Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Everchanging Book/eBook Purchase Habits

There are close to 10 authors I automatically purchase their latest books.  What that means is that I don't read the blurb, don't care about the cover, just get it because I know I'll enjoy the read and afterwards will store it on my shelves.

Well, I'm ready to shake things up again.

A few years ago I donated over 3000 books to our local library and promised myself to buy only books I wanted to keep.  However, if I bought one, another had to go.  Space was of the essence.  The result was I'd chopped my auto-buys to 10 and the rest were ebook.  No problem, in fact, my tbr piles thrived.  What I hadn't counted on was the hardcover tbr pile not going down - just sitting there and growing with two years worth of books.

Here's the deal.  I'm cutting that 10 must have authors to 8, possibly 7 and maybe even 6, and I'll add them to my ebook purchases.

The format I read in doesn't matter to me and apparently the must keep to reread stack doesn't care either.


Amy said...

I have discovered pretty much the same thing, Tilly. I have cut my "physical" book buying drastically - maybe to 20% of what it used to be, yet they still pile up. The reason HAS to be that I am reading far more ebooks than print. I really didn't anticipate this, but I can't argue with the evidence.

Tilly Greene said...

That's it darlin'! I had 4 books from 1 author and 2 by another w/3rd coming soon all in the stack. The first one I know I still enjoy reading her, but the physical book is easier to ignore than the easy to access anywhere ebook.

If only online shops had a wishlist button for an author. They put something new out and I don't have to hunt for it, the title just shows up - omg, I've become a lazy shopper :-)

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