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Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Susan M Sailors' Excerpt #3

Susan M Sailors is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and Cheri Valmont. This is day three and here is another excerpt for her Torrid Teasers:

STARS AND STRAPS (Sci-fi/Fantasy/Light Bondage)

Tasha left her home world because she'd always felt unfulfilled as a princess. She knew something was missing from her life, but she'd never been sure exactly what until a bounty hunter named Cade found her. They soon give into the attraction they feel for one another and find out just how sexually compatible they are. Now Tasha has another mission--convincing Cade that what they've found is worth far more than the bounty on her head.

Excerpt [explicit content]

Tasha groaned and tightened her grip on the leather straps holding her off the cockpit floor. Cade stood behind her with his cock buried in her wet pussy. He was hitting just the right spot too. She ground her ass into his groin. She hadn't been alive before he'd found her on the moon of Jasin; if she had her way, he wouldn't be taking her back to her home planet and collecting the bounty her father was offering. All she had to do was convince him that there was no better place for her than right here--tied to the wall of his ship and getting the hell fucked out of her.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Is this the way you like it, princess?” His long black hair brushed against her back, and she groaned.

He slowed his pace as he ran his hands up and down her body, first toying with her nipples, then teasing her clit for the briefest of moments. She felt herself close to release, but he moved his hand back up her body too quickly.

She moaned again. “Do I have to make it a royal command?”

He laughed. “Might not work on me, baby. Plus, I'm taking orders from your daddy right now. I doubt he'd approve of all the things I've been doing to you.” He bit her neck and shoulder gently, sending shivers up and down her body. Her pussy began to ache.

She moved against him, needing release even while she enjoyed the teasing. He withdrew his cock and unhooked the straps holding her up. He turned her around to face him before she could protest about how empty she suddenly felt, and she let her hands rest on his shoulders for a moment as she looked into his dark blue eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her back up. She smiled, then held up her arms and let him latch the wrist cuffs so she hung from the wall facing him. He rubbed his cock for a minute, standing just close enough to her that it touched her belly. He drew little circles over the soft skin as he looked up at her.

She drew in a deep breath. “I don't care who you're taking orders from, I want you to fuck me good and hard right now.”

He laughed, then kissed her and raised her hips so he could run his cock along her wet pussy--just teasing, never really entering.

Tasha sighed as he explored her mouth. This man was what she'd been needing for years. Not a prince who wanted her home planet to add to his collection and not a hot young wannabe who thought he'd get a royal favor for every orgasm she had. Cade knew what she wanted, what she needed. Even though he wasn't at her feet professing his undying love and trying to charm her every moment of the day, he touched something deep inside her and satisfied the desires she'd never even known she had.

As if reading her thoughts, he finally drove his cock into her pussy one more time, and she wrapped her legs around him. He stood there with his hands braced against the wall, staring into her eyes. She smiled and licked her lips. She'd learned that he liked for her to get him off at the end. She wrapped her legs around him, nestling them just above his amazingly firm ass, and used them to ram his cock into her, squeezing it with her pussy walls and moving her hips so she stroked him just right. He kissed her again as he got close to his release, and his long hair brushed against her nipples. She stroked harder and arched her hips, wanting to take as much of his cock as possible inside her. He slammed his hands against the wall as he came.

When he was done, he wiped his brow and smiled at her.

“Which etiquette classes did you learn all that in?” he asked.

She wanted to come, but she had to wait till he was ready. After five days, she'd learned what he wanted from her. “I taught myself. My brother had an extensive library.”

Cade raised his eyebrows. “I might have to look into that when we get there.” He checked their location. “If we go into hyperdrive now, we'll be there in time for breakfast.”

“I don't want to go back.” Tasha looked into his eyes. She knew this conversation might put an end to their playtime, but it was too important to her to pass up any opportunity to make her argument.

