Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday 13 - #23!

I'm away right now so, before I leave, I thought I'd take a note from Susan at West of Mars, twist it around a bit, and list thirteen unknown qualities found in the male characters from my books. So, here we go:

1. Dirk Madison from The Painted Lady is a professional ice hockey player, a tough man's man, and his unknown is why he bought and lives in a grand old Victorian mansion. He was happy being single, pleased to answer to no one for his actions, then he met and fell for Saffron. The need to settle down with her, make a home and fill it with a family and laughter was overwhelming, but he wasn't afraid. The moment he saw the house, he knew it was the place for them and their future together.

2. Tilton Spidermach from Come, Sweet Creature seems like a real letch, his sexual excapades are always in the press, making Jena's job more difficult especially when trying to organize an event to raise money for a children's charity [in the story it goes unnamed but it's the Make a Wish Foundation]. The unknown about Spider is why the annual party is personally important to him - one of the few things in life that can turn him inside out is when the harsh reality of life takes the joy and childhood away from the young.

3. Selkirk MacLellan from Extreme Speed, Total Control very existence relies on him being in complete control. His a Formula 1 race car driver who drives at over 200mph, there is no room for second guessing a decision. Then one day he's faced with the fact he knows he was wrong and must be man enough to try and make it right with Lia. The unknown quality of Kirk is that he never thought he'd live long enough to retire from the track and definitely never believed he'd find a woman he loved so much he'd give up everything to have at his side.

4. Cooper Sayer from New Beginnings: Carpe Diem has the best of intentions to be a good man, fulfill his obligations to his superiors, and be all that he was brought up to be. It's the last bit that, with his strong moral code, that allows him to lie with ease, live two separate lives that are at war with each other, all so he can be with the woman he loves. The fact that he has a mother, father, and a multitude of siblings who have all chosen to deny his existence because he didn't conform to their easy acceptance of the state of their world is the unkonwn.

5. Luke MacAlister and Timu Tuhaere from An Invitation to the World: New Zealand are both rugby players who take pride in their physical prowress both on and off the field. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they are best friends and possess no jealousy when it comes to sharing Kiri. They were so devasted by her desertion, but had good friends that circled around them so their unknown, the serious drinking they sunk into, was never made public.

6. Vasiliy Beketov from An Invitation to the World: Russia is a smart, successful, busineman who makes a deal with his enemy that denies where he came from, but falls short of taking away everything else, including his ability to find love with Zura. What is unknown of Vasya is his childhood, it helps him survive these difficult times with his sanity intact. He was raised in the far north-east of Russia, the rim of Siberia, where life is a struggle for many. Those who survived and made it out, did so by being listening to their instincts.

7. Rick Milston from The Leather Bride is a successful architect who has everything going for him, professionally his career couldn't get any better. Personally, the woman who has his heart in her gentle hands, his perfect match, is also his weakness. He will do whatever he can to ensure her happiness, so what could possibly be missing from his life? What isn't known about Rick is that he used to be big into the BDSM lifestyle but walked away when he realized he wasn't getting out of it what he thought he would when he started. Mimi made it all feel right.

8. Yi Burton from An Invitation to the World 2: China made a big mistake when he allowed the job to involve the love of his life, Jia. He's terrified for her life and takes extreme measures to protect her, and thereby returning her to his side. What isn't known about Yi is that his own father and two brothers are members of the triad who threatened his woman's life. The informant included this information, but there was no doubt he'd protect his woman above all else.

9. Bodhi Burke from An Invitation to the World 2: India took on the challenge of expanding his families hotel chain around the globe. While mistakes were made during the early days of their marriage, he never lost sight of his goal, to love honor and cherish Sati. With that in mind, Bodhi's unknown is that he gave Sati's uncle a great deal of money, in return, the older man signed a document stating he, nor any other member of his family, would contact his niece or speak in public about her. It would be for her to make a connection or not, to do with her life what she wanted, to finally live for herself and not another.

10. Xer Rieh from Zandia has it all, including a chance to reshape the future. He has a clear idea of what he'd like to see and do for his world. You'd think all this power would make him sure of his path, but then Sui came into his life. Once that happens, he can think of nothing but keeping her and all that comes with her, at his side. What's unknown about Xer is that on this recent trip to Earth, sex, normally an exciting and frequent part of his life, was no longer something he he looked forward to - he was ripe for a change.

11. James and Thornton Michaud from Taming Marie Antoinette are twins and have many things in common, like their taste in women. The guys are doing so well with their career, they've had little time for anything else, then they meet Liana who make them work for more. Most people see how alike they are, this woman captures them by seeing their differences and expanding how they viewed their future. As expected, the twins unknown is the same, and yet for the first time, neither has confided in the other. The more they get to know their lover, the more they want with and from her, including settling into a life together, with kids, lots of kids.

12. Dale Smythe from the upcoming OohRah! is a soldier from his toes up to the top of his shorn hair. Strong and brave, he understands his role in the Marines is for life and has the rest of it planned out. After a talk with a friend, he see's changes need to happen, and makes them when Tashya comes running into his world. Dale's unknown is big, serious, and one he accepts but never allows into his concious, therefore, this is the only place you'll see it written down. He doesn't want to die and have no one morn him, miss him, cry tears for him as a lover gone, and dreams lost. The man may be a warrior, but he's a gentle soul at heart.

13. Courtland Dickerson from the upcoming Ride 'em had a difficult upbringing and made some unwise choices, before he turned himself around. Now he's back home and ready to make a fresh start a horse breeding business, something he'd always wanted to do. He's a man with kinky tastes and finds himself falling hard for Sunny. There is much to discover about their story of love, but one unknown about Court you won't find in this story is that he once let a photographer take nude shots of him for drugs. Personally he's ashamed, not of the pics because they're actually very good, but the reason why he did them is what he has a problem with. He doubts they'll ever see the light of day because he was under 18, but if they do, he's now in a place with life where it wouldn't matter.

So, do you know these guys a little better now?


Tempest Knight said...

Great T13! *wg*

LA Day said...

Awesome list. Great idea!

Ann Aguirre said...

Thanks for sharing about your characters. Very interesting!

Darla said...

They all sound very intriguing! Thanks for introducing me! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

This rocks, Tilly, and I'm not talking about the linky love, either!!

Let's see... a pro hockey player. Yummy. I'm there.

Cooper's secret... sounds a lot like one of my characters...

And what's with these open threesomes? I'm liking it. Challenge people to think, to open their minds and lives. Yup, I like that.

Happy TT, darling!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a list! The guys all song intriguing. :D

Happy TT!

impwork said...

Great twist on an idea for a TT :-)

Ann said...

Great list! Happy TT.

Sparky Duck said...

so is #1 anything like the dude from Cutting Edge. Love that movie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by, Tilly. And thanks for the deeper look into your characters. I'm definitely intrigued. :)


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Me again! Just dropping by to let you know the bookmarks are here and will start to go out as soon as I have a book to mail!