Thursday, April 01, 2010

How to celebrate Earth Day!

Starting April 1st All Romance will be giving away the first eBook of a series.  Here is the schedule…

April 1 – Wild Within by Mima
April 2 – Slave by Cheryl Brooks
April 3 – All Play and No Work by Carol Lynne
April 4 – The Arrangement by Cat Grant
April 5 – Kamikaze by Moira Rogers
April 6 – My Deepest Love: Zack by Marie Rochelle
April 7 – The Edge of Morning by Desiree Holt
April 8 – My Soul To Keep by Dianna Hunter
April 9 – Love Means No Shame by Andrew Grey
April 10 - Pentacles of Magick: The Bonding by Eliza Gayle
April 11 – Seduction by Aubrey Ross
April 12 – One Night In Boston by Allie Boniface
April 13 – Untamed Hearts: Feral Heat by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason
April 14 – SEALed With a Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge
April 15 – Regina in the Sun by R.G. Alexander
April 16 – The Third Wish by K.F. Zuzulo
April 17 – Truth or Dare by Leigh Ellwood
April 18 – My Heart is Within You by Marguerite Labbe
April 19 – Unholy Night by Candice Gilmer
April 20 – Play With Me by Leslie Kelly
April 21 – 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day - with eBooks!

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