Tuesday, June 09, 2009

eBook and Book Talk!

Today, doing laundry, shopping for grad gift and weeding, I got to thinking about tattoos. I'm not entirely sure why, but I was, and the subject led me to pick out stories I've written with unique ways characters have chosen to celebrate their bodies. Tattoos and piercings, I find them interesting.

So which stories are they found?

An Invitation to The World: New Zealand has Timu Tuhaere, a Maorian hunk of a rugby player who "sported a tribal tattoo that snaked from his knee around his inner upper thigh and up to finish atop a spectacularly muscular ass."

The Gilded Cage has Max Stephenson, a Brit with "four metal balls of his magic cross piercing." My editor had one comment when this piercing was later detailed: ouch and yet it offered nothing but pleasure.

The Painted Lady is a bit different in that they aren't tattoos, but Saffron Hoyt has her body painted to suit some very erotic images, like "...in the guise of a naked Princess Leia sitting before Jabba the Hut from Return of the Jedi...".

Fun times, I wonder what other areas I've touched on before?

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