Saturday, January 26, 2008

A bit of random ridiculousness...

Eight different hotels in ten days, what did I learn on this trip? Well, you decide. Here's what happened.

A couple of days in to the trip the cutie mentioned my carrying a Victoria Secret bag was causing interesting looks. No way, I said. That was ridiculous. The bag was full of pens and manuscripts printed out so I could work while in the car [deadlines were and still are looming]. There was also a box of nuts, girlscout cookies [thin mints] and later a license plate holder was added [visited one of my publishers - but more on that later]. Niether of us brought this up again and I kept using the bag to hold things I wanted to get to while we were driving.

Seven days later we unload the car for the latest hotel and it's freezing outside. A few guys called out and offered to hold open the side door for us so we could get inside as quick as possible. Thank you, the cutie said, as he stepped through the door. As I made it to the door, the man holding it open said I see a Victoria Secret bag and say, get those two inside.

I kid you not! It's a bag without a hint of lingerie showing, just the opposite. So what do you take away from this little happening? Me, I'm starting to think guys actually can see sex in just about anything.


Anonymous said...

It is an absolutely inaccurate stereotype that men see sex in everything. Completely false. By the way, I love your erotic font.

Tilly Greene said...

I thought the stereotype might be a disservice to men and I totally agree with you, a font that allows me to read without my glasses is a real turn on :-)

Thanks Nicholas for the laugh!