Monday, January 18, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #1

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont.  For the next four days, I'll be posting an excerpt from each of her Torrid Teasers!

SHADOWS OVER SEA VIEW (Vampire Erotic Romance)

Victoria moves into Sea View expecting to find the ghost her grandmother always told her about. Soon her nights are haunted by sensual dreams of a man named Quentin, and Victoria believes she has found her ghost. Until she finds him in her bed one night and discovers that he is flesh and blood--and a vampire. Unsure whether she can trust him or not but unable to fight her feelings for him, she agrees to help him end his curse, hoping it will all end with him in her arms, not the grave.

Excerpt [Explicit Content]

She was exhausted when she returned home and headed right for bed after putting her groceries away. She stowed her clothes in random drawers, not even filling half of them. As she lay down, she knew she would be asleep in no time. The bed was incredibly soft and the comforter engulfed her in its warmth completely.

“Victoria,” a voice called.

“What?” Victoria said in her sleep.

“Victoria,” the voice repeated.

Victoria opened her eyes and found herself standing on the cliff by the sea.

“Victoria,” whispered a man's voice, very close to her ear.

She tried to turn, but he was right behind her, holding her.

“Isn't it beautiful? Don't you want to stay here forever?” the man asked her, his voice husky and intimate.

“Yes,” she whispered. She tried to turn her head, but she couldn't see his face. “Who are you?”

“That's not important,” he said, his mouth close to her ear, his hand caressing her cheek.

“This is a dream,” she said.

“It could be a very pleasant one, if you'd let it.” His hands moved down her body.

“Let me see you,” she said.

He held her tight against his hard body. His erection felt too good to be a dream. She felt heat course through her body. Ashamed yet excited, she tried to turn and see him. He distracted her by bringing his lips to her neck and cupping her breasts in his hands.

“Is this really a dream?” she asked.

“The best kind,” he mumbled against her hot skin. His lips slid down her back as he pulled her nightgown up slowly, his hands caressing her breasts and thighs.

His hands became more insistent. “You're so warm, so alive.” His fingers found her clit and he moved back up to whisper in her ear, “You feel so good, Victoria.”

She couldn't respond. No man had ever touched her like that. She was suddenly convinced that her former lovers had known nothing about touching women. This man's hand felt so good, and he knew exactly how to caress and stroke. He was right--this was the best kind of dream.

“I want you so much,” he whispered.

“I'm all yours,” she gasped.

“You will be soon.”

“I'm yours now,” she moaned as an orgasm coursed through her body. She pressed her body against his, wanting to see him, feel his arms around her, look into his eyes and show him what he had done to her.

"Soon,” he whispered. “But not tonight.”

He released her and she turned, but she saw nothing but the wall of her bedroom. Victoria jumped out of bed and looked outside to where she thought she had been standing. Her legs were shaky, and she reached down and felt the wet heat between her legs. Moonlight spilled over the cliff, casting eerie shadows all around, but there was no one there. And no reason for anyone to be there. She moved back to the bed slowly, unable to believe how real her dream had been.

The air definitely felt different. It was cool and hazy, as if the misty moonlight had drifted into her room and engulfed the bed. She ran her hands over her neck, as if her skin might still be warm where he had touched and kissed her. The rest of her was certainly overheated.

She settled into bed again, pulling the covers up to her chin and wondering what her mystery man looked like. Had she dreamed of a sexy stranger because of her own imagination, or had it been something else, something to do with the house? She puzzled over this for a time, but soon fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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