Friday, January 11, 2008

Ride 'em is OUT!


Cowboys, bondage and more, oh my! Grab your hat, boots and head out to the ranch, because here’s your chance to answer the question:

Is the dream of a white picket fence life possible for people who play kinky sex games?

Rehabilitated Hollywood bad boy Courtland Dickerson returns to the town of his childhood, the last place he was happy and felt like home. He had plans to make a go of his horse breeding business and a normal life away from the bright lights, fame and destructive influences of his past. Oh yes, and finding a woman who prefers being sexually dominated.

When the atmosphere changed, Sunflower Forever Free ran away from the commune where she was raised. A gentle soul who never chose the life in which she was born into, decides on living in a small town. She dreams of a life with white picket fences, family and a lover who isn’t intimidated by her sexual preferences.

Life on the ranch is hard work, surviving in the competitive industry is no easy task, however, there is more than farming and herding going on out there. Kinky games are being played out in barns across the nation, enter and discover exactly how interesting times are getting out in the Big Sky country.

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Anonymous said...

awesome website --- nice and shitty.

Ugh is all you think about sex? LOL

lots of LUVnd stuff...

Ya besty mate =D

(I hope u still love me)