Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What's bugging me right now?

The need many folks have to make it a ebook or book world.  This is usually followed by some reader stating "There's nothing better than the smell of a new book" and "They will never read an ebook".

Never is a long time of missing some real gems, besides, they have the basic premise of the discussion wrong.

It's not an either/or scenario, it's all about AND.

eBooks AND Books.

Format doesn't matter and if it does to you, I'm sorry, but the story is what I care about - however it comes.


felinewyvern said...

I am so glad to see someone stand up for the AND :D
I am an e-book AND print book reader - like you say it's the story that counts :D

Tilly Greene said...

Maybe the "either/or" are those who see the glass as half empty, while the "AND" group see it as full of good fun - welcome to happy reading land :-)