Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Household on High Alert!

Yup, the cutie went in to work, but he's waiting for a phone call from me to say his package has arrived.

What could possibly be so important that he's willing to leave early for it?

He has a limited time before he's off again, there's a shed load of work piled on his desk, and some experiments to check on - but he'll leave early for:

That's right - the cutie is so ready for Halo 3 to arrive, so he can play! Odds are he'll head in late tomorrow too :-)


Em said...


I'm on the same alert here. The Fed Ex guy came to the house across the street already but we're still Halo-less.

Tilly Greene said...

Oh no, are you getting phone calls? Honestly, you'd think they were 10 - and it cracks me up!