Friday, January 15, 2010

Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 is OUT!

Tilly Greene

Ever wonder how wild and kinky life can get on a private island?

Russian businessman, Vasiliy Beketov, bought an island to be his home away from home. Everything was going his way when suddenly, he was hunted down for no reason other than being a success. Finally back in control of his life, Zura Girard comes to his private sanctuary as a designer and ends up becoming much more.

Kiri Kanawa had been gifted with finding and possessing love. Unfortunately it came in a non-traditional way. The intensity of her feelings, along with her parents’ disapproval, was too much to handle and scared her away from true happiness. Now Timu Tuhaere and Luke McClure have her back on their islands and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep her there.

On her lunch break, Jia Li is kidnapped off a busy street in San Francisco's Chinatown and wakes up on an airplane. Terrified and blindfolded, she doesn’t understand what is happening, until her captor reveals himself as her ex-boyfriend Yi Burton. He is determined to save her life and bring her back into his arms, which can only happen on his private island.

Bollywood starlet, Sati Chaudhari, has had most of her life controlled by her uncle, except for one thing. He can’t manage who she loves. While away from his authority, she meets and marries Bodhi Burke, a hotel mogul. Unfortunately, their need for secrecy continues, and their busy lives keep them apart. Not satisfied, Bodhi buys a private island, a place for them alone.

Cheri Valmont

Care to take a dare on a future time?

Take a trip to the alien planet of Kazphyr from the technologically advanced country of Kantrer to the wilds of the forbidden country of Velorn: A place where circumstances force inhabitants to improvise when it comes to finding love and keeping it forever.

After repairing a Zand pleasure ’droid, android technician, Teena Andrenas is offered a chance to meet Zand and the first pleasure ’droid ever created. The owner of Zand Robotics, Zand Gorsend, soon realizes Teena is the female for him. Can he convince her he’s real and meant to be her one, true mate?

The Kazphyrian government is forcing all able-bodied citizens to find a mate. Bradeon Gosh-Ere and Hankren Tereamin want a special female mate who will accept them both and the relationship they share as lovers. When Drendar Kyntrel accepts the temporary position to help, can the males convince the suitable Dren to accept them as her mates for life?

Aimee Syncire wakes to find herself a prisoner of the Velornian Legion commander, JarrRon Ry Vere. Aimee’s determination and will to survive draws Jarr from the first. When circumstances force JarrRon to release Aimee, he must find a way to bring her back and convince her to accept him as his true, barbarian mate.

When Princess Alia Faddei is bought from slavers as a ‘gift’ for GarinRig Ossur, she is determined to serve the debt of honor due for her rescue. From the moment Alia encounters Garin, she wants him. Alia’s fulfillment of her debt could mean her death. Can Garin and Alia be together without forsaking their honor or their lives?

Susan M Sailors

Victoria moves into Sea View expecting to find the ghost her grandmother told her about. She dreams of a man named Quentin, then discovers he is real—and a vampire. She agrees to help him end his curse, hoping it will all end with him in her arms, not the grave.

Katie O’Brien came to the Bluebird Inn hoping for a vacation. But when a pirate named Jack seduces her then confesses he’s a ghost, her plans change drastically. Jack hopes he can convince Katie to give them both the chance to find the true love that could save them both.

Tasha left her home world because she’d always felt unfulfilled as a princess. She’d never been sure what she was missing until a bounty hunter named Cade found her. Now Tasha has another mission—convincing Cade that what they’ve found is worth far more than the bounty on her head.

Deacon books a cruise on a pleasure ship to make his business partner Lukas happy, but then he meets Romana. Deacon soon begins to believe that, despite his partner’s pleasure-only attitude, love is still a possibility and great sex doesn’t have to be optional in a real relationship.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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