Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's all over except the singing!

That's right, I've voted and no longer have to listen to all the trash talk or finger pointing being tossed around the airwaves. What else has been ticked off my to do list?

I've completed "In Heat" and am now waiting for a release date!

I've finished "Call Me Lucifer", written up a synopsis, and submitted it for a publisher's consideration.

I've written a free erotic short called "Special Delivery" and it will be published on the Pink Chair Diaries. A site full of fabulous and free reads.

I've read 10 of 25 ebooks in 5 different categories I have to finish by the 5 of November...Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, party time!

I've started the Christmas shopping for those to the left and right of us.

Now it's your chance to do something for yourself! There's two great scavenger hunts and one raffle you can enter with great prizes on the backside. They are:

1. loveyoudivine's Treasures of Desire Hunt - map to get you started

2. Raven Hour Halloween Hunt - start here

3. Treasure Trove Charity Raffle - 3 great charities benefit, details here

Enjoy is the goal for today and get back to work :-)

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