Saturday, August 09, 2008

A fun flick.

We weren't going to go see "Swing Vote" because we're already in political overload, but it was the next to start so we said why not. It was actually pretty good - I cried and laughed, not a bad arc for a flick. Yes, it's politics as usual but twisted into such a way, we found ourselves laughing out loud. The music is pretty good too. The end could of been so sappy and yet it gives a pretty good message...think for yourself.

Right now I'm giving my eyes a well deserved rest and it's all about volleyball. Beach and indoor Volleyball. A little bit of home :-)

UPDATE: It's beach volleyball, the women wear bikinis and the men wear trunks, except for her China where the men wear tank tops. WHAT is that all about!?!


Sparky Duck said...

Swing Vote was surely a DVD top star for me.

And who cares about the tank tops, bring on the swimmers

Tilly Greene said...

Hiya Sparky :-)

Yup, that was what it was for us as well...too much politics right now. But we'd seen Dark Knight abd Mummy which left Mama Mia or Swing Vote. It was good, not great, but if you know anyone who never bothers to vote, get them to see this one. It will roast their hiney fine.

I'm waiting for swimming as well. Should be interesting :-)