Thursday, July 19, 2012

Special Delivery, a naughty bit of erotica, is now out!

Special Delivery by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Erotica + toy and piercings

During the week she goes to college and works as a waitress and every Saturday Susan Anders waits for the knock on her door.  The excitement gets her heart beating faster as she opens it up and flirts outrageously with her handsome delivery guy.  He arrives wearing brown shorts, shirt and socks with sensible shoes, and she is seduced.  Even though they’re just words, their time together is the closest thing she has to an actual sex life, but all that changes with one box.

Deliveries are exciting, but how long does the pleasure last?


Sitting down to eat dinner, she looked at the plain brown box with a simple white label on it and nothing else.  With the paper and latest jewelry project completed, she was curious about what was inside.  Once she was finished, she grabbed her phone and looked up the company.  For the Ladies sold sex toys.  After clicking on the She-gasm link and seeing the first line of items, she hung up with a blush.  It was definitely going back to the company.

Friday night was her late night at the restaurant.  It meant good tips which made it worthwhile, but her feet were aching when she got home.  Sitting at the table as she took off her shoes, the box caught her eye again.  After she poured herself a glass of wine, she went over to turn on the TV.  She put her feet up on the coffee table and watched a recap of the local news.  Unfortunately, it was full of arrests of fraudsters and politicians.  As if the box called her name, she turned around to look at the dining room table again.  The curiosity of what was inside was killing her, and she was at her wits end.

After she took a knife from the kitchen, she slit the box and pulled out another brown one.  Either the company was very cautious about their product or it was a nesting box type trick.  The only hint she had for what was inside was two words: Endowed Pink.  What?  Confused curiosity resulted in her opening the second box and she frowned.

A tidily folded mound of pink plastic looked interesting, but she couldn’t see why all the secrecy had been needed.  Her curiosity was satisfied and, even though Susie knew she shouldn’t take it out of the box, she did anyway.

It took a bit of time, the plastic was heavy weight and stuck together, but once it was opened she was still disappointed.  From what she could tell, it was a pink ball too big for a child to bounce around.

Wait a second, she thought.  Maybe it was one she could sit on while she worked, and it would work on her core.  All the exercise regimes she’s heard being discussed brought up how important building a core was to good health and this could be one way to do it. 
Picking it up, she blew and blew into the plug for what felt like hours, and when it felt full she quickly pushed the tab in place to keep her precious air in place.  Out of breath, she dropped the pink blob on the floor, and was shocked.

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