Thursday, December 03, 2009

I equally enjoy...

blockbuster, not so blockbuster, and foreign language to me films. They're all entertaining.

Normally, if there is a "blockbuster" I want to see, I go to the theater when it's released to watch it, and then I'm done with it. Because of where I live, the not so big flicks are harder to find in a theater, and so I rent them up from Hollywood Video. Unfortunately, the foreign language to me films are harder still to find and are the ones I tend to buy to watch over and over again.

Some I have seen over the years and remember for one reason or another are in no particular order:

Babbette's Feast [Babettes gæstebud]
May Fools [Milou en mai]
The Triplets of Belleville [Les triplettes de Belleville]
The Story of Qui Ju [Qiu Ju da guan si]
Pan's Labyrinth [El laberinto del fauno]
Queen Margot [La reine Margot]

I've been watching foreign films from an early age and I think they not only opened my eyes to countries other than my own, but they also gave me the desire to explore them, their culture and people. I'm lucky enough to do this in person, but strongly believe it can also be done through books/ebooks as well.

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