Linda Fairstein!

Tilly Greene said...

I'm blogging because we're on lock down...the cutie ruptured his ear drum and that means no flying :-) We did offer to cruise over to England but no word back on that one. I'm also trying to make finish "Come, Now". But the cutie at home is throwing my rhythm off...way off. I cleaned windows today...agh!

As for Linda Fairstein, she's one of my latest must read authors. I seriously get caught up in her mysteries and rarely guess who did it. The thing is, it's the extra bit she puts into her stories that grab me. I like Poe, just didn't know that much about him...and she was a font of info. I'm not reading them in order and for once in my life, that isn't bothering me so much. Weird, because those types of things usually really bother me :-)