Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book and eBook Talk

Tuesday's I normally write about what I've been reading in both traditional and ebook formats. Well, I mentioned earlier the cutie and I have been traveling quite a bit this summer. One of the drawbacks is quick turnarounds. Over a month ago I was doing the laundry and grabbed the cutie's robe [otherwise known as "The Library"] to wash. Why The Library? I kept my pocket pc in it for tub reading material :-) Anyway, I went to put the load in the dryer and start the next when I found my beloved Toshiba Pocket PC languishing at the bottom of the washer. I've owned this gem for almost 6 years and never had a problem! The cutie tried to resuscitate and it would have worked fine except the battery couldn't hold a charge.


For the rest of our various trips I've been carrying around a stack of traditional paperbacks and it only helped remind me why I bought a pocket pc in the first place. No hassles!

I've been actively seeking a replacement but promised the cutie I wouldn't do anything immediately - this presents a possible Christmas pressie. This is so much harder than I thought it would be, especially with a couple of very long trips on the cards. Anyway, I've discounted getting a phone that reads pdf files but wouldn't mind one with Wi-Fi [hit a hot spot and buy an ebook, no matter what country I'm in works good for me].

So, what have I been reading during this most disturbing upheaval to my normal patterns? Julie Garwood's historicals. It's been lovely to revisit her older books and remember why I keep her on my shelf.

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