Cade shrugged. “That's not my problem, princess. There's a pretty big bounty on your head.” He moved a strand of her blonde hair out of the way and ran a finger between her breasts.

“And I'm pretty good at giving head.” She knew it was a bad line, but she planned on trying every angle with this guy. She felt, deep down, that he needed her as much as she needed him. They had each other, they were good together, in every way, and that was all they needed to know.

He laughed. “Well, I'll admit you're right.” He moved closer and started rubbing her pussy. “You sure beat the money-sucking whores in space ports.”

“And you beat any prince, hands down.” Tasha tried to grind herself against his hand, but he kept pulling away when she did.

“Now that's an interesting opinion.” He inserted three fingers into her pussy.

“Why do you say that?” she managed to ask. It was uncomfortable at first, but she was so close to coming she soon adjusted to his fingers. She braced her legs against the other wall and started riding his hand slowly.

“If you come in the next ten seconds, I'll tell you.” He ran his rough thumb over the clit.

She cried out and took his fingers as deep as she could. He continued stroking her clit, and she came in no time. The waves of pleasure crashed over her as she bucked against his hand. He put one arm under her back to support her as she rode her orgasm out, and trailed kisses over her face and neck as she gasped for air. Her whole body was shaking as he untied her.

He threw her over his shoulder and took her to the bed in the next room. He tossed her down, then started stripping his leather pants and vest off. His cock was rock hard again.

“Tell me.” She tried to sit up. Her body had gone completely limp after her release.

He climbed on top of her. “Because I'm a prince.” He ran his tongue over one of her nipples. “And you're so damn hot.”

The second response didn't seem relevant, though she didn't mind be reminded that he thought she was hot. She started to respond, but he stopped her with a kiss.

When he finally allowed her a breath, she asked, “Why are you a bounty hunter?”

“Why did you run away?” He moved down and took her right nipple into his mouth again.

“I didn't want to get married and move to another planet. I hated the thought of such a marriage, one based on politics. And I didn't like being told what to do.” She loved the way he sucked her nipples, rough with his tongue but gentle with his teeth. Her pussy tightened as he moved to the other nipple. She sighed. “I'm sure you can relate.”

“You like it when I tell you what to do.” He ran his tongue down her stomach, then over her pussy. “Spread your legs,” he whispered.

“That's different.” She spread her legs wide for him.

His tongue delved into her, and she moaned. “I think you need this kind of freedom,” he said. “That's why you don't mind. You don't belong in a palace.”

She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue circled her clit slowly. “Where do I belong?”

“Wherever I tell you you belong.” He kissed a trail up her body until their lips finally met.

“What about the bounty?” she asked as his lips hovered over hers.

He looked into her eyes. “I think I'd rather spend the next ten years fucking you.”

She licked her lips. “Make it fifteen and I'll promise not to run away.”

He pulled her arms up and held them over her head by her wrists. “You try to run away, and when I find you I'll leave you tied up for a month.”

Tasha smiled. “If that's what I'll come back to, maybe I will try to run away.”

His eyes blazed with desire. “Roll over.” He released her arms.

Tasha complied immediately, more than happy to oblige him. He climbed on top of her and feathered kisses over her back. As he did this, he rubbed his cock back and forth over her ass. She loved the way he touched her. He could be rough and exciting, but he could also be gentle and seductive. And he knew just what she wanted and when she wanted it. Their games had turned into a dance, and their lovemaking was always breathtaking. When she began wiggling underneath him, he pulled her up on her hands and knees, running his hands over her breasts.

“Was there something you needed, princess?” He squeezed both her nipples.

She looked over her shoulder at him. “I think I've found it.”

He smiled at her as he moved his hands to her hips and then slid his cock into her slowly. “I think we both have.”

As he moved in and out of her slowly, Tasha smiled. Her godmother had been right about the Fates working everything out after all. Cade pumped into her harder, and she made a vow to thank them the next time she was in one of their temples.

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